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LEGO Dimensions

The official LEGO Dimensions channel has released a video showing off two of its new characters: Stripe and Gizmo from the Gremlins. Check it out below.

LEGO Dimensions is adding a new pack based on Sonic the Hedgehog next month. As it turns out, the Blue Blur isn’t the only character from SEGA’s franchise that will appear.

A tweet went out on the LEGO Dimensions Twitter account earlier today showing Shadow, Tails, Big the Cat, and Knuckles. It’s the only image we have to go off for now, but they are indeed in. You can see them all in their glorified “LEGO-ness” above.


LEGO Dimensions is full of characters from dozens of movies, comic books, games and TV shows to the point where I’m sure plenty of us couldn’t name even half of them. Thankfully, someone has uploaded footage from LEGO Dimensions to YouTube, which shows off a line or two from every playable character in LEGO Dimensions.

You can view the video below.

Kotaku has uploaded the footage of their playthrough of the LEGO Dimensions Mission Impossible level set to YouTube. You can watch the video below.

Warner Bros. released a bunch of new LEGO Dimensions packs last week, including one based on Ghostbusters. Eurogamer has now come across an entertaining Easter egg relating to the film.

Before the new Ghostbusters movie hit theaters, it saw quite the fan backlash. Some people weren’t happy that the franchise was receiving a new film, as they felt the original two films were fine as is. Others weren’t pleased that the team was changed from all male to all female.

In LEGO Dimensions’ new pack, writer and director Paul Feig is hiding in the first level. After unlocking him from a cupboard, he says: “I wonder if they’d be mad if I remade ‘Back to the Future’.” That’s incredibly unlikely to happen, though Feig has joked about remaking Back to the Future as a way of having fun with some of the Ghostbusters internet trolls.


Game Informer has published a video that shows another look at LEGO Dimensions’ new set. The video below contains footage of Ghostbusters, Adventure Time, Mission: Impossible, and the A-Team.

Many of you are aware that LEGO Dimensions was given several new packs today. New content includes Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Ghostbusters, and more. Unfortunately, we’re hearing that Wii U players are unable to access content pertaining to the new packs.

The issue all comes down to updates. Players need to download the new levels as patches. Although figures work in the game, without the updates, these stages are simply inaccessible.

It’s unclear when the situation will be rectified. If we receive any updates, we’ll let you know.


Among the new packs available for LEGO Dimensions today is one based on Adventure Time. Get another look at what it has to offer below.

With new LEGO Dimensions packs launching today, Warner Bros. and TT Games are also introducing Battle Arenas. Each one features competitive gameplay for up to four players. Capture the Flag, Objective, Base Bash and Tick, Tag, and Boom modes are included. Watch a new trailer for the Battle Arenas below.

Warner Bros. has come out with a bunch of videos for LEGO Dimensions that specifically put the spotlight on the latest content heading to LEGO Dimensions tomorrow. New packs are based on Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Adventure Time, and Mission Impossible. See them all below, along with an additional video for Mission Impossible.

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