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Sanuk Games

Publisher Nacon and developer Sanuk Games have announced and released Nova Strike for Switch digitally via the eShop today. The game is a retro shoot ’em up with a roguelite-style progression system, with pilots acquiring skills to combat the game’s increasing challenge.

Here’s an overview of the game and a launch trailer, courtesy of Nacon:

Drum Box Switch

Sanuk Games will soon be releasing Drum Box on Switch, which is apparently “the most complete drumming game” on the system to date.

In it, you’ll play drum parts across eight music genres: Reggae, Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Salsa. The game will include popular backing tracks from “Drum! Drum! Drum!”. A few different modes are included like training mode to learn and practice different patterns, a performance mode where you can challenge yourself to build combos, beat your own score, and earn medals, and a freestyle mode where you can drum to your own beat. Three levels of difficulty can be unlocked as well.

Sanuk Games has announced that drumming game Drum Box is coming to Switch. Check out an overview and trailer below.

Bombing Busters

Sanuk Games is publishing Bombing Busters on the Switch eShop a week from today. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Bombing Busters

Sanuk Games is releasing Bombing Busters on Switch next month, the studio announced today. The arcade game is slated for October 8 in North America and Europe.

Bombing Busters will have players bombing enemies in 30 different mazes. Online play is also supported for up to eight players.

A new digital title is confirmed for Europe on Wii U this coming week. On Thursday, Sanuk Games’ Solitaire will be up on the eShop beginning on October 27. Pricing is set at €4.99.

Here’s a trailer:


Mahjong is making its way to Europe (and likely North America) very soon as a Wii U eShop release. 15 minutes of footage can be found below.

You wouldn’t normally count on something like Mahjong to take up a lot of space on Wii U, but the new Wii U eShop game is here to subvert your expectations. It’ll take up nearly 500MB on your internal memory or external hard drive. Those of you in Europe can grab Mahjong from the eShop now.


Sanuk Games’ Mahjong is out today on the European Wii U eShop. Check out a new trailer for it:

Nintendo Hall has shared some footage from the upcoming Wii U eShop title Brick Breaker. Watch 11 minutes of gameplay below.

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