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Aonuma elaborates on the ideas Zelda Wii U will include from Wind Waker HD, benefits of developing multiple games at once

Posted on November 2, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Podcast Stories, Wii U

Wind Waker HD was used as a starting point of sorts for Zelda’s first original outing on Wii U. Series producer Eiji Aonuma has previously spoken about how the updated GameCube release was a way for the development team to get its feet wet in terms of creating Zelda games for Nintendo’s latest console. Additionally, the two are connected in the sense that elements used in Wind Waker HD will be brought over to the brand new Wii U title.

Aonuma discussed this further with GamesTM this month. While speaking with the magazine, he said Wind Waker HD’s GamePad interface and motion control aiming will be included in Zelda Wii U. He also mentioned a desire “to bring the experience of being able to explore the Great Sea however you want to locations other than the sea.”

Aonuma said:

“We are planning on using things like the Wii U GamePad user interface, how you can use the map like a GPS and the intuitive aiming using motion controls in the next Zelda game too. I’d also like to be able to bring the experience of being able to explore the Great Sea however you want to locations other than the sea.”

Zelda Wii U has been in development alongside Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds. Working on multiple projects at once has its advantages, Aonuma explained:

“I cannot talk of this in detail, but we frequently find solutions to a problem in one title when working on another. When you focus too much on one title, you are prone to take a very narrow minded approach and I guess you could say working on other titles widens your perspective.

“The sense of a job well done I get as a result of all these efforts makes me truly happy. Also, when you are working on a number of titles at once you can share information about what works well or badly between the teams. This helps improve the quality of each of the games so there are lots of good things about working like this. The downside is that even when work on one game is over there is still another one there, so I never get a break. My family isn’t so pleased about that. It’s quite a challenge trying to keep them happy.”

Thanks to joclo for the tip.

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  • laland

    please dont add motion plus again, it was fun while it lasted but i dont think i would play it again

    • Nocturne

      dont be a idiot

      add motion plus as a option with gamepad controls as a option

      • SecretX

        ^ This

      • fabian

        I don’t want wii remote controls this time. Not because it didn’t work great but for the reason that I want the game to be built around the gamepad in a way that it would only be playable on the wii u console

      • Thomas_NE

        I love motion controls, but I’m not sure how they would work “optionally”, since the entire game would be build around hitting enemies in certain spots. I guess they could move sword control to the second analogue stick on the gamepad, but there goes camera control. I’d prefer WM+ to be mandatory, and gamepad controls to be optional (put it on your lap, like in Pikmin).

        • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

          “gamepad’s sensors are as good as WM+ (are they?)”

    • Abdul-Azeez Azeez

      Motion controls in SS was my favorite control scheme in the LOZ series going back to buttons seems like a step backwards, i hope they at-least give you the option of Motion controls similar to pikmin 3

      • Loon

        seriously it was . . goomba fanpies will argue that SS was a hassle to play, acting as if SS was a fight simulator only ha haa

    • m r

      I agree. I just want to play it with the WiiU pad or a regular controller.

      Also no thanks to playing with a motion control thing that’s going to run out of batteries 1/2 of the way through the game.

  • D2K

    If the artstyle and graphics look as good as the E3 2011 demo, they can do whatever they want with it. I’m buying it.

    • Carlos

      Why do people always have to bring up graphics? Who cares what the game looks like, as long as it’s a good game. Case and point, Wind Waker.

      • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

        Dude, wind waker is one of the most beautiful games ever made. I get your point and agree with it, but that was a bad example hahaha

        • Carlos

          Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda game. I love the look. I’m not knocking the style at all. I should have worded what I said better. I meant how so many complained about the look of the game when it came out, but it ended up being one of the best Zelda games.

          • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

            It’s ok, I got it now =]

      • D2K

        Why do people always have to go ape poo because someone actually likes great graphics and great gameplay? Where is it written where you can’t have both? Where is there an example in terms of the Zelda universe when you didn’t have both? Case and point, Ocarina Of Time and Twilight Princess

        Also, why it is that people don’t have the ability to read in context. I said that as long as the artstyle and graphics looked the SAME as it did in the E3 2011 I sold on it. Obviously that means I liked what I saw and I want the new Zelda to look just like that as many people do. Nothing wrong with those who don’t but remember, YOU started this by insinuating their is something wrong with me having my own opinion and preferences. I forgot that I don’t have a right to my own opinion. I have to check with you on that. Right?

        And Rodrigo is correct. Windwaker is a HORRIBLE example. Even with the combined lifetime sales of the GC and Wii U is still doesn’t surpass that of Twilight Princess and doesn’t even come close to Ocarina Of Time.

        It just just as much harm to a series or genre to put too little emphasis on graphics and it does to put too much emphasis on graphics. If any game is going to show off the power of the the Wii U, it might as well be a Zelda game where you can have lush forests, lavish mountains, epic animal and creature design, lighting effects, physics and particles never before seen in video games.

