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KT Racing

After a near decade-long absence, the racing series Test Drive is making a comeback. Nacon and KT Racing are currently developing Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, which has now been confirmed for Switch.

Here’s an introduction to the game from KT Racing creative director Alain Jarniou:cars.

Nacon and KT Racing today announced WRC 10, the latest addition to the long-running off-road simulation franchise. The project is confirmed for Switch, though a specific release date on Nintendo’s console has not yet been determined.

Below are the first details for WRC 10:

Nacon and KT Racing have readied a Switch launch trailer for WRC 9, an off-road simulation title. View it below.

WRC 9 is out today on Switch. Note that a physical version will be available in North America on April 9.

WRC 9 footage

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WRC 9, the official video game of the FIA World Rally Championship, arrives on Switch today. Check out some gameplay with the video below.


WRC 9 was announced for Switch a year ago, but we’re just now finding out about the release date. According to a listing on Nintendo’s website, the off-road simulation game will launch on March 11.

Here’s an overview of WRC 9:

Publisher Nacon and developer KT Racing have released a new trailer for their upcoming racing game WRC 9 highlighting the series’ return to Japan. Check it out below.

WRC 9 doesn’t yet have a Switch release date, but is expected to launch after it’s initial multiplatform release in September.

Nacon and KT Racing have debuted a new gameplay video for WRC 9, showing the Safari Rally Kenya, which we have below.

Nacon says the track “is highlighted by it’s dirt tracks which become fast passages for those that favor speed. However, the rocky outcrops around them can bring your race to an early end.”

WRC 9 will initially launch in September, though the Switch version will follow at a later date.

Nacon and KT Racing have announced the Switch release date for TT Isle of Man 2, the new motorcycle game. It’ll be out both physically and digitally on May 14.

Here’s a bunch of information about TT Isle of Man 2:

Publisher Nacon and developer KT Racing have announced WRC 9, the official video game of the FIA World Rally Championship. The game will initially release in September, though the Switch version has not yet been dated.

We have the following overview and trailer for WRC 9:

A new launch trailer is in to celebrate the upcoming release of TT Isle of Man 2. We’ve included today’s video below.