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Triangle Strategy trailer introduces Roland Glenbrook

Posted on November 29, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

Triangle Strategy Roland Glenbrook

Square Enix has gone live with a new trailer for Triangle Strategy that focuses on Roland Glenbrook, one of the game’s main playable characters. The video is kicking off the company’s new character and story video series.

Here’s some background information on Roland, courtesy of the Triangle Strategy Wiki:

Roland is the son of King Regna of the Glenbrook Kingdom, though not the firstborn heir. Roland and Serenoa share a close childhood friendship, and protect each other at any opportunity. When Roland’s kingdom and family is taken by King Gustadolph, he works with Serenoa and his party to secure the best outcome for Glenbrook’s people.

Throughout the demo of Triangle Strategy, Roland behaves quite honorably, if not a little blindsightedly. He bears a deep vendetta against Avlora and King Gustadolph for his kingdom’s usurpal, and would battle with them at any opportunity. Lastly, Roland has a selfless side, as shown by him offering to give himself to the Grand Duchy in exchange for the Wolffort Demesnes’ safety.

Have a look at the new Triangle Strategy trailer for Roland Glenbrook below.

Triangle Strategy arrives for Switch on March 4, 2022 in all major regions. You can visit the official Japanese website here.

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