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Fire Emblem Warriors devs – Chrom was made first, Lissa / Lucina / Frederick / Robin talk, much more

Posted on August 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in New Nintendo 3DS, News, Switch

It wasn’t too long ago that Nintendo Dream published a lengthy interview with the developers of Fire Emblem Warriors. But in its latest issue, the Japanese magazine brought back producer Yosuke Hayashi and director Hiroya Usuda once again.

The second interview has its own interesting tidbits and discussion. Hayashi and Hiroya spoke about the reaction to Fire Emblem Warriors out of E3 and reveal that Chrom was the first character created. There’s also a lot of talk about why Lissa wields a staff, how there was initially some consideration about not including Lucina, the inclusions of Frederick and Robin, and more. Towards the end of the interview, Hayashi and Hiroya spoke further about how characters were selected for the game.

Continue on below for our full translation of Nintendo Dream’s new Fire Emblem Warriors interview.

After the announcement at E3

ND: Please tell us your impressions after E3 ended.

Hayashi: There were a lot of Nintendo’s titles out there so I was worried it would get buried (laughs), but I think we could convey that “these characters will be the core main characters of the game”. It’s still just about 20% of the whole contents though. And we’ve also been able to show actual footage of “controlling characters with quality that would have been only possible in pre-rendered movies”, which we have talked about previously. That’s why I think we could assure all our fans that “it’s real”.

Usuda: I was still in Japan at that time, so I watched the Spotlight and Treehouse Live just like the fans. I’m glad to see people enjoyed playing the game, and although it was broadcasted rather late in Japan, many people reacted on SNS (social media), so I’m really grateful for that.

Hayashi: In Japan the Treehouse Live was broadcasted at around 3 AM, wasn’t it.

Usuda: I waited for it to come (laughs). And when it started, every time the likes of Marx/Xander and Ryoma appeared, [the host] got excited saying, “It’s my husband” which left quite the impression on me.

Hayashi: I felt the same way, too. Many people who played [the demo] also shouted “Oh! My husband!” and said things like “My husbands, please don’t fight each other for taking me.” I nonchalantly ended up asking if the waifu and husbando culture is also getting into America (laughs).

ND: (Laughs) We’re going to ask about what Hayashi-san talked about in Treehouse Live. First of all on the existence of the Coliseum [mode]; What kind of thing will this be?

Hayashi: The Coliseum will be one of the modes for replayability outside Story Mode.

Usuda: Yeah. It will be something like ‘Passing through a number of battles!’ In the first place, the mode with replayability is going to have several [consecutive] battles, so if it didn’t have variety people would get bored with it. So when we were going to make something brand-new that’s never been in past Warriors games, someone said “Doesn’t Fire Emblem have the Coliseum after all?” That’s why we included the Coliseum which will have fun battles and gameplay with large-scale special rules.

Hayashi: We’ll properly announce the details at a later date, so please look forward to it.

ND: And we also heard that the Level Up scene can be turned on and off.

Usuda: At first I thought that the Level Up scene is an obvious one for Fire Emblem, so I made it to be unskippable. However, someone told me that frequently pausing in an action game feels not quite right.

Hayashi: Yeah. I’m also in support of its addition, but for people who prefer playing proper action games, they’re a bit [bothered] with the screen pausing in the middle of the action. That’s why we made it to be a selectable option.

Usuda: Other than the Level Up one, the screen also stopped every time a new mission began in the E3 [build], but you can also turn it on or off so that you can move smoothly. So we really want this game to be played by both people who play strategy RPGs and people who play Musou Action, so we’d like people to be able to choose all settings and play with their own preferred environments.

The weapon types of the twins, and the reason why sword was chosen

ND: By the way, people are also discussing about “Why did they give swords to both twin protagonists despite many of the appearing characters also having swords as their weapon type?”

Usuda: Yes indeed. Because there are many sword characters, there were talks during development to give an axe to the boy (Shion/Rowan) and a spear to the girl (Lianna). However, the twins are Lords, and while we were designing the game prologue, we wanted those who don’t really play action games to be able to properly play it too, so we wanted to create the right kind of tutorial. In that case, the enemy positions and gameplay experience would change, and it wouldn’t feel right if they would change based on the protagonists’ weapons. We want people to understand the weapon triangle starting from the sword. We want people who don’t even know about Fire Emblem to be able to grasp the rules, so we made [the tutorial] to stay the same regardless of the choices for the two.

ND: By the way, can weapon types be changed for each character?

Usuda: No, you cannot change weapon types, so the twins will always wield swords.

Chrom was the very first character created

ND: From here we’d like to hear about the characters announced this time. So these are characters from Awakening, right?

Hayashi: Yes. Chrom was also the very first character we created.

ND: So Chrom is the very first character created among them all?

Usuda: Chrom was the very first, and the rest were created in parallel after him. The reason why we picked Chrom first was because there were talks of improving graphics to the level of pre-rendered movies in the original games, and there are models for Chrom and Lissa there.

ND: So you already had something to use as a reference with him.

Usuda: Yes. And not only because of the looks, but Chrom is also a Lord using a sword, so he’d also have a standard position action-wise. While we’re implementing actions in Fire Emblem Warriors, we also used Chrom as a reference on how far we should represent them. We could match his movements from the original game, including his actions during battles, and poses in the boxart and other illustrations; Chrom was even the starting point of deciding the direction, the skeletal frame of Fire Emblem Warriors’ action.

ND: So it was the most hectic until you could finish up Chrom.

Hayashi: That’s right. Awakening characters have flying poses in their Warrior Special attacks, but if you look at them from the side it will look like the boxart of the original game.

Usuda: Other than that we also always talked to put in flashy actions, such as the spinning slash attack shown at the coliseum in the original game. Because in Hyrule Warriors, there were some parts that seemed nonsensical, so characters that just swing their swords would end up having boring movements.

ND: Because in that game you could even drop a moon (laughs).

Hayashi: That’s why we also don’t want [Fire Emblem Warriors] to look plain after [having released] Hyrule Warriors. However, there was also a time when we overdid it and were told that they couldn’t look at the screen properly because the moves were too flashy (laughs).

Usuda: Because it also coincided with our experiment to see how flashy we could make the effects. That’s why at first we put in so many things like aura, but we got told by programmers that “it became heavy on the processor” (laughs). We adjusted them from that.

Hayashi: Someone also said “This is not a Warriors game because you couldn’t see the enemies!”

(Everybody laughs)

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  • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ᔦꙬᔨ

    These developers are my waifus.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      Not gonna lie, not being able to change weapon types is disappointing.

      • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ᔦꙬᔨ

        I’m happy about it because it means they can spend their resources making a lot of characters with unique movements instead of what they did in Hyrule Warriors where they gave characters 2-6 weapons.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          Except… They did make unique movesets for each weapon. .___.
          There’s only so many ways you can swing a weapon man.

          • Melkor

            That’s kinda true, but actually very misleading because this “only so many ways” includes TONS of ways, and even more so considering Warrior-type games use anime-like artistic license to their fighting, so their fighting style doesn’t even have to be realistic. And you can always add a shield, or twin swords to shake things up.

            One could also say “there is so many kind of sword you can use”, each one having different style due to their shape and characteristics. So far we have, roughly speaking: Longsword (all Falchion, the twins), greatsword (Xander), katana (Ryoma), and whatever Yato is (Corrin). There’s also short swords, rapiers, sabers, scimitars, two-handed swords (Siegfried should be one, but Xander wields it with one hand!), and magic ones like a Levin Sword. The Warriors serie is also known for using a few oversized swords (thinks Impa in Hyrule) One can exclude historical weapons less likely to appear in a Fire Emblem, like the xiphos, the shotel, chinese swords, the gladius, and many dozen other sorts.

            Finding different moveset might requires a bit research and creativity, but it is actually quite easy. And since they seem to want to compensate the sheer number of swords in their game by just putting more of the other weapons, I want to add this is also true for axes, spears and any existing weapon as well. The sheer variety of styles already shown in movies, videogames and other medias just proves it.

        • Princess_Eevee9

          Except the fact where loads of characters did come in despite them giving multiple characters multiple Weapon types/weapons? Also it works for Hyrule Warriors as these characters worked with these weapons and it was fun imagining characters with weapons you’ve never seen them wield like Impa with the Nagitana(pretty sure butchered that spelling) and Zelda with the Wind Waker& Dominion Rod. Actually it Das fun using Lana when the Summoning Gate and Great Deku Staff too. Erm lost my thoughts for a second, anyhow if a character can use multiple weapons I want them to use multiple weapons cause that’s in their character and would be stupid if they didn’t, buuuuut also adding in other characters that add more fun playstyles too.

  • MAN seeing them in HD make me want Fire Emblem Awakening HD for Switch after FE 2018 and the possible Binding Blade HD Remake

  • Vigilante_blade

    These devs don’t even know the appeal of real Fire Emblem x_x.

    • Supporter

      Eh, I just think this is their interpretation. Anyone can state what real Fire Emblem is to them.

      • Busterblade

        Some would say the characters, some would say the gameplay, as you’ve implied: there is no right answer.

        • The real Fire Emblem is inside all of us. In the smile of a child. In the music of the city.

      • Fandangle

        Yeah, so instead of trying to appeal to the fanbase as a whole, they’re trying to appeal to the new age fans who only ever played the last 2 games in the series.

        • Supporter

          Trust me, I see that as a problem and I wish it was mixing a bunch of the older series characters, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If they did, I’m curious how well the game would sell and how interested people would be, because there would surely be backlash from newer fans. A balanced mix of new and old would have been the best option in my opinion.

          • Fandangle

            It would be super simple, just the iconic characters and lords from each game.

