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Matthias Linda

Chained Echoes New Game+ update 1.2

Original (5/30): A pretty big update for Chained Echoes is coming soon to Switch which will come with some additions like New Game+. While we wait for its release, the patch notes have come in.

Aside from New Game+ which unlocks after beating the game and having a cleared save file, Chained Echoes is making some changes to crystals. We have the full patch notes for the version 1.2 update below.

Chained Echoes gameplay

New gameplay has arrived for Chained Echoes, a JRPG-inspired game that landed on Switch this week. We have a look at the opening minutes, including some battles, exploration, and more.

Here’s an overview with more information about the title:

A final release date has been announced for Chained Echoes, the 16-bit SNES style RPG from publisher Deck13 and developer Matthias Linda. The two sides confirmed today that the game is heading to Switch on December 8, 2022.

Chained Echoes was previously confirmed for Switch after it was successful funded on Kickstarter. Earlier this year, it was given a Q4 2022 launch window.

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