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Theatrhythm Dragon Quest

Square Enix issued new DLC for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest today. As of now, players can try out the following tracks:

Dragon Quest II – Battle (battle music)
Dragon Quest II – Endless World (field music)
Dragon Quest IV – Combat (battle music)
Dragon Quest IV – Homeland (field music)

As is the case with previous Theatrhythm Dragon Quest DLC, all of the songs above are free to download.

Square Enix added four new downloadable tracks to Theatrhythm Dragon Quest today. As of now, players can obtain and play the following songs:

Dragon Quest – Battle (battle music)
Dragon Quest – Overworld (field music)
Dragon Quest III – Hero’s Challenge (battle music)
Dragon Quest III – Adventure (field music)

As with previous Theatrhythm Dragon Quest DLC, the tracks above are free to download.

Square Enix has updated Theatrhythm Dragon Quest with five new DLC tracks. They are as follows:

“Grueling Fight” from Dragon Quest III [BMS]
“Balloon’s Flight” from Dragon Quest IV [FMS]
“Bruise the Ooze” from Dragon Quest V [BMS]
“Lively Town” from Dragon Quest V [FMS]
“Magic Carpet” from Dragon Quest V [FMS]

All of these songs are free – they can be downloaded at no extra cost.

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Kotaku has put together a full listing of tracks from Theatrhythm Dragon Quest. There are currently over 60 tracks in the game, with more coming as DLC.

Here’s the lineup of songs that players have access to at the moment:

Dragon Quest

Chateau Ladtorm (FMS)
Unknown World (FMS)
Dungeons (FMS)
Fight (BMS)
Finale (EMS)
Finale [Famicom Version] (FMS) {DLC}
Dragon King (BMS)

Dragon Quest II

Dead or Alive (BMS)
Love Song (FMS)
Distant Journey (FMS)
Deathfight (FMS)
Ocean Journey (FMS) {DLC}
Endless World (FMS)
My Road My Journey (EMS)
Fright in Dungeon (FMS)

Dragon Quest III

The Challenge!! (BMS)
Rondo (FMS) {DLC}
Into the Legend (EMS)
Heavenly Flight (FMS)
Pyramid (FMS)
Adventure (FMS)
Fighting Spirits (BMS)

Rodea: The Sky Soldier wasn’t the only big Famitsu review this week. The magazine also brought us the first verdict for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, which is out now in Japan.

So how’d Famitsu’s four different reviewers feel about the game? They handed out scores of 10, 8, 9, and 8 for a total of 35 out of 40. For a full translation of Famitsu’s review, head on below.

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