            Sigurd From Geneology of the Holy War
            Leif from Thracia
            Erika and Ephraim from Sacred Stones
            Lyn, Eliwood, Roy, and Hector from Blazing/Binding Blade games
            Ike and Soren from Path of Radiance
            Micaiah from Radiant Dawn
            Chrom, Lucina, and Robin from Awakening, Maybe Lissa
            Marx, Ryoma, Aqua, and Kamui from Fates/If
            And just throw in Alm and Cecillia with their Echoes designs for Gaiden/SoV

            And obviously have a non-game attached Tiki and Anna, though they’d probably be the second ones I’d drop after the two avatar characters would be the first.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Plus one million likes for Soren.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          Considering how they handled Hyrule Warriors, I have a hard time believing they’ll leave the older fan high and dry.

          • Fandangle

            They didn’t handle Hyrule Warriors very well either, it’s also not a very big character focused franchise. However we at LEAST got the mainstay staples from those games, recognizable, iconic characters. No one cares about Fredrick. If you have half a brain you’ll dump him after Chapter 3. Lucina, Robin, and Chrom are the only characters they should’ve taken from Awakening. Lissa is somewhat acceptable. They could’ve easily AT LEAST added the main character of each game in the franchise, barring repeats like Marth and Alm and still only have as many characters as Hyrule Warriors.

          • Dragonage2ftw

            Hate to break it to you, but the game uses the weapons triangle. Doing what you suggested would ruin that system.

          • Fandangle

            The weapon triangle is pretty dumb to begin with, but no it wouldn’t. It wouldn’t at all.

            if that were the case I’d be laughing so hard at the hypocrisy of everything the devs had said thus far “We didn’t want too many sword users! So lets go ahead and restrict ourselves with a bad mechanic that no one but the most casual of fans like, that makes it so we basically can only use certain characters from certain franchises.” I honestly thing the same idiots that suggested the weapon triangle are the same idiots that chose the roster, because this awakening fellating is just outright ridiculous and annoying.

          • Dragonage2ftw

            “Only casuals like the weapons triangle”!

            If this didn’t prove that you’re a troll, then I don’t know what will.

            There’s also the fact that you call Awakening and Fates fans of lesser intelligence, which is ironic, given your posts.

            Quit while you’re ahead. Because IS certainly doesn’t care what you, a very vocal minority who thinks that Cordelia and Fredrick aren’t popular, thinks.

          • Fandangle

            I would properly respond to your post but I’m finding it hard to find anything that of value I’m it to reply to. It seems to just be all insults. So In sorry but this is the best i can do. Make better points please.

          • Dragonage2ftw

            That’s real rich, coming from a guy who said “only casuals like the weapons triangle!”

            You know. Despite the fact that that’s an obvious strawman that you cannot prove.

            Not to mention the fact that all you did was insult Koei Techmo and Awakening fans.

          • Fandangle

            That isn’t a strawman. A strawman would be me trying to impersonate the opinion of someone and exaggerate it to the point of ridiculousness.

            “Only casuals like the weapon triangle” isn’t a strawman, it’s me stating that it’s a simplified system that is utterly pointless, useless, and needlessly restrictive and not even the FE games that use it barely use it at all as there weapons that reverse the triangle and weapons not in the triangle. Using purely it is such an utter simplification that it’s outright idiotic from almost any standpoint but “hurr durr, this is the easiest way to do it!”

            Not to mention the fact that all you did was insult Koei Techmo and Awakening fans

            Lemme tell you the story of a person who loved a video game franchise. This person bought every game he could get his hands on and supported it when he could. This person has been with it for many many years. Suddenly a new installment comes out and it hits critical mass levels of success. The game isn’t even that good, it just has a bunch of new mechanics and settings that make it easier for people too casual enough to put time or effort into learning mechanics or the stat progression or being careful or smart with how they built characters. This person is then promptly ignored by not only the new fanbase, but the company who made the games, REPEATEDLY, while they make game after game, each increasingly worse, while also only paying lip service to the massively popular installment, ignoring every other game. Now multiply this by a thousand and you got the people who love old Fire Emblem Games.

            Maybe instead of whining about people insulting you on the internet, you should try to understand why they’re angry that nintendo is outright ignoring them and their favorite games. The old fans helped carry this series to where it is now. I know more than a few people who wish it would’ve died with 12 instead of suffer through the disappointments that was IF and #FE and now FE Warriors.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            “They didn’t handle Hyrule Warriors very well either.”

            The sales numbers beg to differ, and the popularity of the game itself also begs to differ, despite being on a failed system and on the 3DS, which sold pretty damn well despite being a downgraded port.

            Has it also not occurred to you that maybe, if they did what you suggested, it would lead to the very problem they wanted to avoid (which i admit is pure garbage, too many swords. right, look how many sword characters there are already, KT)?

            Lissa and Robin are the only ones so far who have been changed for the sake of diversity, everyone else is literally starting as the base class they are in in their home games when met for the first time. Even if you bring in the fact not all the Lords are sword-only users, a good lot of them are in their base class and don’t gain other options until later **after they’ve promoted**.

            Throwing the main characters into the game in this case, especially since the game incorporates the weapon triangle into the mechanics, would mean the triangle would be basically useless, cause most every character you mentioned below my post, is a sword user who doesn’t use any other kind of weapon until promoted, save for Sigurd, Ephraim, Hector, Micaiah, Aqua/ Azura and Robin and Celica if you don’t count their base classes ability to wield a sword.

            Everyone else is a Sword user in their base class, and you don’t even bother listing any other characters that use axes, spears, or even other magic users or archers for that matter, or even Pegasi Knights like the Whitewings.

          • Dragonage2ftw

            Well said.

          • Fandangle

            Sales numbers mean jack really. If you’re to judge quality on how many people buy the game then the term “hidden gems” wouldn’t exist, and Alien Colonel Marines, dragon age 2, and even Mass Effect 3 were a quality products. Citing sales numbers in an argument on quality is like citing sales numbers when trying to argue the transformers movies are good. There is also entertainment value, and other such things that lead to bias when trying to objectively look at a video game.

            The lack of diversity isn’t a problem. In fact it’s outright HYPOCRITICAL to even bring it up in this argument. Both the OC characters they brought in wield swords. If they stuck with mainline FE lords they would have gotten characters like Micaiah who uses magic, Hector who wields Axes, and you’re seriously going to try and tell me that Lyn, Ike, and Roy would all play too similarly even if they wield a backsword, a great sword, and a straight sword. Oh boy those all sure do even look the same! Excuse my sarcasm, but I am incredibly annoyed by this complaint. The “Muh sword users!” is just complete and utter nonsense. If they really wanted diversity they wouldn’t have made their god awful OCs wield swords.

            [blockquote]cause most every character you mentioned below my post, is a sword user
            who doesn’t use any other kind of weapon until promoted, save for
            Sigurd, Ephraim, Hector, Micaiah, Aqua/ Azura and Robin and Celica[/blockquote]That’s not “most every” that’s HALF. Which is more than I can say about the current roster There is literally . And again, they’re not all just straight swords. Again, there is a rather obvious difference between a great sword that Ike uses and a straight sword that Roy uses. Saying “all swords are the same!” is outright ignorant. That’s not even getting into the different sword fighting techniques you can incorporate, or are you saying that there is only one way to use a sword too?

            But please do continue and tell me that Cordelia and Fredrick deserve to be in this game more than any of the characters I listed above that didn’t. Please, go ahead.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            I had no intention of saying any such thing regarding Cordelia, or Frederick for that matter.

            -also, I wasn’t trying to tell you anything in regard to Roy, Lyn, or Ike, nor did I ever say “all swords are the same” at any point either, nor even implied it, and I did not at any point suggest I was saying there’s only one way to use a sword.

            I also never even judged the quality of the game on the sales. I never even suggested the sales implied great quality. I simply stated the fact the games were popular based on their sales numbers, and implied Koei Tecmo must’ve handled it pretty well considering both versions sold so well. The quality of the games themselves is another matter entirely, and wasn’t even mentioned in my previous comment. You’re making crap up based on assumptions of things I never actually said, and it’s very f#&*ing annoying, and then you end off your whole thing with a condescending dare as if you had any idea what I wasgoing to say after.

            -if this is what you’re going to do I’m not even going to continue bothering with you. I don’t enjoy discussing things with people who make up stuff that isn’t there. Goodbye.

          • Fandangle

            First point: you said that by adding the main characters from main installments would add too many sword user. It wouldnt. I explained why it wouldn’t l and why the argument that “too many” was absolute bull. It was a point I’d assume you’d agree with unless you were trying to imply Ike’s typical sword would effectively be the same as Lyndis’.

            Second point: you did. I complained about the quality of the roster you said “the amount of people who bought it prove you wrong” or something to that effect. Don’t bring up sales when arguing quality. Don’t bring up sales period really, theyre never relevent and it always becomes a duck measuring contest. you blatantly ignored the context of my statement here and spouted something that was clearly irrelevant to the concersation if you intended it in the way that you claim. How about you go back and read my last two posts again?

          • Dragonage2ftw

            When half of the roster is sword users, characters are gonna start to overlap. They already said that they didn’t wanna add in Lucina, due to how similar she’d play to Chrom.

            Fredrick and Cordelia are actually popular characters, unlike the characters you listed.

            By the by? The fact that you bring up the OC’s means that you didn’t read this interview.

          • Fandangle

            They’re popular with people who never played anything before awakening. And just so you know Ike won the feh character poll, not to mention the fact that his other entry placed really high as well (I want to say 6th?) So if we’re going by popularity Ike should be been the first person they added.

            I did read the interview, I’ve also played warrior games long enough to know that functionally they could’ve gone with an axe and a spear and retained whatever ease of access they were aiming for, but I don’t care about that really. I think they shouldn’t have been included at all. It sounds the devs behind this game have played about ad many fire emblem games as you have. This is why the awakening hate-base is continually growing. It’s filled with nothing but waifu enthusiasts and casuals who probably couldn’t beat any game before if they tried.

          • Busterblade

            Gotta love how you’re throwing everyone in the same basket there. First off: Nothing wrong with “casuals” and “waifu enthusiasts”. Take a page from @disqus_xqJ70mBV1p:disqus ‘s book: “Anyone can state what real Fire Emblem is to them.” Without you taking the condescending tone and looking down on them.

