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The Great Ace Attorney DLC info, screenshots and live-stream archive

Posted on July 17, 2015 by (@NE_Jarop) in 3DS, News, Screenshots, Videos

Capcom have released info on The Great Ace Attorney’s first paid DLC – the first in a series of Randst magazines, which will be free until July 19th. Details are as follows (thanks to Perfectly-Nintendo):

  • The DLC includes a short scene that takes place after the game’s first case
  • It features concept-art and voice clips from Naruhodu Ryuunosuke and Mikotoba Susato
  • A brand new “Court Begins” track is featured
  • A special Court Video from TGS 2014 and a Nintendo 3DS theme are included

The first issue costs 300 yen (after July 19th) or 2000 yen for the whole 8 issues. The next issue is due out next week.

Below is the archive of a live stream from a recent Denjin Getcha which features additional gameplay footage.

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