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Surprise, surprise! Vicarious Vicious is working on a Wii U title. GameSpot spotted a listing on a staffer’s LinkedIn profile for “Project Nova”. The game is also in development for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

In other news, the studio is working on “Project Phoenix” for Wii, PS3, and 360.

Details on these mysterious projects have yet to be revealed.


There’s absolutely no way that Jonathan Blow’s new game, The Witness, could come to the Wii. The console is simply much too underpowered to handle the title. On the bright side, there is some hope for the future.

Regarding Wii U, Blow has apparently heard that it “has a lot more RAM” compared to current gen consoles. The comment was made when he was asked what he’d like to see in the next round of hardware.

“For this type of game, I do wish the new generation of consoles had come out by now. Even if it only meant slightly faster graphics processor and a lot more RAM. Because having more memory would make a huge difference to being able to bring a game like this to a console. It makes it much easier. When you look at the Wii U, I’m told it has a lot more RAM – that would be wonderful, although I’m unsure about that platform for other reasons, especially in light of the iPad. If that console succeeds, it would be a nicer place to bring the game than the 360, if only because it has more RAM.”

Perhaps Blow will consider creating a game for Wii U in the future… or perhaps he’ll think about bringing The Witness to Nintendo’s upcoming console…


Dragon Quest X is an online title, but that doesn’t mean all future entries in the series will follow the same path. During a press conference in Tokyo earlier today, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada commented on what fans can expect in terms of online play. Wada said, “We’re not making them all online. We’ll continue with a variety of developments, online included.”


About a week ago, leaked footage of an incredibly promising game based on The Avengers was discovered on YouTube. THQ Brisbane closed shop in August, leading to the cancellation of the project.

The game was definitely in development for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC… but it appears that THQ was planning on releasing a Wii U version as well. The LinkedIn profile of ex-THQ Brisbane employee Drew Mayo indicates that he was working on an unannounced title for all four platforms. The Avengers game was never revealed, as we probably wouldn’t have known about it had the footage not been leaked.

So, that “unannounced” project was most likely the game based on The Avengers. And it probably would have been released for Wii U.

New Dragon Quest X details

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Game Memo has gotten their hands on some new Dragon Quest X details. Here’s what their report states:

– Lots of volume, with the hope that players can continue to play online for a long time
– Gameplay content outside of story such as specific quests for the five races
– It seems there will be an “ending” and a “last boss” unlike most online games
– The game’s inn facility will now have a concierge which will provide info about events
– Auto saves
– Can also go to the church to save
– Post office service: send letters/items to friends without directly meeting
– Many times bigger than Dragon Quest VIII’s massive world
– Your character is human, but turns into one of the five races after some sort of happening
– Game begins in a small village, you live with either your brother or sister
– Character making feature allows you to create this family member as well

Source 1, Source 2

New Dragon Quest X scan

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This information comes from Bethesda’s Pete Hines…

“It’s definitely a possibility for the future. We’ll look at any platform that will support that games we’re trying to make, but that’s the key thing – the console has to support the game as it is designed.

“The more changes we have to make to a game the less and less palatable it becomes because making a game is an enormous process. Just doing 360, PS3 and PC – I don’t think people understand the amount of work that goes into that. All of the localisation you have to do… all of the testing you have to do… on every platform in every language… It’s a pretty huge undertaking.

“So you aren’t just supporting the Wii U; You’re supporting it in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.”

When Hines was asked about bringing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to Wii U, he said, “We’ll see. It’s definitely a possibility.”


You remember Rodea the Sky Soldier, right? It was that very promising NiGHTS-like game that was set for a dual-release on Wii and 3DS.

Although we haven’t heard anything about the project since it was announced earlier this year, development has progressed well. In fact, Yuji Naka has said that the title is complete “for awhile now.”

“Rodea the Sky Soldier has been finished for awhile now. My part at Prope has been done. Now it’s up to Kadokawa Games to decide on the release strategy whether it will be come out for North America, Europe, and Japan.”

Naka was also asked about a possible Wii U version. At this time he explained why there are no plans for that:

“It’s finished as Wii title and as of now we have no plans to bring it to Wii U. Rodea was made specifically for the Wii so players could enjoy it by flicking the remote. If we tried to incorporate those controls into the large Wii U controller it wouldn’t be the same. I would really like for people to play and enjoy it on the Wii as I had originally intended.”