        Nintendo said themselves from the get go that this game is going to take several years to make so they definitely are going to be putting everything they got into this.

        • Thomas_NE

          I agree with your first paragraph. But then you go on mentioning sales, like they say anything about the quality or enjoyment you might get from a title. And you talk as if stylised graphics can’t convey “lush forests, lavish mountains, epic animal and creature design, lighting effects, physics and particles”.

          I personally find TP’s and OOT’s art-style to be the most bland. If we’re going for semi-realism, there’s plenty of franchises doing that arleady.

          Oh, and Aonuma’s already said it won’t have the artstyle of the E3 tech demo. Just so you don’t get your hopes up.

        • Carlos

          I agree that it would be nice to see a game that looks nice and ends up being a good game. Your original comment made it seem like all you cared was how the game looks and nothing else. And I was saying that it shouldn’t matter what the game looks like as long as it’s good.

          I never said you couldn’t have your own opinion. Don’t put words in my mouth.

          And btw, sales of a game doesnt have anything to do with how good a game is.

  • InterTreble

    Can’t wait for the next materpiece, as always!!

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Aonuma will make everyone happy at the end of the day, because we love Zelda and will never stop doing so 🙂

    • m r

      I still love Zelda but Skyward Sword was a disappointment. Enjoyed every other game in the series though.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        The game play and art style weren’t a disappointment at least ( might have been for those who hate motion controls and non-realistic art styles…those pretty much made up for most of it I suppose but I agree the story felt quite dragged along like they were desperate and overdid it. I’m certain though Aonuma won’t follow the same approach as with Skyward Sword, you can count on that.

  • m r

    For the love of god include an OVERWORLD that we can explore. That’s all i’m asking for in the new Zelda.

    Skyward Sword was by far the worst game in the franchises history and the only Zelda game to date that was a chore to play simply because you went from area to area clearing everything and moving on.

    The series was founded on exploration as Miyamoto explained exploring caves when he was young.

    They cannot create another mindless game like Skyward Sword. It was a huge brand withdrawl imo. The next Zelda game has to be as big and innovative as Ocarina of Time was on the N64. Build in more exploration. Personally I thought Dark Souls was more like Zelda than Skyward Sword because right off the bat you can go ANYWHERE. You can venture off into areas with enemies that outlevel you etc.

    I just really couldn’t stand Skyward Sword. I understand they make games for a younger demographic now, but they went too far with the last Zelda. I’m not saying they should be more violent or change their standards because I like how Nintendo keeps everything clean, but they need more meaty games with depth for an older crowd to sell more hardware.

    • I’m not a fan of Skyward Sward. I only started playing through it last week after finishing the magnificent Windwaker HD, but I’m far enough into it to tell Skyward Sward will be my least favourite 3d Zelda. All I can say is I’m glad he’s using Windwaker hd as inspiration, the controls were perfect in that game.

      My take of Skyward Sward so far is that it’s a Zelda game designed for people who love Zelda dungeons just as Majara’s Mask (my favourite Zelda) was a Zelda game for people who love Zelda overworlds. He pretty much abandoned having a proper overworld in favour of dungeon style outdoor areas leading up to the actual dungeons. I don’t object to him doing something different like this for the odd game as long as it’s not the norm. Many Zelda fans love Zelda dungeons and were critical of Majaras Mask because it there were few and the game was mainly about the in between stuff.

      The controls are the key reason why I’m gritting my teeth in hatred and frustration as I play this damn game! Just to be clear, I’m not a motion control hater. Just hate when motion control is used in the wrong game with demands that the controls aren’t up to.

      Aonuma has stated that he wants a seamless overworld as with Windwaker so I think you’ll get your wish with Zeda wii u.

      • m r


        controls are the one thing i thought they actually did well in SS. it seemed to me that they spent so much time creating functionality with the controls that they didnt spend enough time on the game itself.

        so you had some cool mechanics where you where doing neat things with the motion control but everything was just thrown into this world that was designed for you to linearly clear everything.

      • SS DID NOT SUCK!!

        dude, ur mad because the motion controls flipped out on u! Just go to the menu and re-calibrate the controls, and shut-up! Nothing’s perfect.

        • No, recalibrating the mote doesn’t fix it.

          I’ve discovered not all wii motes are equal. The games controls are far more playable when I tried a different one. Doesn’t mean motion controls add anything worthwhile.

          There’s a lot to like about SS, it’s a really creative game pack full of ideas, but it’s lack of a compelling overworld to explore means it doesn’t deliver on key aspects I expect from a Zelda game. This is mainly a Zelda dungeon game where you always feel you’re always in a dungeon. Still my least fav 3d Zelda.


      dude, Skyward Sword was awesome! So, whatever!