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Unsung Story

Unsung Story, a game that we first heard about in 2014, is still pretty far away from release. However, Little Orbit is now about to put the project on Steam Early Access, which at least indicates things are coming along.

A new trailer for Unsung Story was also released just recently. We’ve included the video below.

It’s hardly surprising, but Unsung Story is a long way off. In the game’s latest Kickstarter update, it’s revealed that the current release window is Q4 2019.

Unsung Story was funded on Kickstarter several years ago. Unfortunately, the project experienced many issues since then, which prompted Little Orbit to take over development back in August. Now that Unsung Story is in more capable hands, here’s hoping that things will be a bit smoother from here on out. Kickstarter backers are at least now receiving regular updates on progress, so that’s already a step in the right direction.

Unsung Story will be put on Switch when it’s finally done. The latest Kickstarter update about meeting with the team at Torus can be found here.

Unsung Story has had an interesting yet troubled development. Playdek originally launched a Kickstarter for the tactical RPG back in 2014. The project itself was funded, but missed out on a 3DS stretch goal.

Updates on Unsung Story were almost non-existent until this past August when Little Orbit took over development. And that brings us today. Just announced on Kickstarter, Unsung Story is coming to Switch. Backers will be able to replace their previous platform selections with the new versions at no extra cost.

A big reason why people have had such high hopes for Unsung Story is because Yasumi Matsuno initially helped create the vision of the game. Matsuno previously directed hits such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story. Since Little Orbit is starting from scratch with development, we won’t be seeing Unsung Story for awhile, but hopefully it all turns out well in the end.