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OXiAB Game Studio

The free DLC for Canvaleon is finally launching in Europe this week. OXiAB Game Studio shared the news on Twitter, confirming a release date of January 7.

Here’s the relevant tweet:


Some of you may recall that free DLC was planned for the Wii U eShop title Canvaleon. In October, a November launch had been announced for the content. But that month came and went though without any news from developer OXiAB Game Studio.

We still don’t have an exact date yet, but the DLC is now targeted for “the Christmas Season.” Canvaleon is also coming to additional territories this month. Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, and Romania will have the game on December 10. A release in Germany, Australia and New Zealand will also be happening later this month.

Here’s a refresher of what’s included in Canvaleon’s upcoming DLC:

Last month, OXiAB Game Studio announced that free downloadable content will be coming to Canvaleon. We now have information as to what players can expect.

Here’s the full rundown from the developer:


You will be able to access this new game mode from the main menu. It consists of mini-levels for the player to learn all the dynamics of the game. In addition, the “SP MISSIONS” will also incluide 10 totally new levels. These new levels will be a challenge for all the players. Furthermore, the “SP MISSIONS” will have its own song, composed by the author of the Canvaleon’s original soundtrack.

Canvaleon is among the new releases on the Wii U eShop this week. Take a look at some footage from the title below.

OXiAB Game Studio shared a final release date for Canvaleon today. In both North America and Europe, it’s due out on July 23 via the eShop.

A special launch offer is planned for Canvaleon’s first two weeks of availability. Pricing is as follows:

– In Europe the original price of 13’95€ will be reduced to 11’95€ during the first two weeks. (EUR)
– In United States the original price of $13’95 will be reduced to $11’95 during the first two weeks. (USD)
– In United Kingdom the original price of £12’59 will be reduced to £10’80 during the first two weeks. (GBP)

Source: OXiAB Game Studio PR

OXiAB Game Studio previously announced that Canvaleon would be coming to the Wii U eShop on June 18. The game’s release date has since been pushed back, and is now rescheduled for July.

The developer explained that the slight delay was necessary in order to realize a simultaneous launch in North America and Europe.

OXiAB Game Studio also confirmed a final price for Canvaleon today. It’ll cost $13.95 / €13.95.

Canvaleon is an eShop game, but OXiAB Game Studio has gone out of its way to create a mockup boxart. Take a look at it above.

Source: OXiAB Game Studio PR

OXiAB Game Studio have published a new trailer for their upcoming stealth platformer Canvaleon, which will be released on June 18th. Check it out below:

OXiAB Game Studio confirmed today that its Wii U game Canvaleon is coming to the eShop on June 18. That date should apply to both North America and Europe.

Canvaleon is a stealth platformer that has players using the environment and their skills to slip past enemies and threats. It’s possible to use “Camouflages” (or “Camo”) to mimic elements of scenery. The more similar the colors are, the more “Camo Percentage” will be granted. You’ll go undetected depending on the percentage.

Players can obtain camouflages in two ways. They can either purchase them from a store, or paint them using a paint tool. Both options require the game’s collectible: color butterflies.

As for the story, here’s a brief overview:

Canvas is the only white chameleon in a very particular chameleon village. Since he lacks the ability to change color by himself, he has been made fun of since birth. Also, his natural color stands out heavily compared with the environment, but he has managed to survive until now, thanks to the help of his only friend Doodle. Doodle (or “Dood” to his friends), being an artist himself, came up with the idea of using Canvas’ white body as a literal canvas for his paintings, making up Canvas’ lack of natural camouflage to some extent. But, to do so, Dood needs a lot of color butterflies, from with he extracts the pigments needed to create the camouflage for Canvas . So our adventure begins, with Canvas and Dood seeking the color butterflies in some ancient ruins near the village.
But the peaceful lives of the chameleons will change soon…

Check out a trailer for Canvaleon below.

Source: OXiAB Game Studio PR

OXiAB Game Studio is working on a new indie effort for Wii U titled “Canvaleon”. The project is a stealth-platformer in which players use the environment and skills to deal with enemies and threats.

“Camouflages” is the big concept here. This function lets players mimic elements of scenery to hide from enemies. The higher your “Camo Percentage”, the lesser chance there is that enemies will detect you. Camouflages can be obtained at a store or by painting them with a paint tool. Both require the color butterflies collectible.

Screenshots plus a story over for Canvaleon are posted below.

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