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Intelligent Systems

Nintendo is back with another piece of music for Paper Mario: The Origami King. This time around, we’re able to hear what the Café theme sounds like. Listen to the music below.

If you missed it previously, you can also listen to the Red Streamer Battle theme here.

Fire Emblem Heroes is now hosting Summoning Focus: Heroes with Draconic Aura. As part of this 5-star summoning event, three Heroes with Draconic Aura will be available, those being Keaton: Lupine Collector, Kjelle: Fair Fighter, and Corrin: Dream Princess. Additionally, all Heroes with Draconic Aura will have their Special damage dealt boosted by 30% of their Atk.

This Summoning Focus will be available until July 10.

Nintendo has uploaded a couple of new Japanese commercials for Paper Mario: The Origami King. We’ve included the adverts below.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is slated for a July 17 release on Switch.

Fire Emblem Heroes is now hosting Bound Hero Battle Revival: Innes and Eirika. Innes: Regal Strategician and Eirika: Restoration Lady have returned to Special Maps. Orbs can be earned by players taking on Hard through Infernal modes.

In addition, a new map, Counter and Impact, is available in Tactics Drills: Skill Studies.

Game Informer has shared the latest information about Paper Mario: The Origami King. There’s a bit more about battles, confirmation that we’re getting an open-world setup instead of it being chapter-focused, and more.

Here’s the full roundup:

Following the first couple of Paper Mario games on N64 and GameCube, some fans would argue that the series has experienced some bumps in the road. Whereas those initial entries stuck to the tried-and-true RPG format, latter titles started to venture in different directions. Most would say that the low point of the series was Sticker Star, which de-emphasized battles and featured throwaway stickers as its primary mechanic.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are now giving Paper Mario another shot with The Origami King, which launches in just a few weeks. The game will have another alternate take on battles with a ring-based system.

Speaking with Game Informer, Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe indicated he’s more interested in trying new ideas rather than relying on familiar gameplay systems:

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have unveiled the Special Heroes Revival: Summer’s Arrival for Fire Emblem Heroes. Four Special Heroes in swimsuits have returned as part of a 5-star Summoning Focus, including Tana: Noble and Nimble, Cordelia: Knight Paradise, Innes: Flawless Form, and Noire: Shade Seeker.

This event is available now and will last until July 13.

Fire Emblem Heroes is distributing its version 4.7.0 update on July 5th, 2020. With it comes a lot of new content in the game, which we have compiled below.

Legendary Hero Seliph: Scion of Light is joining Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced. Other characters will also appear during the summoning event.

Players can get their hands on Legendary Hero Seliph: Scion of Light starting June 30. View a trailer for the event below.

Summoning Focus: Weekly Revival 16 has returned in Fire Emblem Heroes. 5-star Heroes who showed up before the start of Book II appear as focus Heroes, and the focus lineup changes each week.

You’ll be able to partake in Summoning Focus: Weekly Revival 16 until July 5.