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Back in July of last year, indie developer Squad announced that Wii U version of their game Kerbal Space Program would be available “this Winter”. Well, we are now in the middle of that Winter, but the game is nowhere to be seen on Wii U. In fact, it looks like the Wii U version might be cancelled for good. Here’s what Squad’s community manager had to say on their official forums on the topic:

“The industry landscape changed since we made that announcement. Although we were excited to release this port, external factors are forcing us to reevaluate if it is the right move for Kerbal Space Program. It is still to soon to give you a definite decision, so we’ll give you more detailed information in the future.”

Still a fairly vague answer and no definitive confirmation that the Wii U version has been cancelled, but it’s seems fairly likely that that is what’s going to happen eventually. We will keep you updated on the matter – perhaps Squad will do what many other developers have done and shift their focus towards a Switch version of the game instead.

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Kerbal Space Program is starting to make its way to consoles, but the Wii U version is taking a bit longer than expected. Squad announced today that the game will be available this winter on the eShop.

For those who haven’t heard about Kerbal Space Program before, here’s what it’s all about:

Create your own spacecraft, launch it into space to explore the galaxy, and visit a vast amount of planets; assuming you can get it off the ground! Once you’ve made it to deep space, KSP lets you capture asteroids, launch mining programs to find resources across the furthest reaches of the solar system and build space stations around planets you discover.

Kerbal Space Program offers three game modes:

– In Sandbox, where you’re free to build anything your imagination can come up with;
– Science Mode lets you perform scientific experiments and advance the knowledge of Kerbals to unlock new technologies;
– Career Mode, places you in control of every aspect of the space program including crew management, reputation building, as well as embarking on side missions called ‘contracts’ to earn funds and upgrade your space center facilities.

Kerbal Space Program was confirmed for Wii U last August. When it does hit Nintendo’s console, the game will let players control their ship from the inside with the GamePad. Flight planning on the fly can be done with touchscreen controls, and the ship can be steered with gyro motion controls.

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Squad just recently announced that Kerbal Space Program will be coming to Wii U. You’ll find a few screenshots of the game below.

Kerbal Space Program – the popular space flight simulator from developer Squad – is officially coming to Wii U! Kerbal Space Program has been out for a while to the public for a few years now but was officially released on Steam earlier this year to a very positive reception, being ranked 6th on Steam overall by user reviews. So far, the last few months have seen Squad announcing Kerbal Space Program for more platforms, and as of now is confirmed for Wii U. Check out the trailer below!

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