            Second off: Plenty of the “Awakening” people wouldn’t mind older characters, hell I’m sure plenty of them would applaud them making it in, but it’s hard to want to vouch for that when people like you keep rolling around in their hate-bin, hitting these people in the knees.

            I’ve said it before, that they take that restriction away and just add these characters, but we don’t exactly have direct control of the developers making this game, now do we?

          • Fandangle

            There is everything wrong with casuals and waifu enthusiasts. the main problem being they already have 90% of the market. If they want cute waifus and battle simulators, they can go play Rance, if they just want cute girls go play neptunia or Galgun or Senran Kagura. Casuals have the ENTIRE AAA market, and every retarded developer who buys into the “Wider audience!” meme.

            There are so few games that actually try and be difficult in this day and age that it’s a treasure when people find one, but as soon as they achieve any semblance of success they go down the drain because the devs don’t know how to handle that success, because they want to make a game for the new fans, ignoring the fact that the old fans would rather they evolve the series instead of simplify it.

            Sure anyone could state what “Real” fire emblem is, it’s a matter of perspective. But I can tell you right now that 99% of the series didn’t have a mary sue create-a-character OC and bad dating mechanics. The other games didn’t have Rout the Enemy every single map, other games didn’t have easy grinding, the other games didn’t have annoyingly generic and bad anime stereotypes for characters.

            Look at any other series that went through a similar change. Fire Emblem isn’t growing, it’s stagnating, becoming less about Fire emblem and more and more generic modern japanese game #589723412. If I wanted an SRPG with cute girls and fanservice I’d go play Stella Glow or Valkyrie Chronicles. If I broadened that to just “RPG” then I’d have a huge list of generic trash made purely for mass appeal.

            As for the second point, I don’t doubt awakening fans would mind a few more classic characters. The problem is that the devs are obviously awakening fanboys, and Awakening’s popularity has clearly damaged the series by splitting the fanbase into those who play for the story and characters and relationships and those who want the older, more wore focused, more difficult games back. It’s a problem that I think Awakening fans are mostly oblivious they’re causing, it’s also mostly Nintendo, IS, and KT’s fault for letting the popularity of 2 installments overshadow the other 13 games in the series.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Wow…. Just wow. Could you be anymore lacking in logic or critical thinking beyond everyone else around you?

            Let me spell it out for you. The new fanbase is here to stay. Deal with it and stop being a petty piece of crap. Your toxic attitude is one of the very reasons the fanbase remains divided, cause of all the people, who think like you, and don’t even have an ounce of a sense of irony when you turn about and wonder why many of the casuals and waifu enthusiasts aren’t keen on entertaining the idea of playing the older games. People like you who continue to perpetuate hate against them for not believing or treating Fire Emblem as you do, is atrocious and part of the reason You’re just blathering on and on about how the casuals and waifu enthusiasts are to blame, and you never once consider that maybe your attitude is what is turning them off.

            How about you go cool your head and come back with some sense?

          • Fandangle

            So your response to people being upset that a series that they’ve supported for years and even maybe grown up with turning their back on them is “deal with it”?

            You call it toxic, I call it respecting what made you. If we’re going to play the insult game I think it’s incredibly immature and entitled of you to think a series has to pander exclusively to you and not to the people who actually actively supported it for all these years. Do you throw house parties and ruin your parents house as well and tell your parents to “deal with it and stop being a petty piece of crap” as well? Your solution for dealing with devs who don’t respect its fans is to insult them and “call them petty pieces of crap and toxic”.

            This entire post is a whole lot of nothing honestly. You don’t provide any real counter to my logic or argument, you just call it toxic. You’re not convincing me of anything besides the fact that you’re vindictive. Calling people names is not a good way of proving them wrong in general. I also love how you claim I’m the one making everything divided while you do nothing to make it any better or even mend the fence, and instead you widen the divide yourself and just actively just spew meaningless insults.

          • Busterblade

            Wake up call, those who supported it all those years were, sadly as it may be, apparently not enough, otherwise they’d never have needed to make Awakening. Sit on that for a while.

          • Busterblade

            Ehm, dunno if you’ve noticed, but there are difficulty settings, the highest being for people like you, the “casual” settings being for people who primarily want to experience the story of the game, AND GOD FORBID THEY WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT THEN YOU RIGHT?! give em some room please.

            And that 99% of history was about to go into “never seen again” land if Awakening flopped. If anything, you should be thanking all the people that bought awakening, or Echoes wouldn’t have happened either. Plenty of people would probably like to try the older series, but they’re nearly unobtainable. People are not going to dish out 99-100 for a 2nd hand copy.

            Stella Glow is a, in my opinion, incredibly good game with a good story and good mechanics. Your looking down on it, puts you even lower on the ladder of “cringe-worthy” than you already were for me. Your elitism is on such blatant display here, that it has me wonder why I’m even trying to have a discussion with you, as you won’t see the “Awakening” point anyway.

            Awakening fans are causing a problem? By what? Buying a Fing game and preventing the series from being forgotten? Are you serious right now? Again, it’s perspective, and many people enjoyed elements of Awakening that caused them to come back. Sometimes, series change to prevent themselves from becoming irrelevant: Don’t like it? Then go for something else, I’ve seen it happen plenty of times and have done the same myself. The way your acting doesn’t help anyone.

          • SOMEGUY7893 .

            Valkyria Chronicles has almost no fan-service though.

          • Dragonage2ftw

            Proof that only newer fans like Fredrick and Cordelia?

            Also, proof that the hate base for Awakening “is growing” and that “Awakening fans are waifu enthusiasts and casuals”?

            Because it just sounds like you’re letting your imagination run wild.

            Also, polls don’t mean jack. Or is Greninja the most popular Pokémon?

          • Fandangle

            Why are you putting words in my mouth? I’m stating my observations. People are sick and tired of being shafted, old fans don’t like the direction the series is going and the devs don’t know how to reconcile this with their new fanbase that are only interested in it as a generic eastern dating sim and sometimes war simulator.

            Polls don’t mean jack

            No, they mean a lot, but I assume you’re one of those people that only use them when they’re on your side. You can’t be selective about facts. Facts are an inherit absolute, and fact is Ike is an incredibly popular FE character.

          • Dragonage2ftw

            I’m not putting anything in your mouth.

            You’re saying this stuff. Exactly as I’m saying you’re saying it.

          • Fandangle

            You’re asking questions without responding to arguments. Which is a deflective mechanic. It’s usually done to derail the argument because one isn’t able to come up with a valid argument so they rely on swaying opinion through “stinger” questions. But it also usually helps if they’re actually related to the argument at hand. Sometimes they are used otherwise, when a proper comparison is used or for clarification, but I don’t see how anything you asked in the previous post is a request for clarification. I interpreted it as you asking rhetorical questions in disbelief, trying to make it sound like my opinions are just so unbelievable. Which they’re not, which is why I have them.

            I stated (Or am now if that was in another ridiculous chain that you’re keeping up) that the likes of Ike, Roy, Hector, Eliwood, Lyn, and Micaiah had more of a right to be in than Fredrick, who is a crutch character, and Cordelia, a waifu character. They’re secondary characters at best, and representation of the degrading quality of characterization in the series (Or at least IMO, it’s hard to claim that Cordelia is original in any respect though. I’d even say Titania has more of a right to be in over her.) From a gameplay perspective Fredrick is a terrible unit and is only used by casuals who actually need a crutch character and don’t realize they’re gimping every other unit by wasting EXP on him. Cordelia isn’t particularly notable (Unless there is something about the eugenics in FEA, I never got into that autism.) and just as a character there is at least 2 more of her in the same game between Olivia and Cherche. She’s a generic waifu unit whose only claim to fame is being one of the more notable fapbait characters.

            It’s clear the only reason they put those characters in is to appease the new fans. That is incredibly clear, otherwise they would’ve put in other, more popular characters from other games (Again, the ones I listed). Like I said earlier, this isn’t a game for Fire Emblem fans, this is a game for people who came in with Awakening, who could care less about playing the other, better, games like Path of Radiance or Thracia 776, the people who continue to push the waifu crap like the Touching minigames and the endless machine pumping out generic anime girl trope after generic anime girl trope.

            You’ve offered no evidence to the contrary besides “It’s all in your head!” and you haven’t explained anything honestly. Maybe instead of holding onto grudges towards people who’ve enjoyed this series as a whole you should try understanding it from their perspective and empathizing.

          • Folt

            I’d rather take Frederick and Cordelia over Roy, Lyn, and Ike, since that means mounted Axe and peg. Lance over 3 infantry sword units, and lords at that.

            Then again, I don’t see the need to empathize with someone who’s pulling the “these games are obviously superior compared to the other games” card.

          • Fandangle

            You left out hector a sword user intentionally I assume?

            And again there is a huge difference between a great sword a straight sword and whatever the fluff kind of sword Lyn uses and there is a great deal of style differences. As for spear users you could’ve easily put in celica as one.

            Then again, I don’t see the need to empathize with someone who’s pulling the “these games are obviously superior compared to the other games” card.

            Literally never said that. It wouldnt be obvious to someone who hasn’t played them (obviously). I could go In depth but then I’d be outright reviewing a game to justify criticizing it to someone who would probably discard it and make up more strawmen.

          • Folt

            I have literally no problems with Hector since he would be an Axe user and our only armored Lord, but his inclusion would mean they’d have to include Eliwood and Lyn who ARE sword users (Lyn also being an infantry sword lord) because Hector has strong ties to both of them.

            And how could Celica easily be put in as a spear user when she doesn’t even use spears at all?

            And this right here I’m afraid is you literally saying that:

            “It’s clear the only reason they put those characters in is to appease the new fans. That is incredibly clear, otherwise they would’ve put in other, more popular characters from other games (Again, the ones I listed). Like I said earlier, this isn’t a game for Fire Emblem fans, this is a game for people who came in with Awakening, who could care less about playing the other, better, games like Path of Radiance or Thracia 776, the people who continue to push the waifu crap like the Touching minigames and the endless machine pumping out generic anime girl trope after generic anime girl trope.”

