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Jared Moldenhauer

Nintendo has shared a new interview with Jared Moldenhauer, the co-creator of Cuphead. Moldenhauer weighed in on what inspired the making of the game, the well-known art style, and more.

Here’s the full discussion:

Cuphead is known for its hand-drawn art style and classic cartoon look, but that’s not all. Those who have played the game understand how incredibly tough it can be. But now that it’s coming to Switch, the experience won’t be made any easier.

In an interview with Kotaku, Cuphead co-director Jared Moldenhauer stated that the team “wanted to let the next wave of gamers experience it exactly how we intended to make it.” He told the site:

USgamer spoke with Studio MDHR’s Jared Moldenhauer at GDC this week. During their discussion, one of the topics discussed is the challenges of porting the game to Switch.

Moldenhauer shared the following:

Yesterday’s Nindies Showcase started out with the major announcement of Cuphead for Switch. A year ago, not many could have seen this happening. Cuphead started out as an Xbox One and PC exclusive, but will now be appearing on Nintendo’s console next month.

Game Informer recently spoke with Nintendo’s manager of publisher and developer relations Kirk Scott, Nintendo’s product marketing specialist Vincent Chon, and Cuphead co-creator Jared Moldenhauer about the game appearing on Switch. Here’s what they had to say when asked how it happened:

At GDC 2019, Game Informer caught up with a few different indie developers alongside Nintendo’s manager of publisher and developer relations Kirk Scott. As part of this, the site says that Cuphead co-creator Jared Moldenhauer joked around with Scott about how much he wants to see Cuphead and Mugman in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Moldenhauer said: