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LOS ANGELES – February 23, 2011 – D3Publisher (D3P), a publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software, today announced Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing™ 3D, a supreme 3D fishing experience with environments that come to life, launching for the Nintendo 3DS™ handheld system this summer in North America. Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D provides an authentic fishing experience that offers the right ingredients for all types of fishermen to hook and catch the largest bass in the lake using the Nintendo 3DS built-in features. Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D is under development by Tamsoft and is currently rated “RP” (Rating Pending) by the ESRB.

About Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D
Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D brings the serenity and excitement of catching a giant bass on a pristine lake to Nintendo 3DS systems. Players can float through tranquil waters for the perfect fishing spot any time of day or join their very own Angler’s Club to compete in over 50 championship tournaments in visually stunning 3D. The all-new analog stick controls and accelerometer available on the Nintendo 3DS system make finding and hooking fish the most authentic and natural experience on a handheld system. Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D also features the ability to fully customize characters using in-game tools and to use the built-in camera to use their own facial features to create their very own personal fisherman. In addition, players can increase their fishing skills and knowledge using realistic lures, reels, rods, and gear to aid players in becoming the ultimate bass fishing master!

Source: D3Publisher PR

Australian 3DS launch “line-up”

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I sure am glad I don’t live in Australia right now. As far as games are concerned, they’re always getting the short end of the stick, and not just in terms of pricing. While the U.S., Japan, and U.K. have 3DS launch line ups that span 15-18 games including PilotWings, Nintendogs + cats, Street Fighter, and many more, the games that Australia will be getting aren’t so impressive. In fact, they’ll only be getting four games.

And three of them are versions of Nintendogs.

The other one is Super Street Fighter IV 3D.



Super Monkey Ball 3D footage

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Each launch copy is a premium boxed set with a free music CD!

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA — FEBRUARY 23, 2011 — Atlus U.S.A., Inc., today announced that
Radiant Historia, the time-travel RPG for Nintendo DS, is now available in stores across North America.

“In Radiant Historia, players travel through time and rewrite history to the way it should be,” said Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales. “In fact, we used the game to rewrite history so everyone would pick up their copy this week. After all, we don’t want fans to miss out on this epic adventure, which includes a free music CD with artwork chosen by the fans.”

Thanks to Dragoon for the tip!


Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

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Pokemon Black/White

– Nintendo has restricted what can be said about the game
– Heavier restrictions for Black/White than normal for the game in terms of reviewing
– Not allowed to talk about most of the new Pokemon, can’t talk about anything past the second gym
– Review-in-progress going up March 4 at 10 AM
– Full review + video review from IGN on Sunday
– First gym matchup is based on the starter Pokemon you chose; if you pick a fire Pokemon, you’ll face a water Pokemon
– Double battles in the wild
– Each town has musicians, if you talk to them the music will change in the game (their instruments will be added to the song)

de Blob 2

– Multiplatform this time
– Wii version still fantastic
– Also on the DS as a side-scrolling game
– Jack may like the DS game better
– More fast-paced platforming
– Bounce off walls in the DS version, hit switches

3DS launch lineup

– Similar to Europe
– Getting Pilotwings Resort, nintendogs + cats, Steel Diver from Nintendo
– Third-party games include Super Street Fighter IV 3D