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Have you heard about El Shaddai? If not, perhaps this will get your attention: the game was led by Okami and Devil May Cry character designer Takeyasu Sawaki.

El Shaddai is already available in Japan and will soon be available in North America. What’s next for the franchise? Ignition’s Shane Bettenhausen believes that Wii U could see a spin-off/port to Wii U.

“I think first we’ll probably do more of spin-offs… whether that’s DLC, I think it might be cool to port this to Wii U or Vita maybe.”


Far Cry 3 could come to Wii U

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Ubisoft is bringing a significant amount of content to the Wii U. The company has a total of five games in development for the console. With so much support on the way, might Ubisoft also consider Far Cry 3 for Wii U? Possibly.

Lead designer Jamie Keen recently said:

“That all remains to be seen, to be honest. Right now we’ll concentrate on those three lead SKUs [PC, PS3 and Xbox 360], and we’ll have to see how it goes from there. …I’m afraid I’m going to be super evasive on this one (on Wii U possibly being a more mature console than Wii)!. I think the possibilities of Wii U… I think it opens up a new realm of possibilities for more mature titles, but for now we’re concentrating on those three SKUs.”

I’ve said before that I’m not the biggest fan of first-person shooters, but what I’ve seen of Far Cry 3 blew me away. You can view over seven minutes of footage right here.


This information comes from Rovio’s vice president of franchise development Ville Heijari…

“We really haven’t looked into the Wii U specifically yet – we haven’t announced anything for Nintendo consoles yet. But if you look at the control methods, if you look at the Wii U, I mean that’s a really, really natural match, so obviously we’re very interested in developing there as well.

“[The 3DS is] a really really interesting platform. Many people doomed it outright as it being somehow gimmicky, but obviously the same thing as with the Wii U: if you look at the 3DS, Angry Birds games would make a perfect match there.”

Hmmm… unless I’m going crazy, I thought that Angry Birds was already confirmed for WiiWare and 3DS. Since the game is supposedly coming to Nintendo’s current home console, I don’t see why it couldn’t end up on Wii U as well.


Regardless of how Naughty Dog feels about Wii U, the studio wouldn’t develop any games for the platform. That’s because they’re a Sony subsidiary. But Naughty Dog’s game director Justin Richmond was asked to share some thoughts about the console nonetheless.

Unlike most outside companies, Richmond doesn’t completely sold on Wii U is offering – at least not yet. He feels that although the idea behind the system “is very, very cool”, Richmond said that “there’s nothing that the Wii U has that the Vita and PS3 doesn’t.”

“To be honest with you, the idea of it is very, very cool. But there’s nothing that the Wii U has that the Vita and PS3 doesn’t. You know, it’s an interesting piece of technology, and I’m interested to see how people use it. I’m not completely sold yet. That the screen isn’t multi-touch, that’s a little weird. It seems there are some very strange holes in it, but to be fair, last time I was sceptical of the original Wii, and look at how that did. I’m sure that he games they make for Wii U will be amazing.


Last month, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said that the company was “pretty much running” CryEngine on Wii U. But that’s in spite of the fact that, apparently, Crytek isn’t in possession of Wii U dev kits. CryEngine’s director of global business development, Carl Jones, told NowGamer that he hasn’t seen any kits yet.

Jones also discussed how Crytek couldn’t bring content to Wii due to the technological differences between other platforms, talked about his thoughts on a core market on Wii U, and touched on the possibility of bringing something such as a CryEngine 3-powered platformer to the console.

Crytek’s interested in the Wii U. What do you make of the platform?

CJ: It’s something we’re really interested in. There are a load of Nintendo fans at Crytek, right up to the top of the company. We were unfortunately unable to support the last generation of Wii because it would have been quite an engineering effort to take the engine down to that level of hardware.

So we were quite excited to see a new level of hardware come out that we think we can support, do some good stuff with, and it’s something we’re currently experimenting with.

We have a somewhat clearer picture of how Ninja Gaiden III will turn out on Wii U. Based on comments from team Ninja, including some words from Hayashi recently, it sounds like the experience will be very similar to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The only major difference seems to be related to controls.

Said Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi:

“Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is still Ninja Gaiden 3, but we plan to utilize the new controller for the Wii U to do new things. You may remember Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword for the Nintendo DS, we’re thinking implementing that kind of action and gameplay in an enhanced way for Wii U using the controller’s touch screen.”


Like Satoru Iwata’s interview with Mashiro Sakurai regarding the next Smash Bros. games, Monolith Soft posted an interview on their website involving their next Wii U project. By discussing their ambitions and goals, the company hopes to attract new employees.

Monolith CEO Hirohide Sugiura. Toshiaki Yajima (main programmer on Xenosaga and Dragon Ball Kai), Katsunori Sakai (main programmer on Xenoblade, event system programmer on Disaster) and Michihiko Inaba (Xenosaga, Soma Bringer) all participated in the interview. You can read up on what they had to say below:

– Monolith Soft has been doing continuous research/development on other company’s products including HD machines
– Sugiura thinks that the company will be able to show the fruits of their work with Wii U
– Yajima says that they’ve been doing R&D for awhile now, so they aren’t experiencing issues on the technical front even though this is their first HD game
– Yajima believes that the potential expressive ability of the game has risen because they can use physics and shaders
– Yajima feels that they can really show their skills as programmers as a result
– Inaba interested in Wii U’s controller, could be interesting to play on the TV and the second screen
– Yajima wants to try out the controller quickly and possibly show different things on each screen
– Inaba wants to make something that surprises everyone since it’s Monolith’s first HD game
– Inaba wants to show that Japanese technology does not lose out to America
– Inaba said that he wants to be at the level of Bethesda Softworks, but joked that maybe he’s going too far
– Sakai excited about the design document for their Wii U game since it would require a high level from the staff
– Yajima wants many people with specific knowledge in such areas as Havok and Shaders
– When trying to portray realistic expressions on the screen, you end up needing to use external programming libraries
– Sakai wants people who are interested in using such libraries for game development

Thanks to Thomas N for the tip!


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