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The Irregular Corporation

The Irregular Corporation has announced that the adventure game TOHU, developed by Fireart Games, is coming to the Switch. This game features a storybook art style and side-scrolling puzzle adventure that will have players switching through two characters to progress.

The most recent release data is that the game is dropping sometime in 2020, but there will most likely be more info on that later. A story description is available below with a 7 minute gameplay trailer, courtesy of Gematsu.

Update: Pre-orders are now open exclusively through Play-Asia here.

Murder by Numbers is getting a physical release, Play-Asia has announced in partnership with developer Mediatonic and publisher The Irregular Corporation.

Fans will be able to purchase a standard copy or a limited edition. The latter version includes:

Publisher The Irregular Corporation and developer Auroch Digital have announced that they’re bringing the strategy simulation game Mars Horizon to Switch. It’ll be out later in 2020 via the eShop.

Here’s an overview of Mars Horizon:

The detective puzzler Murder by Numbers is out on Switch today, and we have a new launch trailer to celebrate. Have a look at the video below.

The detective puzzler Murder by Numbers launches on Switch tomorrow as a digital download. New footage is available, which you can find below.

Publisher The Irregular Corporation and developer Mediatonic have announced that the detective puzzler Murder by Numbers is launching on Switch next month. A worldwide release is set for March 5.

Here’s an overview of Murder by Numbers, along with a new animated intro:

Publisher The Irregular Corporation and developer Mediatonic have announced Murder By Numbers, a 90s-themed Hollywood detective game. It’s coming to Switch sometime in 2020.

Here’s everything we know about the project thus far:

We knew that PC Building Simulator would be making its way to Switch at some point, but we didn’t know when. As it turns out, the title launches on the eShop today.

Here’s everything you need to know about PC Building Simulator:

Tucked away inside Nintendo’s latest release schedule was a small but interesting announcement. The Irregular Corporation is bringing PC Building Simulator to Switch, the document reveals.

There are plenty of simulator titles to choose form these days, but PC Building Simulator might be worth keeping an eye on. It launched on Steam earlier this year where it has received overwhelming positive feedback.