          • Fandangle

            Eliwood and Lyn use different types of swords. While mechanically no different from each other in fire emblem but in an action game types of swords and styles mean a world of difference, just look at hyrule warriors, zelda, ganondorf, impa, zant, all three links (the original had two sword weapons for on horseback and non), girahim, and I’m sure I’m forgetting one.

            You’re making the assumption every sword is functionally the same. It’s ignorant, stop it.

            And also, it’s a middle age themed action game where most the characters use swords anyway, there is literally no problem with having 50% sword users, especially considering you could just add in one or two side characters to fill out the roster, Minerva and Soren come to mind.

          • The one you missed is Toon Zelda.
            Also, all swords are functionally the same – you hit things with them.

          • Fandangle

            “All melee weapons are functionally the same. You hit things with them”

            Are you missing a chromosome?

          • Actually, no, not that I know of, I’m just messing around because I have issues with taking things seriously, but if you’d like to believe that about me you’re of course welcome to as well.

            Actually, now that we’ve both said that first bit, I’m curious – are there any swords where the primary function isn’t to hit things? I mean, I guess you could say a Stiletto is designed for stabbing, not outright hitting, and as a dagger it can technically be classified as a sword, but is that it?

          • Fandangle

            Considering the word melee it’s not possible to have a melee weapon that doesnt “hit”things. Even a jab attack is technically a hit.

          • Folt

            Which is not what I’m arguing because from my point of view, Tecmo Koei is pretty good at differentiating between characters wielding what amounts to the same weapon type.

            The problem is that the weapon triangle is included (to make the game more like Fire Emblem) which means the developers actually have to include characters whose primary weapon isn’t swords.

            Furthermore, the developers themselves have expressed a wish to not overfill the roster with main protagonists, not only because most wield swords, but also because they’re of the lord class, which leaves very little room for the other classes, and also the other archetypes, to be repped. (The iconic Jagen archetype would probably have fallen onto the wayside had they not restricted the games… and thus let Frederick appear as what seems to be a story-important character) As a result, restricting the amount of games that they can pull from is a logical choice, and pulling from the very first, the very newest, and one other game (in this case: Awakening, because it’s mechanics are modern, but also pays heed to the classic Fire Emblem games).

            Also, on a more subjective level, I love that the games picked from are games where magic is put under one weapon type, since magic users appear to use more than one element for this game.

          • Fandangle

            Koei-tecmo aren’t good though. They failed at their own logic here. And not only that they’re just as bad at you at being able to portray the obviously different styles and types of weapons.

            The weapon triangle is again, garbage even in fire emblem games. It’s an oversimplification of something that needs to be complex. It makes sense that KT are using it though because they’re obviously too incompetent to implement anything complex.

            As for the “they’re all lords” bull, so? Again lords are fairly flexible, you can add in all the Lord’s of every game and have a better variety of weapons than the characters currently announced. And it’s easily remedied if the variety isn’t big enough to include other popular characters like soren, titania, minerva, boyd, and the list goes on. There is literally no reason to include every awakening nobody, especially genuinely bad units like Fredrick, and especially nobodies like Cordelia.

          • Folt

            Sounds like someone here doesn’t actually want a Fire Emblem Warriors.

            Or is simply too eager to blame the big bad companies for anything that isn’t going your way.

            The weapon triangle tend not to be too big in Fire Emblem games most of the time (Conquest actually makes it a rather big deal in latter chapters due to how it works in the Fates games), but as it is a staple of many Fire Emblems and is one of the things that set the series apart from other similiar games (you could say it’s as much a part of the Fire Emblem core brand as the various classes, the archetypes, the dragons, etc.), spinoffs tend to make the effects much more pronounced and important than the main games

            As far as lords go, they are still lords, which is the problem here. Too many of them use swords, and too many of them are on-foot units. Not to mention, many of them do not really fit in any of the regular FE classes (being similiar, but different), in part to keep the Lord classes unique from the game’s other classes and characters.

            Also, the fact that characters like Frederick and Cordelia aren’t popular and/or important is actually a very good reason to restrict the amount of games to pull from to get them in, because a larger group from one game means characters already have starting synergy or possible relationships with one another, which makes it easier to write a comprehensible story, introduce them to the plot, make callbacks to stuff that happened in their games, and most importantly getting reps in different classes, weapon types, and archetypes that have appeared in throughout the series.

          • Fandangle

            I wouldn’t mind a fire emblem warriors if it did what every other game did and was a proper homage to the series and not just what is probably 2 of the worst installments in the series.

            is one of the things that set the series apart from other similiar games (you could say it’s as much a part of the Fire Emblem core brand as the various classes, the archetypes, the dragons, etc.),

            rock, paper, scissors mexhanics, how original. You know a mechanic is bad when Pokémon has the same thing but manages to be deeper and better declined than it. The weapon triangle is and will always be underdeveloped because of people who think like this. You’re not criticizing an obviously blatantly bad mechanic you’re lawding it. And at this point I think you’re doing it purely out of spite.

            Also, the fact that characters like Frederick and Cordelia aren’t popular and/or important is actually a very good reason to restrict the amount of games to pull from to get them in, because a larger group from one game means characters already have starting synergy or possible relationships with one another, which makes it easier to write a comprehensible story, introduce them to the plot, make callbacks to stuff that happened in their games, and most importantly getting reps in different classes, weapon types, and archetypes that have appeared in throughout the series.

            The problem with this argument is that it only works with fredrick. Cordelia is a throwaway character. She pops up at one point and has literally no story relevance before or after that point. Fredrick AT LEAST has a back story as Lissa and Chrom’s bodyguard and one or two plot points after he pops up like being Stahl’s mentor. He has presence while Cordelia seems like a beta Sumia or Olivia that they only added in because some developer had the hots for her which is more than likely the only reason she’s in here. The second problem with this is that it’s a fish out of water plot. All the characters you pull out will be in the same situation regardless of where they’re from. You’re still going to have a battle that introduces each character, regardless from where they’re from so there is no extended effort there, the only problem is a story standpoint and even then you’d have to be the most creatively bankrupt person to not be able to come up with some contrived reason for them to be there, but considering this game looks to riff off fire emblem heroes’ storyline so much I’d honestly believe it.

            There is no good reason to not include characters from more than just 3 games. Even if it’s just the most popular characters from FE3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 I doubt anyone would care, but nope. Including fan favorites like Ike, Hector, and Soren would only fix their bad roster. Instead its ONLY 13 and ONLY 14, and marth. I’d bet money that they’ll only introduce one more shadow dragon character and the rest are from 13 and 14.

          • Folt

            But there is no need for the weapon triangle to be as deep as Pokémon, as Fire Emblem isn’t like Pokémon at all. All you have to know about it is that it gives swords an advantage over axes, axes an advantage over lances, and lances an advantage over swords, and combine that with the weapon’s properties, and the unit’s class vs. the enemy’s class and weapon to get a basic understanding of how to proceed.

            Except since the character’s know each other, it smooths transition from introduction to playable, which is good, especially since this game is going to have more characters than any other first game in a collaboration Musou. It even works out for Cordelia in that she’s not very important because a story might want to focus on certain characters having a major role in the story, and Cordelia would thus be perfect as a character who would not draw much of the story’s attention to themselves to let the more important ones have the spotlight. Have her introduce herself, become playable, then she can safely be forgotten, yet have a playable presence. The only ones the twins would need to establish bonds with would be the lords of the the games we’re getting (+ Xander and Ryoma due to how Fates works) and the rest will come by themselves. Especially because everyone who appears in the story come from the same worlds of their respective games.

            The similiarities to Heroes are only superficial (recruit heroes from mainline FEs to help out with a threat at home) while the execution points to the mainline FE characters being more involved this time (you only get Awakening characters from one world while Heroes let them pull Awakening characters from a dozen different worlds, and they are actually involved in the story of Warriors while Heroes typically have them only be important as adversaries when you’re in the world they come from). As such, there needs to be a restriction, not only to stop certain popular choices from coming in and further complicate things, but also to keep there from being too many story important characters and not have the means to give everyone the spotlight they deserve due to there being so many.

            Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose… though of course, I wouldn’t mind there being only one or two Shadow Dragon characters since most of them have the personality of a wet paper.

          • Fandangle

            But there is no need for the weapon triangle to be as deep as Pokémon, as Fire Emblem isn’t like Pokémon at all.

            They’re both RPGs. While their battle systems are massively different they’re still comparable. You explained why it’s terrible in the first place, but you still don’t seem to get it. You’re literally just regurgitating info without explaining why it’s a positive or why it’s good for the system, and worse you’re not contradicting anything I say. “It’s not pokemon so it doesn’t have to be pokemon” Doesn’t tell me anything besides you don’t know how to compare related Rock-Paper-Scissors systems. The reason Pokemon uses it is because it’s an incredibly casual and entry level RPG made primarily for children. Fire Emblem uses it because there are apparently brain dead people who don’t know how to understand complex weapon systems and need Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanics to progress through the game.

            Except since the character’s know each other, it smooths transition from introduction to playable,

            Except they don’t. The story is being told from the perspective of the two OC Lord characters. It requires just as much an introduction. Smash and Heroes are examples of this EXACT same thing happening. KT in this case are just being bad developers who let the waifu crowd lead their development. It’s a bad excuse. You’re literally making excuses to have unpopular and outright bad characters in a game focused on fanservice.

            The similiarities to Heroes are only superficial

            I’ve seen companies getting sued over less. They’re plagerizing a simple concept except Heroes did the concept better by actually including a lot of characters from all over the Fire Emblem series as a true celebration of FE. This game is basically just taking Waifu Emblem characters and sticking them in the exact same kind of plot with the same type of “twin” characters. There is no real way to pull of an ensamble cast in this type of game so it’s better to treat them like Heroes does, like Hyrule Warriors did or Warriors of Orochi did. Warriors of Orochi is actually a really good example of how to do a massive crossover like this properly. It makes me wonder if it’s even made by the same team.

            Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose… though of course, I wouldn’t mind there being only one or two Shadow Dragon characters since most of them have the personality of a wet paper.

            Then you should sympathize with my desire to focus on characters outside of Awakening and If.

          • Folt

            They are also completely different genres of RPGs tailored to completely different audiences. You have a different mindset when playing Pokémon compared to the mindset you have for Fire Emblem. Besides, you practically outlined the reason why Pokémon is a terrible comparison in your post yourself: It’s an entry-level RPG for casuals. What you miss is that Pokémon is also a game where simple mechanics, including the effective/ineffective system also give way to a sense of depth that makes for an incredibly hardcore competitive scene. Fire Emblem’s Weapon Triangle meanwhile moreso complements the other mechanics and adds another layer of strategy to what’s already a strategy RPG (and a strategy RPG more focused on the strategic part than other RPGs of it’s type) that will serve a beginning player well as they figure out the more complex mechanics of Fire Emblem.

            Except that we already know that there are five mainline FE characters who are also considered main characters besides the twins: Marth, Chrom, Corrin, Ryoma, and Xander. That already beats Heroes in terms of giving mainline FE characters more importance in the story, yet, characters who are less important than those 5 (7 with the twins) will also appear in the story with major and minor roles. And since characters are from the games that the five mainline MCs hail from, it streamlines and quickens the introductions (and subsequent joining). I also find it laughable that you keep saying it’s an excuse to have bad and unpopular characters when they have clearly stated that the games picked are the oldest game in the franchise, the newest game in the franchise, and a game that can act as an intermediary between the old and the new. And even then, the characters from the latter two are objectively popular these days in both Japan and the West (compared to Shadow Dragon characters which are much more popular in Japan) and, I daresay, have more character to them than the ones in Shadow Dragon.

            And developing Heroes characters is laughably simple: make a sprite, add some skills they can learn, give them a weapon and movement type, distribute base stats and growth points as appropriate (over a total of five actual stats), give them some voiced lines for battle and My Castle interaction, and voila. And part of that is that as a gacha game, Heroes needs to essentially have everyone in it as playable characters, whether they are important or unimportant.

            Fire Emblem Warriors require considerably more resources: A weapon type to determine what weapons they can wield, whether they can use staves or not, a moveset to make for interesting interactions with the game, stats that determine how the characters work within the Musou genre, full voice acting, and of course one of the most important and complex things: A 3D Model that looks good from all angles for any and every action that they take in the game. Furthermore, you mention Warriors Orochi but fail to realize that they take from two games based on two periods of time (one on a book based on a period of time) where the main character roles shifts to one character after another and where everyone involved had an established moveset due to both series having more than one game under their belt. They had the models and they had the movesets to make most of them a reality.

            Fire Emblem Warriors meanwhile has nothing like that to rely on. It’s story is focused on the twins, with the intent that they will grow due to meeting and getting help from the mainline FE characters to the point that they can stand with them as equals. That kind of storytelling necessitates MCs other than the twins to stay and fight with them and further teach them what they need to be good rulers, and it means the mainline FE characters must be involved all the way to the very end, something that the story trailers have shown that they will.

            An ensemble cast wouldn’t have worked from the very beginning because having an ensemble cast would screw over the other mechanics that they’ve taken from Fire Emblem, not just the weapon triangle, but also the way they could incorporate weapon types, what mechanics they could have to make the game more interesting, what kind of story they could tell and how a dozen MCs would fit in there and where and complications within that, etc.

            And I have no reason nor want to sympathize with someone who would be so focused on one aspect of a game (in your case, the roster) that they forget that other aspects are as important as that aspect.

          • awesomeparadise3

            It’s kind of hard to play Path of Radiance when it’s super expensive to obtain legally and Thracia 776 which is only in Japanese.

          • Busterblade

            Now, I know your skull is as thick as the Chinese Wall, but I’m going to have to point this out regardless: Nintendo has had plenty of chances to make a collection of the older games, so that people could buy those again. Yet, lo and behold, they haven’t. Only Valencia has gotten the Echoes treatment so far, and it remains to be seen if that is continued.

            You know what that tells you? Nintendo THEMSELVES want to continue the new route that Awakening has set, otherwise they would’ve brought more attention and spotlight to the older games in the form of remakes/collections. People looking for the older games usually come up empty, or have to pay the equivalent of 2 new games for 1 second hand game.

            And lest you forget, they’re a business. Failing IP nearly went down, new route brought it back to being profitable again, business takes logical route in ensuring profitability, hence new route. If you can’t handle that, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to look for a different series, as no matter how much one discusses if the new characters are bad, and the older ones are great, it won’t change sht.

          • Fandangle

            Being a business that is known for poor selling passion projects using their more popular IPs as funding for them.

            Besides I already know nintendo has absolutely no respect for anything IS puts out. I’m pretty sure they’ve ruined or sabotaged every single IP they’ve put out.

          • Busterblade

            If you hate them so much, then why are you still here?

          • Fandangle

            I don’t hate them. Hate is a strong word, I prefer annoyed, I’m annoyed by them, but I understand why some people hate them. It is annoying whenever I have to defend the older games and explain to them why old fire emblem fans hate them or why older fire emblem fans are upset over the fact that the series is no longer for them but just another series ruined by popularity and waifuism. But that’s better than insult slinging at least.

          • Busterblade

            But that is your perspective, and not all the older fans share it. I’ve explained you twice now that most newer fans can’t even try the older games without forking over inordinate amounts of money for those titles.

            Sometimes, a franchise changes it’s direction to become profitable again or whatever other reason you can think of, and the changes that comes with it alienate people, that is simply the way it is. The only thing I can say, is accept it, and move on.

            I’ve had a franchise I loved a long time ago, but the way they’re treating the IP, it’s not what I want, so I’ve stopped buying and playing the latest in that franchise, and moved on. You won’t find me getting angry at people, who do enjoy the new games, on forums and such. So why do you?

          • awesomeparadise3

            Nintendo has already done 3 remakes. These things take time. And all the FE games sans Tellius and New Mystery are on VC in Japan. The only reason it’s not like that in America is because doing the whole localization process for a VC game is risky and they don’t do that often.

          • Dragonage2ftw

            Yeah, no.
            First rule of an argument?
            Burden of proof falls upon the accuser.
            And you haven the provided any evidence. At all.

            There’s no point in argueing with people who don’t have any proof. Just like I don’t have to empathize with people who aren’t making logical statements.

          • Fandangle

            I didn’t accuse anything though. I explained my logic, observations, and conclusion. Also burden of proof only apply to scientific arguments. There is nothing to prove with sociological arguments unless you want to bring in studies and I doubt anyone has done any studies on the fire emblem fan base specifically.

    • Jack0

      They do know the appeal of it, but st the same time it’s a warriors game and they want it to play like one.

      There’s plenty of reasons why FE is appealing to people. I first got into it after smash because the characters looked cool. Fact is there is no one reason for every person that like the series.

    • Tlink7

      Well this an action game, kinda hard to properly convey what makes FE great without changing the genre

    • What exactly is it that you see as ‘the appeal of real Fire Emblem’ that they’re missing or don’t know about? Promise I’m not trying to argue, I’m just curious.

      • Vigilante_blade

        I consider Fire Emblem as a series to be made up of more than three games. I also believe that while there are good thing sin both Fates and Awakening, their maps design (save for a few exceptions) and character conversations are actually quite weak.

        To me, a Fire Emblem game has political intrigue. While the story can sometimes be simplistic, it builds a world that you can easily understand and care about. When i look at the Tellius games, I can just point at where each nation is on the map without references and I understand the cultures of each of them. When I love t the worlds of Fates and Awakening, I get very little of that world-building. There is good nation and evil nation.

        To only cover Shadow Dragon, Fates and Awakening is to essentially cover Fire Emblem at its most basic, simplified form.

        • Hm…I suppose you do have a point there, and judging by the previous interview some of the staff agreed with you.

          On the other hand, though, they mentioned they’re trying to appeal to both veterans and newcomers, and I’d say those three games are a decent setup for that ideal. Hopefully, this game does well enough that they do a sequel with more of a focus on veteran players because you’re right, they do get the short stick in comparison with specifically newer games having the main focus – I mean, they themselves said they’re pretty much just putting Marth in because “a Fire Emblem without Marth is not Fire Emblem” as if half the games in the series didn’t have nothing to do with him.

          As someone who started with Awakening and only hasn’t gone to the games older than Shadow Dragon DS because I can’t get my hands on them and I don’t feel comfortable playing emulators for multiple reasons, I’m fine with this setup for the first in a series, but yeah, it’s not exactly fair to people who’ve either never played these FE games specifically or who don’t really super love them, especially if it ends up being a standalone game with no sequel. I do know about the Virtual Consoles, by the way, I just haven’t been able to put enough money aside for Blazing Sword, and I don’t get a lot of free time so my progress on Sacred Stones is fairly minimal.
          …Also, as a RoyBoy©, I can’t in good conscience go after this game without some assurance that I’ll get to play as Our Boi™ at some point or other, whether as DLC or vanilla game.

          • Vigilante_blade

            I do like your nuanced response. personally have nothing against those three games being represented, I only wish they’d been a little more inclusive in their roster. As much as some new players like to say that they “saved the series”, without us old schoolers, it wouldn’t have survived long enough for it to even matter. I think there’s a way to please everyone.

          • Supporter

            Agreed. I think it’s a bit of both. If Fire Emblem on the Game Boy Advance didn’t sell well, it probably would’ve left western regions. If Awakening didn’t sell well, apparently the series as a whole would be over. Both groups deserve recognition in my opinion. As for Warriors, I want to see the final roster + potential DLC before I say anything about representation.

