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Digerati has a new video up for Unexplored with Joris Dormans from Ludomotion, the game’s lead developer. In it, he discusses the use of “cyclic dungeon generation” and how it improves the player experience compared to regular procedural generation. View the video below.

Next Thursday, Digerati is publishing Unexplored: Unlocked Edition on Switch as a digital download. We have over a half hour of gameplay below.

Digerati is working with Ludomotion to bring Unexplored: Unlocked Edition to Switch, the studio announced today. The game is on track to release this spring.

Unexplored: Unlocked Edition is a roguelite action RPG in which you enter the Dungeon of Doom and go on a quest to steal the Amulet of Yendor from a dragon. On Switch, three peices of DLC will be included.

Last month we reported that the popular mobile indie puzzle game Sumico would be arriving on the 3DS eshop sometime this month, now we have an exact date. Sumico arrives on the eshop December 18 in Europe.

Check out the trailer and PR statement below:

The acclaimed number puzzler Sumico arrives in the eShop on December 18th. The popular indie puzzle game has been rebuild from scratch for Nintendo’s handheld.

The developers like to describe Sumico as “super smart, super fun, super addictive” and that’s exactly what the 3DS audience can expect. After the overwhelming response and hundreds of thousands of downloads on iOS and Android, the game now debuts on Nintendo 3DS™.

Watch the launch trailer

Responsible for this version is renowned developer Engine Software, which recently released Proun+ (85 on Metacritic) and is known for the console versions of smash hit Terraria (all of which currently score over 80 on Metacritic).

The core gameplay is the same fun and addictive number puzzle action as in the mobile hit, but the developers added a couple of new and exclusive features for Nintendo 3DS™ – such as a star based ranking in the game’s endless mode.

Sumico will be out in Europe on December 18th and will cost € 2,99 / 2,69 GBP

In SUMICO you make sums to score points. Find the right numbers and operators to make the target. The longer your sum, the more points you earn. But beware: use too many tiles and you won’t be able to make the next target.
SUMICO features two modes:

• Campaign Mode – 72 levels, from the easy introduction to brain bending challenges

• Endless Mode – Keep hitting the targets and improve your high score

SUMICO is the brainchild of a journalist and a developer. The journalist had interviewed the developer a couple of times before they entered a game jam together. They did not finish the game for that jam, but managed to create the first prototype of what was to become SUMICO.

The developer we are talking about is Joris Dormans, creator of the popular game design tools Machinations (for which he earned his PhD), co-founder of LUDOMOTION and popular speaker at developers conferences like the GDC in San Francisco and GDC Europe. LUDOMOTION’s debut game Bezircle was featured during Google I/O 2014.

The journalist, Matthijs Dierckx, co-founded game development magazine Control Magazine in 2008. Since then the magazine has become the prime source of industry information for Benelux game developers. Control Conference boasted speakers from studios such as Naughty Dog, Bioware, BUNGIE, 343 Studios, CD Projekt RED and Vlambeer.

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