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Disgaea 5 Complete visual and load time comparison

Posted on May 12, 2017 by in Switch, Videos

New direct-feed footage for Disgaea 5: Complete has just been uploading showing off the visual and load time difference between the Switch’s and the PlayStation 4’s version of the game. From the footage, the Switch’s version of Disgaea 5: Complete is a little faster then the PlayStation’s 4 version.

Check out the video below to see a comparison between the two version.


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  • Vigilante_blade

    So to save people time, it starts up slightly faster to jus tload the game on the Switch, then it goes at equivalent speed the entire time for both.

    • Eagle367

      Yeah and visually I could not find a difference between switch and ps4 except for colour. The opening sequences were choppy in both versions. It seemed as if the frames just stopped for a while in both versions

      • Vigilante_blade

        I didn’t notice colour actually, but I am colourblind, do thanks for pointing it out.

      • ben

        I read the capture was messed up.. I own the game and I can tell you it is a lot brighter than that. it is eye bleedingly bright.

      • jimmy

        No me it looked as though the color was more brighter on the ps4, atleaat on the opening video

        • Eagle367

          yup colour

  • zelgadis greywords

    But we need to know in wicht format are both games. Is not the same if they used full download in the hard drive for the ps4 version and cartridge in the switch versus one in the BD and the other in the internal storage or a mix of either method

  • ChaosNocturne

    switch wins woot

    • Vigilante_blade

      I guess startup load times, yes. For the rest, it is the same for both.

  • UltimaLuminaire

    Also, if it isn’t immediately obvious for color sensitive people, the switch version has less color intensity, causing it to look a little more washed out or muddy. It otherwise still has the same excellent range of colors.

    • Vigilante_blade

      I didn’t notice, but I am colourblind, lol.

    • Mark Bryant

      I had the game on PS4, before selling the console. I now own the game on SWITCH, as I never finished it.

      As for colours, they look exactly the same, and yes, running from Internal Memory, the SWITCH version loads each section of the game faster.

    • jimmy

      outlines of the characters on the 4 are smoother as well

  • Dilly

    Can’t see the difference TBH.

  • StuOhQ

    Edges seem to be sharper on the PS4 and the Switch version seems to have its text emboldened (presumably for portable mode).