          • Well, thanks – I kind of hate watching just about every discussion about just about everything quickly dissolve into an ad hominem war so I try to look at both sides of a topic when I can.
            I wish they’d give us a more inclusive roster too – it’s bugged me since I first started playing that there’s only like two playable Soldier Class Units in all of Fire Emblem, for example, and they’re in a game I can’t get my hands on so I don’t get to know whether Soldier Class Units are something I should try and push for more – but in the end, most of the time I just shrug and say it’s their game, I don’t have to buy it if I don’t like the choices they made and then it’s their loss not me being a (self-censored).
            I also do dislike the rift between older and newer players – I’ve stopped really inviting people to know what FE game I started with because they all call me one of the ‘new idiots’ or some such nonsense when really, I first liked Fire Emblem characters when I played Melee for the first time and chose Roy, a favoritism that holds to this day.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Yeah, Roy is my Melee main, and I worked on making Roy for Project M. I have a lot of love for the character.

            Being an old school fan is kinda like enjoying Melee. Some new players call you an elitist just because of your taste, then they demand that the things you love be removed so that you can’t have fun anymore.

          • Radish

            Too bad that Roy had nothing on Fox in Melee.

          • …Too soon, man. Too soon.

          • Radish

            Lol, he deserves it. xD

          • Vigilante_blade

            I blocked Radish a while back for him always stalking my account at some point and spouting nonesense about my intentions (apparently, I’m a Microsoft fanboy despite never having own a Microsoft system, and apparently), I do urge you to not take anything he says on my account seriously. (I don’t know what he said)

          • Eh, he just said Roy had nothing on Fox in Melee, which unfortunately is true.
            Also, I take just about nothing seriously, especially if it’s on the internet, so you don’t have to worry about that.

          • Busterblade

            While at the same time old school fans like Fandangle give new players reason to be annoyed “This is why the awakening hate-base is continually growing. It’s filled with nothing but waifu enthusiasts and casuals who probably couldn’t beat any game before if they tried.”

            Indirectly saying that if you don’t play the game the way he perceives it should be played, you deserve hate. And so we continue flinging mud at each-other, and never get anything concrete done.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Exactly. It goes both ways, and many people like to act like it doesn’t, which is pretty much BS.

            -but I think the older fans fail to realize their very hatred and open disdain for the new people who came in after Awakening is one of the very reasons they see them as elitist, and they then turn around and wonder why the newer players don’t like them very much. It’s like they’re utterly immune to the irony of their own attitudes.

            It takes two to tango, but it also takes one to provoke the fight, metaphorically speaking.

          • The real problem I’ve seen is that when someone says stuff like ‘filthy casual’ and the like(and I’ve had this happen a lot as an Awakening player, a Smash 4 player, and someone who plays Pokemon games for the story) someone usually retorts with a comment about idiot elitists, and everything escalates quite fast. Really, if such haters were simply completely ignored, a lot of internet arguments could be avoided, and this applies to both sides – the problem is nobody on the internet seems capable of just shrugging off insults about, say, the number of chromosomes they have as one person on here seemed to think an adequate insult for me being a smart-aleck. In all seriousness, though, what kind of an insult is that? Is that supposed to make me upset?

          • Busterblade

            In all honesty, I know that trying to hold this discussion with people, hell-bent on not wanting to see the other side is an exercise in futility.

            All I’m trying, is to try have people reach somewhat of an understanding, that “Awakening” fanbase doesn’t want these older games gone, and that most of them want the characters in FE: Warriors, but that we have no influence on the developers.

            That and most of the older games are practically unobtainable, so even if we’d want to try those out, Nintendo isn’t making that easy to do so. They could’ve made a collection, or let us know that the other games are also going to get the Echoes treatment, but they have not.

          • Really, the best way to do that I’ve seen is to just be one of the guys who can play and talk about older and newer entries just fine either way(preferably without showing too much bias but that’s even trickier), and let people see that you can play the set of games they’re wary about and still be a reasonably nice guy when they’re ready to see you that way, though if you try and force that image on them before they’re ready for it you’ll run into problems. It also helps to be open to offering help to people just starting on those games – I was really grateful to a couple guys on Serenes Forest who gave me a couple tips when I started Shadow Dragon DS, and I’ve managed to return the favor a couple times for Fates in addition to helping newer players out.

            Is this difficult? Heck yeah – I haven’t played anything older than the DS games because I can’t find them, and my cousin is the only one in our family with a WiiU so I can only play Sacred Stones on the Virtual Console when I’m at his house, meaning I haven’t got very far. My brother downloaded an emulator onto an iPod I got specifically for that kind of thing, so I got through a fair amount of Blazing Sword, but the app stopped working so I’ve been putting a bit aside for the next time I go buy games so I can get it for the Virtual Console too.

            Is this worth it, though? I’d say yes. A lot of people I know who are distinctly in one camp or the other in regards to Fire Emblem and usually avoid anything to do with the other group have no issues discussing things with me – the older guys can see that while I started with Awakening, I’m struggling my way through Shadow Dragon, I’ve made an effort to play Sacred Stones as often as I can, and I’ve stated multiple times that the only reason I’ve never played the Tellius games is I can’t find or afford the stupid things, which they understand as a lot of them had to drop upwards of $100 for their copies, and the younger players can see that while I fraternize with their supposed enemies, am desperately trying to play all the games they’re avoiding, and cheerfully refer to myself as ‘RoyBoy©’ in just about everything I do, I’m also a relatively experienced 3DS series player with easily over 100 hours and at least 12 playthroughs of Awakening with an end goal of a 100% complete Support Log, at least three playthroughs of all three paths of Fates and someone who is currently playing Echoes using only Alm, Celica, the Ram Villagers and the Cipher 4 so it’ll be more fun, and they know they can come chat with me about just about anything from those three games and I can easily keep up with them.
            Heck, I’ve had people from both sides call me the most ‘chill’ Fire Emblem player they know, and it’s literally just because I make it a point to try and look at both sides whenever someone tries to argue with me and just laugh it off when someone throws an insult at me.
            Anyways, I know it kind of sounds like I’m saying your way is wrong, and I promise that’s not what I’m trying to say at all – it’s just that when people are in a mood or mindset that won’t let them see good in both sides, trying to say anything to them can go south quickly so it’s usually better to let them vent at the world and chat with them some other time when they’re not so triggered.

          • Busterblade

            The basic fact, is that both camps can argue all they please, Nintendo, the ones who decide FE’s Fate, seems hell-bent on continuing what Awakening re-started, so in that regard, it doesn’t even matter.

            I’ve played a ton of Heroes of Might and Magic, a franchise I’ve held near and dear to me as I’ve started with 2 in that series, all the way up to 7, only to see it degrade and read that it’s held prisoner by it’s conservative fans, the developers damned if they do, because they cannot bring in more fans to expand the franchise due to it being the same all the time, yet damned if they don’t, because they will literally receive death-threats from the conservative community if they even DARE to change anything core.

            I see that conservativeness in older FE fans and it scares me.

          • Heroes?! Oh wow, that brings up a bit of nostalgia there – I used to watch my dad play Heroes 3 when I was little and I thought it was literally the coolest game in the universe, literally the only game that could top Pokemon for coolness back then. It’s kind of sad to see a fandom devolve like that, unfortunately, I agree with ya there.
            If you’re not already on there, I don’t see that too much on Serenes Forest, so that might be a place with relatively normal people if you’re looking for something like that. It might still have that, but I haven’t seen it in the areas I frequent.
            I was glad how Echoes toned stuff back relatively, though, with minimal Support function yet still decently full of character building.

          • Busterblade

            I red about Echoes’ story, and only then did I understand what Nintendo Treehouse was trying to avoid with how they localized Fates.

          • Busterblade

            In regards to Heroes, read this:

            As for FE, I can only hope the developers can find a middle-ground, though that is the hope of a fool.

          • That’s actually part of why I like Serenes Forest’s Forums – There’s less hate than general comment threads or your average forum and more objective discussion, although you do still find people who just fling insults at each other(so long as the Internet exists, that’ll never change).

  • ronin4life

    “Considering there is also a lack of axe characters, and Lissa can use an axe if she gets promoted to War Cleric,”

    Called it lolz

    • Well who did you want them to use of the games chosen?
      A bunch of irrelevant characters from Shadow Dragon that wield axes?
      Or have Basilio, Gregor, Cherche and Charlotte be playable?
      And I am sure no one would care about those.

      • ronin4life

        I wanted Lissa all along, and in fact expected her for these very reasons stated in the interview.

  • Exposer

    Me asking Intelligent Systems or Koei for my fav characters:
    -Hello i want a GBA or GC character.
    -Right, a 3DS/Shadow Dragon character
    -No, a GBA or GC character.
    -A 3DS/SD character.
    -Or GC character…
    -Or Shadow Dragon character…

    • MusubiKazesaru

      Haven they even shown Shadow Dragon characters that aren’t Marth? If he’s all they’re doing then that’s a huge waste of a slot.

      • Jack0

        You didnt even read the interview…

        • Mariselactorres


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      • ronin4life

        There will be a Tiki amiibo

      • Dragonage2ftw

        There’s Tiki, and others from SD, as confirmed by this very interview.

  • Supporter

    “I’d like you to also predict how the roster from Fates and Shadow Dragon will be like from here on!”

    Yes! Let’s hear about those Shadow Dragon characters. It’s definitely something worth seeing since that game came out before Awakening’s popularity.

    I still expect to see some characters outside of Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon. I hope Koei Tecmo proves me right. Tiki seems likely because of the amiibo and perhaps Alm, Celica, Roy, and Ike will have some connectivity as well since they have Super Smash Bros amiibo. 🙂

    • Busterblade

      Let me challenge your thinking, Supporter, with what the devs said: If it makes sense in relations.

      Before I continue, I’d love to see more diversity with older characters myself, but in the vein of relations, how would they justify putting the others in? Although the same could be said of Amiibo characters appearing in Fates, so who knows? 😛

      • Supporter

        I could see older characters being included in the story at the end or not at all. I could seeing them being additional characters you unlock. I suppose it depends on what the amiibo do in this game.

        • Busterblade

          Aye, and hopefully this “philosophy” or what I see as “restriction” doesn’t count for DLC or gets dropped at some point.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            I don’t think it’s going to count unless Nintendo says no… and I don’t think they’re going to considering what awakening was like with the Einherjar.

