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Prime Matter

Yesterday, new Koch Media label Prime Matter and Warhorse Studios confirmed that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming to Switch. The announcement came as a bit of a surprise. Although there were previous rumors about a possible port, many had assumed that it would be a difficult task to get it running on Nintendo’s console.

Warsaw Studios explained how the Switch version came to be in a follow up notice today. It turns out that fan feedback is ultimately what set the whole thing in motion.

According to Warsaw:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is heading to Switch, Prime Matter and Warhorse Studios announced today. A release date has not yet been made known.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was rumored for Switch after it was listed on Nintendo’s Japanese website. The game’s PR manager later indicated that it was a mistake. Ultimately the title will be appearing on Nintendo’s console after all. 

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer: