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Human: Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat Tower level

Yet another piece of content is now available in Human: Fall Flat, with the Switch version now adding the Tower level. All players can access it after installing the new version 1.5.7 update.

Tower is a level created by Fennecai and brought to life by the team at No Brakes Games. This was the winning design for the game’s fifth anniversary competition. The level is said to be “an exciting and adventurous design that challenges the law of physics more than ever”. You can try to ascend the soaring spire and make it to the top, but beware that the floor is lava.

Human: Fall Flat Red Rock

Human: Fall Flat recently received a new 1.5.6 update on Switch, and as part of that, Red Rock has gone live on the platform.

Red Rock is a new desert level with various challenges and puzzles. We have the official overview below.

Human: Fall Flat update 1.5.5 Lumber

Human: Fall Flat players on Switch can access a new 1.5.5 update for the game as of this week. Once installed, they can access a new Lumber level.

Here’s what to expect from the stage: 

Human: Fall Flat Laboratory

Human: Fall Flat continues to expand and Switch players now have access to more content thanks to version 1.5.4, which has added the Laboratory level.

The stage was made by “Buler”, who was a winner in a Worldwide Workshop competition. There’s lots of room for experimental exploration of magnetism and electricity here.

Below is an official overview of the Laboratory level in Human: Fall Flat:

The physics platformer Human: Fall Flat continues to expand. As of this week, Switch players can access a new Forest level for free. It’ll be in your game once you’ve updated to the latest version.

Here’s an overview of the level:

Human: Fall Flat - City

Curve Digital and No Brakes Games have put out a new 1.5.0 update for Human: Fall Flat. Once installed, players can access new “City” and “Golf” levels.

Below are details and trailers for both:


The industrious and puzzle-packed level ‘Factory’ was one of the biggest highlights of our first ever Workshop competition back in 2019.

In fact, its creator did such a fantastic job that we asked him to make us another level! Thanks a lot, Gotcha!

New level ‘City’ is an urban dreamscape packed with futuristic new sporting challenges. Humans can partake in hilarious versions of bowling, crossbows and basketball as they explore the level’s busy neon-lit rooftops. There’s also a brand new experience coming your way like nothing seen before in a Human level. That’s right, you can pilot your very own drone!


Golf was designed by community creator Simon Isacsson Andersen aka ‘PrinceS’ and won the Summer Human: Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop Competition, bagging its creator $10,000 USD. Golf features giant clubs that can launch players from one side of the level to the other, multiple traps and GIGANTIC contraptions which require players to hit tiny balls into seemingly smaller holes at just the right moment.

Source: Curve Digital PR

Human: Fall Flat has continued to receive a steady stream of content since launch. Next up for the game is a Forest level created by Jack as part of Curve Digital’s ‘Great Outdoors’ Workshop Competition from June.

Forest features outdoor activities, ranging from aerial balancing acts to mountainous climbs. We have a trailer showing off the stage below.

Human: Fall Flat updated a couple of days ago with its brand new Factory level – free for all players. See the stage in action below.

A new boxed Anniversary Edition for Human: Fall Flat is on the way. The physics-based puzzle and exploration game will be receiving the retail release with all download content made so far.

Fans can expect the Human: Fall Flat Anniversary Edition in stores this September. We have a look at the boxart above.


It was announced earlier this week that Human: Fall Flat is adding “Factory” as another entirely free level. Curve Digital has now shared a proper trailer for the upcoming stage, which we have below.

A specific release date for the “Factory” level hasn’t been announced for Switch just yet. We’ll pass along that information once we have it.

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