            I think it’s a pretty safe bet the Amiibo characters will have unlockables associated with them, but if things go anything like Hyrule Warriors, we will be seeing characters from other games. I mean… Look who we got for Hyrule Warriors.

            We got Yuga and Ravio from A Link Between Worlds. We gt Medli, Tetra, and Daphnes from Wind Waker in addition to Toon Link, we got Marin from Links Awakening. We got Young Link from Majora’s Mask, Tingle and Skull Kid as well from Majora’s Mask, and finally Toon Zelda from Spirit Tracks.

            -if they keep up their track record, we might see a whole lot more characters from other past games appear, not from the get go but as DLC, and remember, the DLC characters were data add-ons and weren’t on-disc.

    • ronin4life

      This statement basically means we will see all the royal siblings from Fates, one or two of their retainers each and Aqua.

      Shadow Dragon has Marth and Tiki, will most likely include Minerva for Wyvern inclusion and Ceada for more obvious reasons. And perhaps the red green rider duo and/or Jagen… Then either Navarre or Ogma.

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        We need Sheena man. Pink Armor ftw.

  • Tlink7

    “Awakening characters have flying poses in their Warrior Special attacks, but if you look at them from the side it will look like the boxart of the original game.”

    Awesome detail, can’t wait to play this game 😀

  • Princess_Eevee9

    I’m a bit disappointed you can’t change the Twins weapons they’re Avatars I thought that was their whole point? Still really hyped for this game, they said enjoy beating our brains with speculating and guessing? We then I’ll do it one better and over-analyze ever character interaction and hype older characters coming based off them teasing is so subtlety.

    • awesomeparadise3

      The twins are Lords not Avatars. No one ever said they were Avatars.

      • Princess_Eevee9

        I wrongly just assumed after both Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates.

        • They said they wanted an Avatar, but it would restrict what they could do with the cutscenes, so they instead decided on a Lord of each gender so players could still choose between that at least.

  • Hey, thanks for translating this!

    One quick clarification, though: “Marx” is the fan translation name. “Marks” is Xander’s Japanese name.

  • Fandangle

    No Ike, No Lyn, No Roy, No Boyd, no Soren, No Eliwood, no Hector, Not even any Gaiden characters.

    This isn’t a fire emblem game, this is horribad story that somehow made it into video game form. Either KT or Nintendo or IS or all 3 don’t know what fire emblem is anymore, I’m quickly losing interest in this.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Yo I didn’t know you owned the full version game, can I borrow your copy and play it? I could’ve sworn it was still some time away?

      • Fandangle

        They’ve already said they’re focusing on Awakening and If/Fates. I’m honestly surprised they put in Marth considering how they’ve been treating every other game in the series lately. Even with Ike topping character popularity polls for Heroes it took them ages to add him in but they managed to get 50% of the cast of awakening and If/Fates in day one and Ike came in months later.

        It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s like the developers don’t care about any other installment, and honestly after being ignored for the last 2 crossover games it’s getting pretty obvious that their priorities are “milking the most popular entries” instead of pleasing the fans, or even making a decent Fire Emblem game that doesn’t involve waifuism and self inserts. Pretty much the only reason I hope Echoes sells is just so we can stop it with all that avatar business.

        • Princess_Eevee9

          It’s like they totally didn’t state that they also were focusing on Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon too or anything. Weird. Ike will obviously be in because Super Smash Bros. Made him super freaking popular, so that’s one character. I already expect Lyndis because of the above reason and that MegaTen X Fire Emblem crossover. Also Erika and Ephraim as well as a few others from those games since you wanna cite Popularity Polls and Fire Emblem Heroes as evidencte. Man I sound like a broken record, but like where you even there for Hyrule Warriors before the launch? They only cared about shoving Ocarina of Time down our throats and yet the game had 15 characters base game and that doubled by the time the DLC for the Wii U game finished. Not even getting into Hyrule Warriors Legends and their amazing selections.

          • Fandangle

            Lyndis wasn’t in #FE. In fact in #FE they did the same thing they’re doing now and tossing in only Shadow Dragon and Awakening characters, this time with the added If/Fates characters.

            You say “These characters will DEFINITELY be in!” but I’m literally seeing no evidence and you’re actually contradicting the devs who outright said they were focusing on those 3 games. Ike will be lucky to get a supporting role if he’s even in the game at all.

            You sound like a broken record because you spout the same ridiculous hyperbole over and over.

            The fact is that Hyrule Warriors had an incredibly disappointing cast, at launch, and was semi-fixed with a later update, and later again somewhat more fully fixed with DLC. It was still incredibly disappointing that if you wanted to get the full fanservice experience for a fanservice game you had to literally pay around 80 bucks on it (Yes, I was there at launch, though the fact that you think there was “15 OoT” characters in base game makes me think that YOU were not there and you came in with Legends.)

            If you like citing Hyrule Warriors as an example here is how FEW will go if it follows that. The ONLY characters we’ll get in base game is the bad OC characters and the rest will all be characters from If/Fates, Awakening, and barely any from Shadow Dragon (I’m betting marth, and maybe, just maybe one other, thought I’d be surprised if they’d break 3 characters since they don’t seem to care about any other games besides Awakening and Fates.) The Binding/Blazing blade characters will get a DLC, The Radiant games will get a DLC, and Sacred Stones will get a DLC. You’ll need to pay an upwards of 80 bucks to get the full experience, a year and a half later they’ll announce a brand new “complete” edition for 40 bucks on 3DS that has all the DLC and it’s own added characters and DLC (Probably total out to 60) and will be a much better deal.

            This isn’t a fanservice game for Fire Emblem Fans, this is a fanservice game for the idiotic Waifu crowd that came in with Awakening and IF.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Bravo! Well put, sir!

          • Dragonage2ftw

            You’re agreeing with a known troll.

          • Vigilante_blade

            A good post is a good post, no matter who says it. And besides, “Disagreeing” and “Trolling” are not synonyms.

          • Dragonage2ftw

            Calling everyone who likes certain stuff intellectually inferior and then proceeding to say that no one cares about Cordelia and Fredrick, TWO OF THE MOST POPULAR AWAKENING CHARACTERS, BY THE BY, as well as stating that only casuals like the weapon triangle, is blatant trolling.

          • Vigilante_blade

            “idiotic waifu crowd” is the closest he got to that, and while I disagree with the wording, he isn’t actually completely wrong.

          • Dude fire emblem hipsters are the most ridiculous hipsters. They liked fire emblem before it was good. They will never stop whining about how good it is now.

          • Dragonage2ftw


          • Supporter

            “You’ll need to pay an upwards of 80 bucks to get the full experience, a year and a half later they’ll announce a brand new ‘complete’ edition for 40 bucks on 3DS that has all the DLC and it’s own added characters and DLC (Probably total out to 60) and will be a much better deal.”

            I kind of doubt that this time around since a new 3DS is coming at the same time as the Switch version.

          • Fandangle

            I don’t doubt it because the countless and endless stream of dynasty warriors, samurai warriors, and warriors of orochi games that have been released.

          • Dragonage2ftw

            1. He said that the game had 15 characters at launch. He didn’t say that there were 15 OoT characters. Learn to read, please.

            2. Sure. Awakening and Fates fans are the idiots.

            They’re the ones that say that Shadow Dragon will only have one or two reps, despite this interview saying that there’s going to be a decent number of them.

            Uh huh.


          • Fandangle

            First point is my bad. Still oot was hardly “shoved down our throats” it got two characters and a stage like everyone else. Also it had 17 characters basic. 4 less than every major or notable character I listed somewhere else in the comment section. However they had a first week patch to make the villain characters playable for some unknown reason despite them being fully game ready at launch.

            As for point two, you’re pretty deluded. The interview did reveal a lot of things. Like how chrom was the first character they added to the game, how they’re not done announcing awakening characters and how they outright admitted they’re ignoring all other entries in the fanchise. And yeah, if you’re an example of an awakening and fates fan with your cherry picking and snobbiness I’ll agree with your point about their intelligence.

            But please do keep telling me that Fredrick and Lissa and whatever other unimportant character they pull out of awakening and fates is a better addition than Ike, Roy, Hector, Micaiah, or lyndis, you know all those people who wield different types of weapons and not just a standard straight sword like 50% of the cast does now?

        • Princess_Eevee9

          Odd your comment isn’t appearing, wonder if the site realized that you reached your stupid quota of the day. Hmm is really sad when the other trolls posting on this article are getting liked yet not a single comment you have made is liked but please continue to make illogical comments on articles your ignorance is hilarious.

          Anywho you obviously can’t read Because I said the space game had 15 characters more or less and I was just a tad off before the DLC started rolling in for the game. No one could have guessed that the game what have got poured it to the 3DS so a $20 season pass for all their ridiculous amount of content we also got.

          Actually I hit the Fire Emblem series when Super Smash Bros. Melee made the franchise semi-mainstream but renewed my interest when Fire Emblem Awakening launched and saved the franchise. Also this game is coming out on the new Nintendo 3DS as well as Nintendo switch a year from now there’s not going to be some update version and this version is what we get so buying DLC for this game so we can continue to get continued content is hype but I guess you’re just too stupid to figure this out? It’s actually really sad that you can’t figure out something that’s so easy as to figure out why the developers are doing something like this and when the game comes out lo and behold everything that people are saying negatively about care of the roster it’s going to be super wrong but whatever I’m still going to enjoy and buy this a Day 1.

          • Fandangle

            I’m sorry, could you repeat that but word it in a way that’s comprehensible?

    • Dylan Anantha

      Yeah, it’s not like Fire Emblem started with Archanea or anything.

      And Gaiden isn’t exactly good. Echoes is somewhat playable, sure, but the original Gaiden is terrible even when compared to Shadow Dragon and the Sword of Light.

      • Fandangle

        I’ve never personally played it, but from what I’ve heard Echoes is fantastic. I doubt it could be worse than IF however. Nohr had a lot of appealing elements and was a great return to form even if the story was absolutely awful and the characters were all pretty bad, but Hoshido was outright trash.

