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Kona, a game about survival, exploration, and investigation, made an unexpected appearance on the Switch eShop yesterday. Get a look at some footage below.

All signs were pointing to Kona releasing on Switch today. That has in fact happened in Europe, and North America should have access to the game in a few hours. We have a launch trailer below.


Last year, Parabole showed interest in bringing Kona to Switch. It seems that the team has now finally made that happen.

Over on the Switch news section, Kona now has its own channel. There’s nothing present currently, but it should be updated in the future. Meanwhile, Kona was also listed in the official European Nintendo Download press release for… tomorrow. This could be another title that just shows up out of nowhere.

Here’s some information about Kona, along with a trailer:

Nothing is set in stone, but Kona developer Parabole is interested in a Switch version. That news comes from an interaction with a fan on Twitter today.

Kona is a narrative-driven game. It’s set in 1970, where a strange blizzard is wreaking havoc in Canada’s Atamipek Lake. Players take on the role of private detective Carl Faubert and explore an eerie village, investigate surreal events, and battle the elements to survive.

Thanks to sknygy for the tip.


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