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Moshikashite? Obake no Shatekiya

Nippon Columbia has shared a new trailer and commercial for Moshikashite? Obake no Shatekiya, its upcoming arcade shooting gallery game. Both videos can be found below.

Moshikashite? Obake no Shatekiya for Nintendo Switch releases on July 1 in Japan. We have more details here.

New details have been given by Nippon Columbia about the upcoming Switch release of Moshikashite? Obake no Shatekiya. This game is a shooting gallery cooperative game that first released on Japanese arcades in 2019. Now, it’s coming to Switch on July 1 in Japan and the details of the gameplay and story can be viewed below (courtesy of Gematsu):

First released in Japanese arcades, Moshikashite? Obake no Shatekiya is now coming to Switch. It’s been announced that Nippon Columbia is preparing a new version for Nintendo’s console.

Moshikashite? Obake no Shatekiya is a shooting gallery game featuring support for up to three players across two game modes.

Moshikashite? Obake no Shatekiya launches for Switch in Japan on July 1. Pricing is set at 5,280 yen.

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