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Hiro Maekawa

Siliconera published a new interview with Hiro Maekawa, the president of Natsume. Maekawa ended up addressing a variety of topics, including Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, why the company decided to localize A-Train, and more. Maekawa also said that Harvest Moon 64 won’t be coming to the Virtual Console due to technical issues, and noted that there isn’t any news on Natsume returning to older games such as Wild Guns.

We’ve rounded up a few of Maekawa’s comments below. You can find the full interview on Siliconera here.

Natsume president and CEO Hiro Maekawa posted a New Year’s message to the company’s Facebook page earlier today.

In it, there’s a mention that “Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is performing beyond our expectations in North America”. A European launch is taking place this year.

Here’s the full message from Maekawa:


Like previous entries in the series, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley won’t offer same-sex marriages. However, Natsume has suggested that this is something that could be included in future titles.

Joystiq spoke with a couple of folks at Natsume and was told the following:

“It’s obviously something that we’re going to look into as we continue the Harvest Moon series. We’re going to look into all aspects of it.” – Graham Markay, Vice President of Operations

“We always listen very carefully to fans’ voices. Fan voices, media voices. We know what the fans are looking for. We are always carefully listening to fans’ voices.” – Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume


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