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After originally releasing on Wii U, Kung Fu FIGHT! is now coming to 3DS. The European release is scheduled for tomorrow and soon in North America. Check out some off-screen footage below.

Kung Fu FIGHT! 3DS file size

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Kung Fu FIGHT! is seeing a release on the 3DS eShop this week. We now know the file size for the title, which comes in at 267 blocks, or about 33 MB.

A bunch of gameplay has appeared for tomorrow’s 3DS eShop release Candy, Please! Take a look at 18 minutes of footage below.

Candy, Please! file size

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Nostatic Software is bringing Candy, Please! to the 3DS eShop on Thursday. To download the game, 259 blocks of free space is required. That amounts to just 32.375 MB.


Nostatic Software brought Quiet, Please! to the North American 3DS eShop earlier this month. The indie developer is following up on that with Candy, Please!, which is slated for next Thursday. The game will cost $1.99.

Nostatic Software wrote on Twitter yesterday:


Update (1/4): Added a couple of additional videos after the break.

Original (1/3): Quiet, Please! from Nostatic Software is due out on the 3DS eShop in a couple of days. For a look at the game, watch the off-screen footage below.

Quiet, Please! file size

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The Quiet Collection landed on Wii U in Summer 2015. This Thursday, the same digital package of games is coming to 3DS in the form of Quiet, Please! on the eShop. It takes up 315 blocks of space, or 39.375 MB.


Nostatic Software confirmed today that Quiet, Please! will be hitting the 3DS eShop on January 5. This applies to both North America and Europe.

Developer Mike Oliphant shared on Twitter a short while ago:

Quiet, Please! will cost $2.99 / €3.49 / £2.99.


Nostatic Software has been busy porting some of its Wii U titles to 3DS. That’s continuing with the “Quiet, Please!” series of adventure games. Last year, The Quiet Collection released on the Wii U eShop.

Creator Mike Oliphant wrote on Twitter yesterday:


PixelMaker started out as a Wii U app earlier in the year. Nostatic Software just created a 3DS version, which came to Europe earlier in the month. The indie developer has now confirmed a release date of October 27 – this Thursday – in North America.


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