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qomp2 launch trailer

Courtesy of Atari and Graphite Lab, we have a launch trailer for qomp2. This title arrives as a Pong-inspired adventure-puzzler for Switch.

Additional details are included in the following overview:

qomp2 gameplay

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qomp2 gameplay

We have gameplay for qomp2 , an artful reimagining of Pong. Footage shows the tutorial and seven different levels.

To recap, here’s what you can expect from the title:


August 29: Atari today announced qomp2, a creative sequel to Pong that explores the scenario if the ball escaped the paddles. It’ll be available on Switch in 2024.

qomp2 adopts the indie game qomp from 2021, with Graphite Lab handling development. Things pick up where the story left off, telling a tale of the pursuit of freedom and personal identity. There’ll be classic two-button controls and a playfully simplistic setting that rings true to the classic Pong.

Here’s an official overview:

Gaming preferences develop from many different origins – the games you played at your neighbor’s house growing up, the ones you received at Christmas and on birthdays – but being born in the late nineties, Atari games were never in my rotation. That’s probably because for what felt like years, the company’s output was relatively minimal compared to the early days of the storied company. Their franchises remain iconic, though; I’d wager just about everyone knows what Pong at least is, even if they’ve never played it. That inherent familiarity is powerful, and Atari’s upcoming slate of games capitalizes on it; they’re taking old favorites and finding ways to refresh them into something exciting for modern audiences.

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