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This information comes from someone who attended a Dragon Quest IX Tag Mode event on Saturday…

“I was at the Dragon Quest IX GameStop Tag Mode event today and the local Nintendo rep showed up to give out some goodies and help assist players in downloading their event map. I got to talking with the guy and I was able to grill him on a lot of things. The most interesting bit of info he shared with me was that Nintendo already has their Fall Conference lined up. The date and location are already set, they have just yet to formally make an announcement. He also teased me by saying there is still a lot of things the general public doesnt know about the 3DS. So more surprises coming soon in that regard.”

Nintendo held a “fall conference” last year, but it was the first time in awhile that there were no events overseas. However, with the 3DS on the horizon, it seems very likely that the Big N will set something up in North America and Europe this year. There’s a good chance that we’ll hear something within the next few weeks, or early next month.


Vektor Tank 3D screenshots

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Capcom on the launch of their 3DS titles…

“We announced Resident Evil Revelations and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition at E3, but these are not included in our plan for this fiscal year. At present, it’s (timing for 3DS game releases are) to be determined.”

Capcom on development costs of the 3DS…

“If we use our internally developed engine MT Framework, it is possible to share the basic development process with other platforms, so we don’t think [development costs] will see extreme rises.”

Capcom on whether or not 3DS games using the MT Framework means it will be a part of a multiplatform strategy…

“We decide platform by considering the type of game and other areas. It’s not the case that we’ll simply release one game on all platforms.”


This information comes from a recent GameSpot news article…

“Nintendo has confirmed to Bloomberg Japan that the 3DS is coming out in the island nation this quarter and that pricing and an exact release date will be revealed on September 29. Nintendo had previously announced that the handheld would be out in America some time in 2011 after confirming at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo it would be out this fiscal year. No dates for other regions have been confirmed.”

Nintendo has confirmed that an event will be taking place on September 29, but I highly doubt that they’d say that the 3DS is going to launch in Japan this quarter. In any case, we’ll see what happens in about two months.


3DS interview (price talk and more)

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Here’s what UK marketing manager James Honeywell said about the price of the 3DS. Keep in mind that, of course, he was mentioning UK prices of the DSi/XL.

“Price, we haven’t made any kind of announcement at the moment, but the Nintendo DSi is available for around 129.99. The Nintendo DSi XL, with the larger screens, is around 159.99. So obviously it’s going to fit, somewhere, kind of, within that kind of architecture.”

Well, that sounds pretty interesting. It doesn’t sound like the 3DS will cost consumers too much. At least we should finally find out for sure in about two months!

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Things to note:

– Xenoblade is listed for North America as “TBA.” However, you can probably tell that the game is still called Monado: Beginning of the World. I’m not sure if it’ll be given that name or Xenoblade overseas, but we’ll find out eventually!
– Kirby’s Epic Yarn is listed as “CY2011/Q1” for Europe. Unfortunately, this means our European friends won’t be able to play Kirby until early next year.
– Don’t get confused by the 3DS listing. It still is expected to be released sometime by the end of March 2011. We’ll find out the exact date in September.
– The Last Story is still expected to be released in Japan this year.

Even though the 3DS had a full blowout at E3, there are still two extremely important details about the system that have yet to be shared – A launch date and price. Retailers and analysts have made their own predictions, but nothing has been officially announced by Nintendo. Strangely, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that the handheld will launch next year on an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, though other representatives have been hesitant to confirm that information.

All will be revealed on September 29 in Japan, however. Nintendo PR manager Yasuhiro Minagawa recently stated that in addition to revealing the price and release time frame, target shipments for this fiscal year will be announced. It’s possible that the 3DS will be just one of many products Nintendo will feature, as a “fall conference” has become a tradition for the company.

Thanks to Robert and Thomas N for the tip!

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Two videos of the 3DS

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3DS pictures

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