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Steel Diver boxart

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Ridge Racer 3D trailer

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Shift Your Perspective with New PAC-MAN and GALAGA Adventures

SANTA CLARA, Calif., (Feb. 4, 2011) – Leading video game publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. today announced PAC-MAN® & GALAGA® DIMENSIONS, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS™. PAC-MAN® and GALAGA®, two of NAMCO BANDAI Games’ most cherished arcade franchises, enter a new dimension of fun with two brand new titles, each taking advantage of the Nintendo 3DS system’s unique and innovative technology. PAC-MAN® Tilt turns PAC-MAN’s world on its head with motion sensing controls and an eye-catching neon aesthetic. GALAGA® 3D IMPACT places players directly into the gunner seat against an advancing Galaga armada across an exciting on-rails action game with gyroscopic controls. Both PAC-MAN Tilt and GALAGA 3D IMPACT will be available together in PAC-MAN & GALAGA DIMENSIONS this year for Nintendo 3DS.

PAC-MAN’s world has been unhinged in PAC-MAN Tilt. Take control of PAC-MAN in twisting 2D platforming levels filled with perilous obstacles, power pellets and wandering ghosts. Using the accelerometer capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS system, players will be able to literally tilt PAC-MAN’s world from side to side in order to solve devious environmental puzzles and sneak past roaming enemies. PAC-MAN can also use pinball flippers, spring boards and other objects placed throughout each level to help him reach each level’s goal. Tilting the screen when PAC-MAN has a running start will cause him to roll into a ball, giving him an extra boost of speed and access to narrow tunnels. Strategically using all of PAC-MAN’s abilities will be the only way to complete this all-new and exciting adventure.

Dual Stylus Gameplay Set to Train Your Brain This Spring

SANTA CLARA, Calif., (Feb. 4, 2011) – Leading video game publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., today announced DualPenSports™ exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS™. DualPenSports is the only Nintendo 3DS title with dual-action stylus control, enabling handheld gamers a new and immersive way to compete in classic sports games.

Taking advantage of the Nintendo 3DS, DualPenSports brings a unique twist to traditional handheld sports games with its dual stylus gameplay and 3D visuals. Offering 7 exciting sports mini-games, including Soccer, Boxing, Archery and more, players can take on a number of dual-handed exercises for a stimulating mental workout and improved hand eye coordination.

Nippon Ichi’s first 3DS title, Bikkuriman, was listed on a release chart last month, but we finally have the first details about the project. Check out the information below:

– Full title: Bikkuriman Kanjuku Haou Sanmi Douran Sensouki
– “Bikkuriman Kanjuku” is the name of a chocolate snack line developed by Lotte and Nippon Ichi
– The line of snacks were released in August of last year (Japan)
– Snacks contained character stickers
– Can use the stickers in a competitive kanji-themed game
– 3DS game based off the kanji-themed game
– Learn kanji as you play
– Laharl is one character that will be in the game
– Releasing this Summer

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Conduit 3DS a spinoff of sorts?

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Yesterday, based on information obtained by Eurogamer, it seemed to be pretty much confirmed that High Voltage is working on a Conduit game for 3DS. However, Eric Nofsinger has told Digital Spy that the title will be “something along the vein” of the series. Could this mean that the game will actually be a spinoff or a completely new IP?

“Well it’s not confirmed that we are developing Conduit for 3DS, but it is confirmed that we’re pulling our Quantum3 technology that the Conduit is built on. We’re pulling all that technology over to the 3DS and we’re very excited about what the system can do. We’ve got most of the core of our engine has been pulled over already, now we’re starting pulling some game layer stuff, some cool stuff, and get this stuff working. Probably, around that time frame [of 2012]. It really depends on… when it’s right to be released. That was a bit learning lesson for us from Conduit 1: don’t release it until it’s ready.”

Nofsinger also said that StreetPass functionality will be considered. The project has been in development for “quite a few months” and will be shown at this year’s Game Developers Conference.


As a bonus, you can see what Geoff Keighley looks like after merging his face with Destructoid’s Nick Chester, Michael Pachter, Reggie, and Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo.


Iwata: About how many designers were involved with design of the Nintendo 3DS system?

Miyatake: Including everyone who worked on accessories like the charging cradle, stylus, card case and artwork for items like the packaging and operations manual, there were seven.

Miyatake: I remember that first presentation very well. We thought up six proposals ranging from models similar to previous Nintendo DS systems to ones that were completely different in design, and two types of each, so we prepared a total of 12 models. We thought we had prepared a very comprehensive presentation, but in the end, all six proposals got rejected.