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Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat has updated on Switch with the brand new “Dark” level. Get a closer look at the latest content below.

Curve Digital and No Break Games confirmed today that the free “Dark” level for Human: Fall Flat will be available for Switch on April 16. On the same day, the game will be receiving a collection of new skins.

Here’s an introduction to the Dark level:

Curve Digital has announced that a new “Dark” level for Human: Fall Flat is coming to Switch in 2019. A specific date has yet to be confirmed.

Here’s a brief overview and trailer for the DLC:

This week, Human: Fall Flat was updated to add brand new online multiplayer functionality. See what the feature is like in the video below.

Human: Fall Flat’s big update is arriving on Switch today. Once the patch is applied, you’ll be able to go online and experience multiplayer with others.

Here’s a trailer:

Curve Digital has announced some major new functionality for Human: Fall Flat. Starting in August, players on Switch will be able to partake in 8-player online multiplayer. It will be added as part of a free update.

Sumo Digital has been brought in to make online multiplayer possible on consoles. The functionality “allows players to create their own lobbies and invite up to seven friends to flounder their way through the campaign with them, as the gaggle of clumsy Bobs wobble about surreal environments full of physics-based puzzles.”

View a trailer for online multiplayer in Human: Fall Flat below.

Source: Curve Digital PR

Curve Digital is offering a discount for Human: Fall Flat on the North American Switch eShop. It’s currently $7.49, down from the original $14.99 asking price. You’ll save 50% with a purchase.

The Human: Fall Flat sale lasts until March 26.

Source: Switch eShop

Human: Fall Flat is getting a physical release on Switch, courtesy of Super Rare Games. A couple of different options are available on the company’s website, including the standard game (which also includes a Trading Card booster pack and SRG sticker) as well as a Deluxe Edition with the game’s vinyl album. Only 5,000 copies will be sold worldwide.

Pricing is set at $34.99 / €29.99 / £29.99. However, it seems there’s a heavy shipping charge (£9.99, about $14).

Curve Digital has announced that an update is arriving for Human: Fall Flat on Switch today. It will be upgraded to version 1.2.

New functionality has been added to Human: Fall Flat. Once the patch is applied, local two-player player co-op can be played on a split pair of Joy-Con controllers, as well as two Joy-Cons per player, or a Switch Pro Controller.

Source: Switch news

A whole bunch of games were added to the Switch eShop this week, including Human: Fall Flat. We’ve posted a video below that shows off footage from the release.