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This week, Switch received yet another Touhou game. Touhou Soujinengi V was added to the Japanese eShop a few days ago. We have a trailer for the release below.

Mediascape announced today that the rhythm fighting game Phrasefight is coming to Switch. VeryOK is developing the title, which first appeared on PC and Mac earlier this year.

Phrasefight will support all of Switch play modes, including TV, handheld, and tabletop. It will also make use of HD Rumble and will allow for single Joy-Con play.

Phrasefight will be playable at Zentame 2018 between August 5 and August 5. We have a couple of videos below.


Touhou Soujinengi V, a Touhou Project RPG, has been confirmed for Switch. Mediascape will be publishing the game in Japan on July 26. Pricing is set at 3,000 yen.

In Touhou Soujinengi V, a catastrophe has taken place in Gensokyo, and it’ll be your duty to resolve the situation. You’ll be taking on various enemies while traveling throughout Gensokyo with a party.

Here’s a trailer from the PS Vita version:


Yoiyami Dreamer is in the works for Switch, Tripper Room has announced. A release date is not yet confirmed.

Previously released on the PlayStation 4, Yoiyami Dreamer features Touhou Project character Rumia in a 2D action game.

Below are a few images:

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