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Steve Stamatiadis

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

With Ty the Tasmanian Tiger having just launched on Switch a few weeks ago, we thought now would be a good time to speak with developer Krome Studios. Creator Steve Stamatiadis and studio manager Lindsay Parmenter were kind enough to answer several of our questions regarding the 3D platformer.

During our exclusive discussion, Stamatiadis and Parmenter discussed the early days of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and its creation, why the TV show never happened, and the future of the series. There was also plenty of discussion about the new Switch version, including the porting process and graphical/gameplay updates.

Our full discussion with Krome Studios can be read in full below.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger HD

Many years after it debuted on GameCube, the 3D platformer Ty the Tasmanian Tiger recently returned on Switch with a fresh coat of paint and in HD. But as fans know, the series has a few other games as well. Could we see more of those entries on Switch? The possibility is definitely there.

Speaking with Nintendo Everything, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger creator Steve Stamatiadis said that Krome Studios would “love” to bring Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 and 3 to Switch. The company has its hands full porting the first title over to other systems currently, but noted that the second and third titles “are ready to go, from an art perspective.”

Stamatiadis stated:

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