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New LovePlus+

Famitsu put up a preview of New LovePlus+ earlier this week, which contains a few new screenshots and details about Konami’s love sim. You can find them below.

– Use the 3DS mic to enjoy conversations with a girl that you choose in LovePlus mode
– Topic varies based on their moods
– They’ll call you out according to certain time settings you have the game set to
– Can play 3 different mini-games with them
– These include TwinBee, where you’ll be able to team up or compete with your New LovePlus+ lady
– “Anywhere Date” mode: use the 3DS camera to take a picture and make your own original date course with your girlfriend
– Can tweak the season, time, weather, feeling, and more
– Transfer data from LovePlus and LovePlus+ to this game
– Tool will be available from the eShop


Famitsu has a small update on New LovePlus+ this week. To be more specific, the magazine covers information pertaining to the game’s more romantic moments.

New LovePlus+, according to Famitsu, will have some sort of feature that allows players to secretly cop a feel on one of the girls… yeah. You’ll even be able to steal a kiss from them by filling up the romantic meter.


Konami, via Famitsu, has shared a few new screenshots and details for New LovePlus+. Continue on below for the game’s latest content.

– Game features real life romantic date sports
– These include Nikko
– Nikko is a mountain area with shrines to see
– New location: Hakone
– Hakone is not far from Tokyo and on a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji
– This travel date event is pretty close to real life
– Start by riding one of Odakyu’s Romancecar trains, which take you from Shinjuku to Hakone
– Once you “arrive” you can go on a tour and see sites and ride a pirate ship


New LovePlus+ will launch in Japan on March 27. Pricing is set at 5,700 yen for the retail version and 5,200 yen for the download version.

After announcing the game months ago, Konami will finally show footage from New LovePlus+ as part of a “Merry Plusmas” live stream event on the Konami Channel next week.

Fans can get a look at some gameplay and the game’s new elements on December 24 at 10 PM Japan time. Creative producer Akari Uchida, character designer Tarou Mino, MC Icchou Mori, and guests Tomokazu Sugita and Daisuke Sakaguchi will be on hand for the event.


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