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Yumi’s Odd Odyssey

Yumi’s Odd Odyssey is now down to just $19.99 on the North American 3DS eShop. This isn’t a sale, but rather, a permanent price drop. The previous price was $29.99.

Patrick had good things to say about Yumi’s Odd Odyssey (otherwise known as Sayonara Umihara Kawase) in his review. You can check it out here.


Yumi’s Odd Odyssey will be going on sale starting this Sunday in North America. The game, normally priced at $29.99, is receiving a $10 discount.

Natsume shared the sales news on Twitter, writing:


Developer Agatsuma Entertainment have launched an official English website for their quirky “Rubbering Action” game (their words, not mine), showing that Umihara Kawase will be swinging onto the eShop in Europe and Oceania. The part that’s as unexpected as a giant tadpole giving birth to frogs is that the game will be out as soon as the 24th of April. As suggested by a pair of classifications earlier in the year, Agatsuma Entertainment will be self-publishing the title in these regions, though it’ll be digital only like the American release. Sayonara Umihara Kawase will be priced at 24.9€ and we’re waiting on pricing information for other regions. Seems a little pricey for the nichest of niche games, but if it’s anything like the previous games in the series (which I wrote a bunch of words about), it should be worth a look. Agatsuma are also referring to the game as “UmiharaKawase”, which I will not stand for. Next they’ll be calling it “Yumi’s Odd Odyssey” or some nonsense.

Yumi’s Odd Odyssey will launch in North America on March 20, Natsume has announced.

The publisher shared the news on Twitter with the following message:


Natsume is teasing “an official announcement” for Yumi’s Odd Odyssey. Having just received “some good news from Nintendo”, news will be shared about the game tomorrow.

Natsume tweeted just a few moments ago:

One would assume that Natsume is teasing a release date announcement – nothing else would fit really!


Natsume has shared screenshots and details regarding the bosses in Yumi’s Odd Odyssey. The new images can be found above, and the overview of information is posted below.

Players will be first introduced to the boss battle mechanic on Stage 9: A giant tadpole who squashes Yumi with the slightest touch! Yumi will need to use her wits and trusty fishing rod to find places to hide from her massive stomp attack, and her froggie children. It may appear that there’s no way to damage this titanic tadpole, but players who look closely may see a pattern emerge that holds the key…

Later in the game, on Stage 21, players will be introduced to another fiendish foe: the giant crab! This monstrous menace will try to snap Yumi with its giant claws as soon as she gets close! With the crab’s hard outer shell acting as armor, it will be up to players to figure out how to make crab cakes out of this cantankerous crustacean! Perhaps the key lies in the mysterious boxes scattered throughout the Stage…

Source: Natsume PR

Natsume announced a January release window for Yumi’s Odd Odyssey last month. While that target won’t be met, we should be seeing Agatsuma’s platformer in the US very soon.

Natsume tells us that Yumi’s Odd Odyssey is unlikely to hit the eShop this Thursday. For now, the publisher guesses the game will be out “in about 2-3 weeks.” That’d put Yumi’s Odd Odyssey at around a mid-February launch.