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Magical Drop VI

Magical Drop VI content update November 2023

Original (10/19): Forever Entertainment is readying the first free Magical Drop VI content update for November 2, Forever Entertainment announced today. It will include new characters (Magician, Emperor, Star), a new soundtrack, quickmatch option and custom match, Room of Fortune, Room of Records, and multiplayer quality of life improvements.

Here’s the full rundown:

Magical Drop VI update

A new update has just been released for Magical Drop VI on Switch.

A few new additions, changes, and fixes are included. Notable elements include Options in the Pause menu and the ability to customize button layouts, changes in Fool’s attack pattern, and more.

Magical Drop VI trailer

Magical Drop VI debuted on Switch this week, and we have one final look with a new launch trailer. Forever Entertainment’s video shows off the recent puzzle title.

More information about it is available in the following overview:

Magical Drop VI physical

Magical Drop VI comes to Switch today as an eShop download, but fans will be interested to learn that a physical release is in the cards as well.

Two versions are on the way, with Forever Entertainment planning an “unLimited” edition and “Limited” edition. The former includes a plastic box containing a game cartridge plus reversible cover, a compendium of knowledge about the world of Magical Drop with a set of stickers, and a card with a unique number that gives the set an additional collector value. The latter includes all of these items as well as a cardboard box with unique artwork, collectible cards with designs inspired by Tarot cards, and three enameled metal pins.

Magical Drop VI gameplay

Magical Drop VI is almost here on Switch, and we have a look at the latest entry in the classic arcade series with new gameplay. Nearly a half hour of footage has come in.

Those interested in learning more about it can check out the following overview:

Forever Entertainment, along with developers Highball Games and Storm Trident, shared new details about Magical Drop VI covering the different gameplay modes as well as some extra tidbits such as confirming plans for free updates. This comes ahead of next week’s launch.

Here’s the full rundown:

Magical Drop VI release date

Publisher Forever Entertainment, along with developers Highball Games, Storm Trident, today shared a final release date for Magical Drop VI. The game will be available for Switch on April 25, 2023.

Magical Drop VI was previously announced for Switch last September. It was given a winter release window at the time.

Here’s what to expect from the game:

Magical Drop VI

Publisher Forever Entertainment as well as developers Highball Games and Storm Trident today announced Magical Drop VI, the return of the arcade game. A release is planned for this winter on Switch.

Here’s an overview with more information:

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