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SubaraCity Switch footage

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SubaraCity hits the Switch eShop this coming Thursday. Have a look at some early footage in the video below.

Circle Entertainment and Flyhigh Works have confirmed that SubaraCity is due out on Switch next week. All regions will be receiving the puzzle game on August 9. Pricing is set at $5.00 / €5.00 / £4.49.

Here’s some information about SubaraCity, along with a trailer:

As we announced last month, SubaraCity is coming to the Switch this August. Take a look at the English trailer for the city-building puzzle game below.

SubaraCity coming to Switch

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During the latest Flyhigh Express broadcast, it was announced that SubaraCity is coming to Switch. The title previously released on 3DS.

Here’s an overview of SubaraCity:

Circle Entertainment brought SubaraCity to the European 3DS eShop last week. Tomorrow, it’ll be available in North America.

Circle sent out the news with some screenshots via a tweet:

SubaraCity is a city making puzzle game played by tapping blocks of the same color, and buildings on the blocks can be combined into bigger ones when connected. The goal is to continue developing your city and making it as large as possible.


SubaraCity English trailer

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SubaraCity is being released on the European 3DS eShop today, and publisher Circle Entertainment has released a new English trailer for that occasion. Give it a watch:

Circle Entertainment has long been teasing the western version of SubaraCity. Starting next week, it will begin to release.

Circle wrote on Twitter yesterday that SubaraCity has been nailed down for March 23 in Europe and Australia. Although there’s no news yet for North America, we’re expecting it sometime within the next few weeks.

The official tweet is as follows:


SubaraCity footage

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SubaraCity made it to Japan just recently, and it’s heading west at some point courtesy of Circle Entertainment. Watch some footage below.

SubaraCity trailer

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Circle Entertainment previously announced plans to bring SubaraCity to the 3DS eShop in Q4 2016. It has taken longer than expected, but the title is out now in Japan. We have a trailer below.

Circle Entertainment isn’t slowing down on 3DS releases anytime soon. The company has confirmed another release for the eShop, SubaraCity.

All we know about SubaraCity thus far is that it’s a puzzle game. Circle intends to publish it sometime during Q4 of this year.

Here’s the news from Circle’s Twitter page: