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Update: Despite Nintendo listing Smite as a 2018 release and in its “new releases” section of the week, Smite will not be available to play until January. The pre-purchase option is live, however. See this post for more details.

Original: Following rumors and leaks from datamining, the MOBA Smite has been officially confirmed for Switch. Nintendo’s European digital download report for the week lists it as a new release for November 16 – tomorrow, in other words.

At least initially, Smite will be sold as a bundle on Switch. Nintendo lists it as having “200 Gems, 400 Gems + Smite Founder’s Pack”. Pricing is set at €26.31 / £23.69.

With the latest round of datamining, Smite is all but confirmed for Switch. Fans have detected a Founder’s Pack specifically for Nintendo’s console, which includes Thor, Ymir, Zeus, Scylla, and Neith.

Smite has been rumored for a Switch release for several months now thanks to previous datamines. Paladins, another game from Hi-Rez Studios, was also leaked for the platform in a similar manner. The company would later release a Paladins Founder’s Pack on Switch before making a free-to-play version available later on.


Smite fans have been poking through the game’s 5.18 patch and have found something rather interesting. A reference to Switch now exists in the latest engine config file under the Oasis tag. Strings are included for the eShop in which players would be able to purchase gems.

If everything here sounds familiar, that’s because something similar happened with Paladins before it was officially announced for Switch. Hi-Rez Studios is likely preparing its MOBA for Nintendo’s console, though it’s unclear when an official announcement will be made.


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