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Onion Games

Onion Games has shared a new Switch trailer for its roguelite RPG Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada. Check it out below.

After it was only just announced for a summer release on Switch a few days ago, Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada has already received a release date. Listings on the North American and European eShops show that the game will be available on June 27.

Here’s an overview of Dandy Dungeon, along with a trailer:

Black Bird developer Dandy Dungeon is coming to Switch, the studio announced today. It will be playable for the first time on Nintendo’s console at BitSummit next weekend.

Although this won’t be Dandy Dungeon’s first release, the puzzling rogue-lite RPG has been rebalanced for Switch. Onion Games is also teasing “brand new exclusive features”.

Black Bird, from the creator of Little King’s Story, was added to the Switch eShop this past week. Have a look at some footage below.

Black Bird

Black Bird was recently dated for October 18 in Japan. As it turns out, that applies to North America and Europe as well. Black Bird has received eShop pages in both regions, confirming the date.

Here’s an overview for Black Bird:

Originally, Black Bird, a 2D shoot-em-up from Onion Games, was supposed to launch on Nintendo Switch this Summer. Summer has come and gone without the game releasing, but today Onion Games announced a new, concrete release date for the game, at least in Japan: October 18th. The game will be available digitally for 1,980 Yen.

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From the creators of Million Onion Hotel (a top-rated mobile game) comes Black Bird, an atmospheric arcade shoot-em-up. It’s been confirmed for release on Switch sometime this summer. There’s a trailer from Onion Games below.


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