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The Irregular Corporation

PC Building Simulator update 1.4.0

PC Building Simulator was recently given a new update on Switch, with version 1.4.0 going out.

A significant amount of content has been added, and The Irregular Corporation is calling this an IT Expansion. It includes over 20 hours of additional story content, a new in-game tablet feature, new environments, an increased number of job types, and the ‘Tikkit’ job system. New parts have been added, and there are tons of bug fixes.

The full patch notes for the PC Building Simulator version 1.4.0 update are as follows:

Mars Horizon Daring Expeditions update

The Irregular Corporation has announced that a major update has gone live for Mars Horizon on Switch, which is known as “Daring Expeditions”. New missions, new nation flags, and more are included.

Below are the full patch notes for the Mars Horizon Daring Expeditions update:

PC Building Simulator 1.3.0 update

A massive 1.3.0 update went out for the Switch version of PC Building Simulator a little while back. It comes with a ton of new parts, but also a slew of different fixes.

Below are the full patch notes for the PC Building Simulator version 1.3.0 update:

Mars Horizon Expanded Horizons update

The Irregular Corporation and Auroch Digital have revealed a major update for Mars Horizon known as “Expanded Horizons”. It’ll include a new mission, new Vehicle packs, a Sandbox Mode, Iron Core Mode, gameplay improvements, and new custom agency logo.

The update is expected to go live on June 22. Around the same time, a demo will be made available on Switch for those that have yet to try out the game.

Additional information about the upcoming update can be found here.

PC Building Simulator - "Console Mega Update"

PC Building Simulator has received its “Console Mega Update” on Switch. Version 1.2.0 features over 250 all-new parts, quality of life improvements, and a handy new filter system in the shop and inventory. Players can also purchase Workshop DLCs from the game’s PC counterpart, spanning five world class brands: Razer, Republic of Gamers, NZXT, Overclockers UK and AORUS.

Here’s a proper overview of the update:

TOHU footage

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TOHU is available now on Switch, check out its gameplay with the video below.

TOHU can be purchased digitally on the Switch eShop.


The adventure game TOHU makes its way to Switch today, and a new launch trailer has arrived. We’ve included the new video below.

TOHU can be found digitally for Switch on the eShop.


The adventure game TOHU is just a couple of weeks away from launch. A release is planned for January 28, The Irregular Corporation and Fireart Games have announced.

Here’s some information about TOHU plus a trailer:

The Good Life

The Good Life is set for release in Summer 2021, White Owls and Grounding have announced. The Irregular Corporation is also now confirmed to be acting as publisher.

We have the following overview for The Good Life:

Mars Horizon

The Irregular Corporation and Auroch Digital have shared a launch trailer for Mars Horizon, a strategy simulation game. Check out the video below.

Mars Horizon lands on Switch today via the eShop.

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