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Aonuma talks Majora’s Mask – Majora and Termina name origins, lots more

Posted on March 1, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, General Nintendo, News

This month’s issue of Nintendo Dream has a rather large interview with Eiji Aonuma, longtime producer of the Zelda series. While the Japanese magazine asked Aonuma about a variety of topics, Majora’s Mask was the main focus. Aonuma talked about the origins of the Majora and Termina names, the Mirror Shield’s connection to a mask owned by the Happy Mask Salesman, and more.

Head past the break for our full translation. The discussion is definitely interesting!

ND: What is the origin of the name Majora [Mujura in Japanese]?

Aonuma: Imamura*, who made the design for Majora’s Mask, invented the word by combining characters from the movie title Jumanji and from his name Imamura.

*Takaya Imamura was the art director for the N64 version of Majora’s Mask

ND: What did you think when Mr. Imamura told you the name for the first time?

Aonuma: I thought Majora might be good from the beginning. However, it was another discussion whether or not attach the subtitle “Majora’s Mask”.

ND: What is the origin of the name Termina?

Aonuma: Termina is a terminal, right?

ND: That’s right!

Aonuma: As it means a place where people come and go, terminal became Termina.

ND: The Happy Mask Salesman has a mask which shares its design with the Mirror Shield.

Aonuma: That’s right. The mask came first.

ND: Is that so?

Aonuma: When the Mirror Shield was being designed, we wanted to have some kind of pattern for the reflection. Having said that, it was hard to come up with a pattern for the shield. We clearly couldn’t make it like the shield from Ocarina of Time as the shape is too detailed and it wouldn’t fit the image of this game. But the Happy Mask Salesman is carrying a mask which has a face of distress, so wouldn’t it be interesting to use that one? Therefore, the Mirror Shield was born from what was previously a mask of Happy Mask Salesman.

ND: So you adapted the design which was originally for a mask.

Aonuma: Back then I was surprised like: “Are we putting a face on the shield!?” But it fit the look of the world. (laughs)

ND: Come to think of it, the face of an Elegy of Emptiness statue is also great.

Aonuma: Ah, seeing that for the first time made a strong impression, too. Like: “What’s this? This really looks like an empty shell.”

ND: Favorite scene?

Aonuma: I think it’s the event of battling the king of Ikana. I think it’s interesting even now. That is also because I wrote the script mostly myself.

ND: You mean that comical dialogue?

Aonuma: That… is different, is it? But you thought my answer would be more righteous, didn’t you? (grinning)

ND: Y-yes.

Aonuma: This won’t do. (laughs) The scene with Kafei and Anju may be emotional but I don’t say a thing like that. (laughs)

ND: Anju faction or Cremia faction?

Aonuma: I loved the Cucco Lady from Ocarina of Time and she was the basis for Anju, but something with Anju… is different. Nevertheless, Cremia isn’t quite it, either. That’s how I feel. (laughs)

ND: In a past interview, Mr. Aonuma said he likes women with a strong personality.

Aonuma: That’s a completely false rumor. (laughs)

Everyone: (laughs)

ND: What would you do if you traveled back to three days before completion of the game?

Aonuma: Huh? Returning to three days before completion?

ND: Yes.

Aonuma: I don’t want to go back at all!

Everyone: (laughs)

Aonuma: Isn’t that natural?! Three days before completion is like hell. What are you talking about! That’s a strange question!

Everyone: (laughs)

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  • Operative

    I guess Aonuma didn’t immediately get the reference to MM’s 3 day limit… Oh well, funny/awkward interview.

    • Melatelo

      I didn’t actually pick that up either until you pointed that out haha

  • Tracy Bowersox

    So the name Termina has nothing to do with it’s imminent demise?!

    • Link Farore Hylian

      Nope, that was just a stupid “theory” by a popular YouTube channel starting it’s slow decline.

      • Tracy Bowersox

        It’s really not a stupid theory. I don’t know what YouTube channel you’re referring to. I walked into a world about to end named “Termina”, and it was my first thought. The fact that it is a terminal never once crossed my mind.

      • Ryan Haynes

        GT didn’t even come up with that theory, that was a REALLY popular theory that a lot of came up with. Because it made sense.

      • Wynne

        That’s not so much a theory as a commonly-held etymological belief within the fandom. BTW, did you see the Hookshot episode? It’s so good!

      • alysdexia

        its, hicks

    • waterlight_5

      Termina means when it ends in Latin and also spanish (la historia termina/the story ends) a terminal,is,as he said,a place where you start a journey…and also where others end,Termina would had ended in 3 days if Link had failed,we could say it does because unlike other game overs you get a very long and detailed cutscene,so I don’t think we were that off the mark,the only mistake was thinking of Termina as a reference to an ending intead of an ending OR a beggining.

  • MagcargoMan

    Lol at the last line from Aonuma. He’s just like “What are you, crazy?”

  • So a face on a shield is weird, but a face on the a moon isn’t? lol Unless they hadn’t put a face on the moon by that time in development. By the way, has he ever explained how that came to be?

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