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Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection release date

Publisher PQube and developer Vewo Interactive today announced a final release date for Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection. The package is slated for release on August 26, 2022.

As the name implies, you’ll be getting two games here. Nexomon and Nexomon: Extinction, two monster-catching games, will be sold together. Prismazor, Carnagrius, and Jeeta will also be included as brand new creatures accessible through post game content.

Nexomon + Nexomon Extinction Complete Collection

PQube is readying the Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection for Switch, the company has announced.

Both of these titles have been individually released on Nintendo’s console previously. Soon, however, they’ll be available in a single bundle. Both can be experienced together from the same launcher. A few new Nexomon creatures will also be included.

Nexomon gameplay

We now have gameplay from Nexomon, the monster-catching RPG that acts as a prequel to Nexmon Extinction. Publisher PQube and developer Vewo Interactive brought the title to Switch just a few days ago.

Check out the following overview for Nexomon with additional details about the game:

Nexomon trailer

Publisher PQube and developer Vewo Interactive have readied a new launch trailer for Nexomon, a monster catching RPG. The game is making its way to Switch today.

Nexomon is a prequel to Nexomon Extinction, which released on Switch just over a year ago. Read about it here.

As for Nexomon itself, check out the following overview:


The original Nexomon has been dated for Switch. Fans can get their hands on the RPG starting September 17, PQube and Vewo Interactive announced today.

In case you missed it, check out the following overview:


Nexomon: Extinction made it to Switch last year. The original game is now heading to the console as well, PQube and Vewo Interactive announced today.

Here’s some information about Nexomon, along with a trailer:

Nexomon Extinction

The monster catching RPG Nexomon Extinction was known to be releasing on Switch sometime this summer. Now thanks to the latest announcement from publisher PQube, we can say that it’ll be available on August 28.

Here’s an overview of Nexomon Extinction:

Nexomon Extinction

Thanks to Amazon, we have a look at the boxart for Nexomon Extinction, PQube and VEWO Interactive’s monster catching RPG. Check it out above.

Nexomon Extinction will arrive on Switch later this summer.

Nexomon Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction, a monster catching game, was announced for Switch earlier this year. PQube has now confirmed it has stepped in to publish the title this summer.

Here’s an overview of Nexomon: Extinction:

Nexomon: Extinction, a game about catching monsters and battling, has been confirmed for Switch. Developer Vewo Interactive intends to have it ready later this year.

Here’s the official announcement for Nexomon: Extinction, along with a trailer:

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