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Nowhere Studios

Circadian City

Way Down Deep and Nowhere Studios have shared a new trailer for Circadian City, “the 24/7 life sim about building relationships in the day and developing personality in surreal dreams at night.” We’ve included it below.

Circadian City will release for Switch in Q3 2021.

Circadian City

Way Deep Down and Nowhere Studios have issued a gameplay trailer for Circadian City, a life simulation game / RPG that’s currently in development for Switch. Watch it below.

Circadian City will launch for Switch in Q3 2021.

Circadian City

Nowhere Studios and Way Down Deep’s upcoming game Circadian City was initially announced for release this fall, Q4 2020. However, Way Down Deep have recently stated that the title will be delayed to Q3 2021. No specific date has been announced.

Here’s a new trailer:

Source: Way Down Deep PR

Circadian City

Circadian City, a life simulation RPG in which “players control their character’s life 24/7 from building relationships in the day to surreal dreams at night,” has been announced for Switch. Publisher Way Down Deep and developer Nowhere Studios will be bringing the title to Nintendo’s console in Q4 2020.

Here’s an overview of Circadian City, along with a trailer:

Monochroma was thought to be coming to Wii U after reaching its Kickstarter goal in August 2013. However, last January, the game was given a new September 2014 release window. The delays continued, and in March, we heard from the developer that the Wii U version “is probably canceled.” That’s unfortunately now been made official.

In a Kickstarter update, Nowhere Studios confirmed that a Wii U version of Monochroma is no longer on the table. The developer encountered “serious performance problems that we can’t overcome without developing the whole game from scratch again.”

The full notice reads:

We’re developing Monochroma for Xbox One. The development is close to the end. Hopefully it will be ready by the end of summer. There won’t be any retail version but I can send a digital version of it to all backers who selected Xbox One, 360, Wii, Ouya or PS3, PS4 versions of Monochroma, because unfortunately these other platforms are not going to happen. We have serious performance problems that we can’t overcome without developing the whole game from scratch again.

We still have a small chance for PS4 development next year but it’s quite low as PS4 requires the project to be built on Unity5 and we can’t port the project to Unity 5 without losing more than half of the assets. If Xbox One shows better than expected sales we will work for PS4.

You can still go for Mac, PC or Linux versions on Steam.


Back in 2013, Monochroma ended up with successful funding thanks to Kickstarter. The game had been planned for several platforms, including Wii U. But a new update from developer Nowhere Studios suggests that Monochroma is no longer coming to Nintendo’s system.

When asked about the Wii U version, Nowhere Studios said:

Sorry about it, we’re currently working on Xbox One version and Wii U is probably canceled. But if things are good on Xbox One we will work on PS4 and Wii U versions as well.

That certainly sounds discouraging. You have to wonder why the team isn’t as interested in working with Wii U at this point.

Thanks to Hola for the tip.


After securing enough funds for the project on Kickstarter, Nowhere Studios estimated a May 2014 launch for Monochroma’s Wii U version. But as of now, that window has shifted to September.

Studio co-founder Burak Tezateser told Nintendo Life:

It is not an official date but I’m expecting the Wii U version to be ready around September along with the PS3 version. We’ll see about it. We can’t really guess how optimization we need to make for Wii U and PS3.


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