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red steel 2

Ubisoft originally had a much different plan in mind for Red Steel 2.

The game maintained a similar aesthetic, but possessed a different style. The initial project also would have included online multiplayer. Naturally, because the peripheral wasn’t out at the time, Red Steel 2’s first concept would have lacked MotionPlus support.

Ubisoft ended up cancelling the first Red Steel 2 around 2007/2008 even though it was fairly far along in development. Eventually, a new version was born and released in 2010.


Not too long ago, news was released of a possible Red Steel 2 preview in next month’s Nintendo Power. Fresh off of that comes some additional hype for a game that is said to be an exclusive to next month’s issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine. This is straight from ONM’s Twitter:

“Neil [ONM editor] is currently in another country looking at our exclusive game for issue 43… what could it be? It’s not Ninjabread Man 2 by the way.”

Two big exclusives in two Nintendo magazines seems like a dream come true. More updates on both of the titles as they become available.

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