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This week, a Switch rating for Yesterday Origins appeared on the German classification board USK. This should mean that the game will be appearing on the console in the future. Anuman Interactive (Microids) is listed as the publisher, as was the case with the original release.

Yesterday Origins is a point-and-click adventure game from Pendulo Studios, a company that has been working with this genre for over twenty years. It’s a follow-up to 2012’s Yesterday in which John Yesterday and his partner Pauline – two immortals – are sent across the globe through multiple periods.

We have more information about Yesterday Origins below, along with a trailer.

It was just a couple of months ago that Gear.Club Unlimited made its way to Switch. Recently, we spoke with developer Eden Games to learn more about the process of bringing the racer to Nintendo’s console.

As for why Gear.Club Unlimited made sense on Switch in the first place, Eden Games explained:

Microids has passed along the first screenshots from the recently-announced Super Chariot on Switch. Take a look at the images below.


The 2D platformer Chariot has made it to several platforms over the years, including Wii U. Now it’s planned for Switch as well.

Microids will be publishing Chariot on Switch as “Super Chariot” later this year. It’s the same game as before, but with the Royal Gadget Pack DLC included.

We have more details about Super Chariot below in addition to a trailer for the original game.

Microids published another making of video for Gear.Club Unlimited this week. In the latest entry, Eden Games talks about the tracks and environments in the game. View the video below.

When Gear.Club Unlimited first made it to Switch, Microids was originally selling it as a GameStop exclusive. Just a few weeks later though, it will become more available at more retailers.

Amazon is one outlet that plans to sell Gear.Club Unlimited very soon, for example. If you’d like to order it, you can do so here. It should be available at the end of the month.

Gear.Club Unlimited making of videos

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Microids is giving Gear.Club Unlimited fans into the game’s creation with new making of videos. Below, you’ll get some insight into car modeling and the performance shop.

Syberia 2 Switch launch trailer

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Microids prepared a new trailer to promote the launch of Syberia 2 on Switch. Have a look at the video below.

Eden Games and Microids aren’t done with Gear.Club Unlimited. After launching the game yesterday, the game will continue to receive support.

The first true update we can look forward to is in January. Microids has said that players can anticipate the following:

– Addition of a Championship mode to local multiplayer
– Improvement of car selection’s screen (especially in local multiplayer)
– Performance shop: players will be able to have 10 cars in their performance shop instead of 4
– Addition of a new rear-view camera
– Navigation on performance shop improved

Source: Microids PR

Microids and Eden Games brought Gear.Club Unlimited to Switch today. If you’ve purchased the game, you should be aware of a day-one update.

The patch has the addition of the pre-order DLC 370Z Nismo and Camaro 50th anniversary. Some minor bug fixes have also been implemented. Finally, at the end of the race during replay, the wheel doesn’t turn anymore.

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