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Sneaky Ninja

Starfall Studios has been working on its 2D stealth platformer Sneaky Ninja for the past few years. Originally, it was a Wii U game. While that’s still the case, Starfall has announced that a Switch version will be happening as well.

Here’s a trailer promoting the news:

Sneaky Ninja will launch on both Switch and Wii U in early 2019.

The developers of upcoming Wii U game Sneaky Ninja shared a new video showcasing gameplay over Twitter. You can watch it below. The “2D stealth platformer mix of Mario and Mark of the Ninja” is scheduled for Wii U in 2018.

Wii U owners have nothing to worry about when it comes to the release of Sneaky Ninja. In a Kickstarter update, Starfall Studios said that Sneaky Ninja is still targeted for the console. Although other companies have been pulling away from Wii U, the indie developer still wants to make it happen after the long wait for Kickstarter backers and being a fan of Nintendo.

That being said, Switch is still on the table as a possibility down the road. Starfall Studios will first need to launch the game – which could take place in February – and then bring it to Wii U shortly after.

Starfall Studios wrote on Kickstarter:

Starfall Studios is still tinkering away on Sneaky Ninja, which will be coming to Wii U at the beginning of next year. A new clip showing a level with Samurai sailships and underwater gameplay can be found below.


With Halloween taking place in just a few days, Starfall Studios has prepared a new Sneaky Ninja video showing off the Graveyard Gauntlet area. View it below.

Sneaky Ninja is currently targeted for Q1 2017, mid-January on PC and soon after for Wii U. Starfall Studios is aware that this puts the game close to Switch’s launch, but there’s not much that can be done. That being said, we were told the team has no “concrete plans to port to the Switch yet, but we’d love to do that once we get more info”.

Sneaky Ninja will soon be making its way to Wii U. While we wait for the eShop title, view a half hour of footage below.

Sneaky Ninja remains in the works, and Starfall Studios provided a substantial update today by going over the game’s second chapter, Bento Plains. This area “is all about farmland, which brings a host of new farm-themed level mechanics”. In Bento Plains, you can hide in grain/rise, use animals to your benefit, and take shelter in barns.

You can read Starfall Studios’ full blog post here. The next update will cover he snow level, Shiro Mountain.

Starfall Studios has gone live with a new trailer for its 2D stealth-platformer Sneaky Ninja. The video shows off several new worlds that players will encounter. You can watch it below.

Starfall Studios recently showed off some extensive gameplay from the upcoming Wii U title Sneaky Ninja. Due to Twitch auto-play, we’ve psoted the full video after the break.

Sneaky Ninja has managed to reach its Kickstarter goal with less than a day remaining in its campaign. Total funds surpassed $10,000 just a short while ago, and the game is now guaranteed to come to Wii U.

Sneaky Ninja is a 2D stealth platformer. Players can choose from an arsenal of tools and magical powers to fight enemies or stay hidden in the shadows.

Watch a trailer for Sneaky Ninja aobve.