        It’s next up on my list of games after I finish up Legend of Legacy so I’ll see then.

        • Dylan Anantha

          Echoes is really good writing-wise. They gave the characters a ton of personality and added in lots of interactions and worldbuilding, like PoR/ RD.

          Being a Gaiden remake means gameplay worse than Awakening plus all the of other of Gaiden’s problems.

          • Fandangle

            I’ve heard they fixed a lot of the mechanical and balance issues with it. At this point though I’m honestly just desperate for a fire emblem game that feels like a fire emblem game and not a knockoff with a bunch of dating mechanics and crutches for casuals thrown in.

          • Dylan Anantha

            Amusingly enough, it is why the game is being overrated. Echoes is worse than Awakening with gameplay and maps, but since there are no S supports, the game is getting huge praise.

          • Fandangle

            I find that hard to believe. Awakening had the most boring maps imaginable. They were 99% rout the enemy and most were just flat and pretty boring. Honestly the only major praise I can heap on awakening was all the QoL enhancements the y made to the UI and interaction. All the menus and side features were straightforward and easily acessed. I’m interested in sov mostly because it’s a classic FE game with all those QoL enhancements.

          • Dylan Anantha

            But Echoes ISN’T a classic FE. Echoes IS Awakening. There is only one kill-the-boss map and one survive map in the entire game, everything else is routing. Gaiden was the main inspiration for Awakening.

            And it has free grinding. Even Awakening and Fates didn’t have that, you had to spend in-game money for that.

          • Fandangle

            That’s a little depressing to hear. I already have it downloading On my hacked DS So I’ll see if I genuinely like it enough to buy it in the end.

    • Dragonage2ftw

      1. Popularity polls mean nothing.

      Is Greninja the most popular Pokémon, due to GameFreak’s official poll? Is Persona 5 the most popular RPG ever made because of the Famitsu poll?

      I could go on, but I think you see my point.

      2. Echoes did very poorly, sales and reception wise. Mostly because it’s gameplay is terribad.

      • Supporter

        “2. Echoes did very poorly, sales and reception wise. Mostly because it’s gameplay is terribad.”

        Echoes received positive reviews and Nintendo of America stated the game’s sales were strong at just under a million copies sold in North America I believe.

  • Annie Anemo

    Hyrule Warriors was a pretty boring game imo but since I’m a FE fan I couldn’t decide wether I should get this or not because the idea of playing as my fav characters like Ike and Hector really appealed to me, now that I see the roster is so disappointing I’m definitely skipping it, seems like a waste to only include characters from those 3 games considering characters like Ike, Hector and Ephraim are among the most popular characters in the series but we’re talking about KT and IS so I guess they’re probably saving them to release them later as overpriced DLC

    • Dragonage2ftw

      1. Popularity polls mean nothing.

      Is Greninja the most popular Pokémon ever because of the official Game Freak poll?

      Is Persona 5 the most popular RPG ever made because of the Famitsu poll?


      Then what’s your point?

      2. The gameplay of this game is very close to being like an FE game. You’re missing out.

      3. You probably wouldn’t have bought the game anyway, if or two missing characters turns you off this much.

      4. KT’s DLC isn’t overpriced. At all. And from some of their interviews, it kinda sounds like this game won’t be getting DLC.

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        They better bring DLC man…. Cause Fire Emblem is about more than just 3 games.

        • Busterblade

          True, but the fact remains that we can’t influence IS/Omega Force etc’s actions without a significant wave of responses.

      • Annie Anemo

        1. They do, they help us see which characters are more popular among the fans, it’s not a secret Ike, Hector and Lyn are some of the most popular characters in the series tho.

        2. It’s nothing like Fire Emblem, this is a hack n’ slash, FE is an strategy RPG.

        3. Like I said, I find the roster disappointing and it’s not just because of 2 missing characters, go to YouTube and you’ll find that the biggest criticism this game gets is because of its roster.

        4. K, I bet you a 1000 bucks it will.

        • Dragonage2ftw

          1. You didn’t read what I said, did you?

          2. People who have played it say that it’s pretty much just FE if FE was an action game.

          They even made Pegasus riders get killed by one or two blows.

          3. Okay? Link?

          4. Oh, boy.

          This meme again.

          • Annie Anemo

            1. I did, that’s why I replied with a conclusive argument.

            2. Well, all the people that I’ve seen on YouTube that got to play it said it plays like a Warriors game, the footage also makes it look like a Warriors game and I believe it does play like a Warriors game more than a Fire Emblem title considering it’s a hack n’ slash game while FE is an strategy rpg and I do not believe those genres are similar.

            3. You mean link to the DLC? it’s on the Wii U eShop and it’s $43 to get everything.

            4. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

    • awesomeparadise3

      Hyrule Warriors DLC had hundreds of hours worth of content for a low price. What do you mean overpriced?

      • Annie Anemo

        Getting all the DLC for the Wii U version costs more than the actual game, you get almost as many characters as the original game but no actual new maps, just adventure maps which is like buying event matches in Smash Bros.

    • Never mind that they mentioned in the last interview that they’d like to put out a sequel if this one does well which would focus on other games.
      I do agree that Nintendo does tend to overprice DLC like crap, though – might as well buy two copies of Hyrule Warriors Legends instead of buying the game and the DLC, though I do love playing Ravio.

      • Annie Anemo

        Really? then I hope the sequel has characters from both Jugdral, both Elibe and both Tellius games but I’d like to see something like a Final Fantasy Warriors or Star Wars Warriors next tbh, or that rejected Star Fox Warriors pitch, that would’ve been interesting with the arwing combat and stuff.
        And yeah :/ when they’re not overpricing DLC they’re locking basic game features like difficulty settings and sound test/music player behind amiibo.

        • I hope we get a sequel too, though I’d rather get Legend of Dragoon 2 or a third international Custom Robo game than another Warriors game…too bad both series are pretty much lost to obscurity…
          I did get why they did Amiibo the way they did, and it makes sense for some things, like the Mii outfits for Mario Kart based on the Amiibo you scan, but sometimes…my Roy is still sitting on my shelf waiting for a game I can actually use it in…

          • Annie Anemo

            Legend of Dragoon is probably the most underrated PS1 game imo, and yeah, Custom Robo is such a cool concept, they should bring it back, Sega is another company guilty of owning great IPs and never using them
            About amiibo I feel like they should add little bonuses like in MK8, but locking exclusive dungeons in FE or a exclusive mode in Metroid behind amiibo figures is wrong imo, and it’s not like the metroid figure needed for Fusion mode in Samus Returns is easy to get, it’s a rare figure that you can only buy in a double pack that’s sold out everywhere, if you want the full experience with your game you have to sleep outside a store or buy it for a much higher price from scalpers, so Nintendo is essentially punishing their fans for being Nintendo fans

      • Princess_Eevee9

        The only game I’d agree with this, would be Fire Emblem Echoes. Nintendo really the only major company that has ever at least tried to make great DLC practices.

  • Jack Red

    Would be funny if the true reason Chrom got included was due to the fans being upset that he didn’t get included as a playable fighter in Smash 4 instead of just because his model was one that they already had available. And to those of you talking about how FE; Warriors is nothing but Awakening, Fates, and Marth from Shadow Dragon. Don’t forget, Hyrule Warriors started out with just characters from Oot/SS/TP along with Original characters. There was no representation for the other games until the DLC and Legends release.

    • Vigilante_blade

      It isn’t the same. Zelda has far less characters and worlds than Fire Emblem. It should not have been handled the same way.

      • Jack Red

        I’m just saying, if not even Majora’s Mask/WW/PH/SS characters get included in Hyrule Warriors, you should not expect Koei Tecmo to suddenly have more game series representation for FE in it’s Warriors game when Zelda only had three games represented in Hyrule Warriors. It most likely comes down though to what games were the most popular out of the 3D Zelda games. So, I only see three games in the FE franchise to be added in, maybe an Echos representative since it’s the newest Fire Emblem game.

      • Princess_Eevee9

        Spoken like a person who doesn’t know the Legend of Zelda series. Yes there are multiple versions is Link and and Zelda, but to say that the series doesn’t have many characters is stupid? Hyrule Warriors proved that there are a plethora of characters minor or major that make quality additions to a Warriors game. Even if you ignore minor care almost every single Legend of Zelda game has a total of three to five interesting characters not including Link and Princess Zelda who add something to that individual game and if you take that and times it by how many games are in the franchise?

        • Vigilante_blade

          Huh…. Do you realize that the size of the Fire Emblem cast is several times larger than the whole of Zelda’s relevant characters combined?

          • Princess_Eevee9

            Yeeeep, cause I’m Knowledgeable about both franchises? Obviously Fire Emblem has more characters then Zelda could hope to achieve to, but to say the Legend of Zelda series does not it have its own Admiral group of Misfits and amazing characters? Yeah right.

          • Vigilante_blade

            I have never made that claim. Please stop putting words in my mouth. You have also proven me right.

          • Princess_Eevee9

            Just literally said there’s not many noteworthy Legend of Zelda characters and I disagreed. Unless I misinterpreted what you said then I apologize.

          • Vigilante_blade

            “Zelda has far less characters and worlds than Fire Emblem.”

            “Far less” not “not many”

            Now will you kindly stop putting words in my mouth?

          • Princess_Eevee9

            Wait wait, do you know the settings for The Legend of Zelda spans over many worlds right? I will admit I don’t know the setting for Fire Emblem that well but thought they all happen in basically the same universe. But for Legend of Zelda there’s a reason why the Timeline stands to prove there’s a lot there.

          • Vigilante_blade

            I am well aware. However, a game like Radiant Dawn has over 100 story-relevant characters, 73 of them being playable. Zelda games have far fewer characters to choose from.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Declaring victory where there is none again I see.

  • MagcargoMan

    Of course Chrom was the first character created for Awakening Warriors.

  • Addy

    99.9% of the comments here in a nutshell.