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Hiroaki Matsui

Samurai Jack officially wrapped up in 2017, so it was a bit of a surprise when a brand new game based on the show was announced earlier this year. Adult Swim Games has teamed up with Japanese developer Soleil on a 3D action title that will have fans revisiting locations from the show, taking on familiar enemies, and more.

Ahead of next week’s release, we were able to speak with director Hiroaki Matsui from Soeil. We chatted about how the project happened and the studio’s involvement plus what it was like recreating the TV show. Switch was another topic of discussion as we wanted to get a better idea a to what players can expect from that version.

Here’s our full discussion:

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, director Hiroaki Matsui spoke about how long it’ll take players to finish the game and also shared details regarding difficulty modes.

Matsui estimates that it’ll take roughly ten hours to complete on the normal difficulty level, which is known as “Samurai”. But he also teased that players “won’t be able to unlock sufficient amount of collectable items and skills with that difficulty, so I want them to play the game more and more and challenge higher difficulty levels as well.” Higher difficulty modes are included under the names “Master Samurai” and “Master of Masters”, which “require guts to play with”.

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