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Gundam: Try Age SP

After the initial news regarding Gundam: Try Age SP, a few details about the 3DS project have leaked out of Famitsu.

Gundam: Try Age SP is indeed based on the real-time strategy, trading card-based arcade title. Players will be building platoons based on a set of three Mobile Suit cards and another set of three separate pilot cards. Gundam Build Fighters, Gundam UC, Z Gundam, and the original Mobile Suit Gundam will be represented in the game. Local multiplayer support is confirmed.

Gundam: Try Age SP launches in Japan on July 11 for 5,690 yen. Development is currently 65 percent complete. Those who purchase a first-print copy will receive a set of trading cards that can be used in the arcade version.

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Gundam: Try Age SP has been announced for 3DS in the latest issue of Famitsu. We’re waiting on some of the more concrete details, which should be available shortly. In any case, Gundam: Try Age SP is likely based on the arcade card game and will be out in Japan later this year.