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Last year, Shin’en said that they were interested in the 3DS. Now the company has confirmed that they are working on an action title for the system. Development on the project began in Autumn 2010. No word yet on when we’ll here more about the game, but something tells me that it’ll be one of the more impressive 3DS games!


Samurai Warriors: Chronicles details

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– Download new scenarios via SpotPass
– Side story-like scenarios will be available after the game launches
– Simulated battles with other players through StreetPass
– Make a team of four battle members to participate
– Also make a formation, name for your main character, weapon for your opponent
– Both players receive the preselected weapon from their opponent, regardless of who wins
– Bonus items if you win
– Characters who battle virtually will see their favor for you increase
– See battle history, save up to 50 of these to memory
– Gallery mode provides access to event scenes, movie scenes, background music, missions you’ve encountered in the main mode of play, character growth history
– Experience parameter for your characters
– Build up this parameter as you finish missions
– Eventually level up
– Added attack strength and life, additional attack varieties when you level up
– Power up your character by equipping weapons/equipment
– Weapons and equipment can boost your character’s parameters
– Normal, Speed and Power type weapons
– Each weapon has a different effect on attack strength and speed
– Equipment items can be equipped in just one area initially
– Later will be increased to five
– Equipment can be powered up by visiting the general store
– Weapons and equipment can be combined together in the store to increase the item’s level and add bonus abilities
– Customize your character at the store as well


This information comes from Yoshinori Ono, producer of Super Street Fighter 4 3D…

“I’ve heard some pessimistic comments on 3DS capabilities before the launch from some game creators but they obviously have not seen Super Street Fighter IV 3D or Resident Evil games on the 3DS. When I first had the chance to see 3DS I went over the moon three times because of the 3D vision, hardware spec and the extensive network functions. With Super Street Fighter IV 3D you will see the best yet graphics on a handheld with specially tuned shaders and effects. I also think those game creators should stop slacking and just start making good games rather than whine about the tools given!”

Ono wouldn’t say who has been critizing the 3DS… you have to wonder who those developers are!