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Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven

If the 65-minute playthrough of Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven we posted today wasn’t enough, there’s now another video below with even more footage. The game itself launched in North America yesterday, so you can get your hands on it now!

YouTube user “justonegamr” has shared 65 minutes of gameplay from Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven. Watch it in the video below.

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is out today in North America. To celebrate, XSEED Games published a launch trailer, which you can watch below.

Marvelous Europe is hosting a new live stream for Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven. The company will be showing gameplay, and will answer a number of fan questions. View the stream below.

XSEED sent out a bunch of new content today pertaining to the battle system in Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven.

First, check out a new tutorial video below:

Along with the video above, XSEED published a ton of details about Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven’s battle system. You can find all of that below. The game’s official website is located here, and you can read up on the latest localization blog here.

Element Affinities, Weapons, and Attack Range

Featuring aspects of tactical role-playing games, Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven boasts a unique strategic battle system that encourages players to take careful aim with their attacks in order to “bowl” over as many enemies as possible with a single strike. Four main elements dominate this battle system, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. These are Flame, Frost, Heaven, and Earth. Alongside them stands a neutral non-element, Void, which has no strengths or weaknesses at all.

XSEED Games shared another round of Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven screenshots in its latest localization blog post (located here, by the way). Check out all of the latest images below.

Marvelous posted a first blog on its website for Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven. In today’s piece, gamers are introduced to the game’s combat.

Below are a few excerpts:

Combat in Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven takes place on a turn by turn basis, with a focus on strategy and party dynamics. As you progress throughout the game more faeries are introduced to your roster, which drastically increases the possible party combinations and strategies.

A central feature of the combat system is the ability to ‘bowl over’ enemies in a cascading fashion. Attacks must be placed precisely to ensure maximum damage. Knocking over a certain amount of enemies in one attack leads to an added bonus of an extra move, and this can be the difference between success and failure as the action heats up.

Tactical combat isn’t the only fun to be had however. One of our personal favourite elements of the game is the interactions between Luchs and the various Faeires. We’ll go into more detail in an upcoming article.

Head on over here for Marvelous’ full blog about Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven.

Take a look at the latest screenshots from Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven below. The game launches early next month.

XSEED has a pre-order bonus in store for Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven. Those who pre-order the game in North America will receive the 28-track soundtrack CD pictured above.

As confirmed by XSEED on Twitter:

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven launches on June 2 in North America, and as a digital-only title on June 4 in Europe.


XSEED Games released a new trailer for Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven. You can find it below.

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