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LEGO Worlds

TT Games head of design Arthur Parsons randomly told one fan on his Twitter page yesterday that LEGO Worlds is planned for Switch. That’s despite the fact that Warner Bros. hadn’t actually made an announcement.

Due to a lack of confirmation, some fans were concerned that Parsons may have simply been mistaken. But fear not: LEGO Worlds is indeed set for Switch. A release date hasn’t been determined, but publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment says it’s happening.


Warner Bros. already announced that LEGO City Undercover is heading to Switch. On top of that, it looks like we can expect LEGO Worlds on the platform as well.

TT Games head of design Arthur Parsons confirmed on Twitter:

Warner Bros. describes LEGO Worlds as “an open environment of procedurally-generated worlds made entirely of LEGO bricks which you can freely manipulate and dynamically populate with LEGO models.” The game lets users make anything and everything one brick at a time or by taking advantage of large-scale landscaping tools. Characters and creatures interact with you as well as each other in various ways.

Update (6/1): LEGO Worlds has been revealed and released on Steam Early Access today. The full release is planned for 2016, and it’s currently unclear if there are plans for consoles down the line.

Could Warner Bros. be preparing yet another LEGO game? On the back of the instructions for the 60097 City Square set – due out next month – an image has been found that seems to tease something called “LEGO Worlds”.

Based on words included in the advert, it sounds like LEGO Worlds is Mincraft-inspired. Players will be able to “explore”, “discover”, and “create” within the game.

We don’t have an announcement from Warner Bros. at this time, but the image seems to be legitimate as far as I can tell. It also looks to be game-related given the inclusion of TT Games’ logo. All of the recent LEGO games have been on Nintendo platforms as of late, so hopefully this one is planned for Wii U.

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