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Monolith Soft on Xenoblade X western changes, Nintendo Europe handling Xenoblade 2, Nintendo’s localization process

Posted on June 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

Kotaku has a very interesting article up covering the localization of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Nintendo’s localizations in general. The site spoke with Monolith Soft CEO Tetsuya Takahashi, Nintendo’s Genki Yokota, and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.

Takahashi himself commented on the changes that were made for Xenoblade Chronicles X in the west, like removing a bikini for one of the characters (Lin). We also have confirmation that Nintendo of Europe is handling Xenoblade Chronicles 2 like the original Wii game instead of Nintendo of America. There’s talk here about Nintendo’s localization process as well.

Find comments from Kotaku’s article below. You can read the full thing here.

Takahashi on changes made to Xenoblade Chronicles X in the west…

“In terms of Xenoblade Chronicles X, there’s been a few different changes that were made to the game, but my personality is such that I’m not a stickler for products that I’ve already made, so I don’t really mind what the final product turns out to be in that sense. I really didn’t mind much at all, actually.”

“As a developer, I do feel like it’d be ideal to be able to adjust the content so that it’s culturally acceptable, whether it’s in the US or in the EU. For example, there was a discussion about the breast slider. Jokingly, I said, ‘Well would it help if we had a crotch slider for the male?’ Obviously it was a joke, but they responded obviously it’s not gonna work out. I do realize there’s a cultural difference between what Japanese people think and what the rest of the world thinks.”

On whether he feels like he’s being censored as a developer and if he’s okay with that…

“I think what’s important is that we make sure that the end user who actually plays the game doesn’t have a bad experience. If that change is going to help alleviate that, then I think we should definitely make it.”

– Nintendo of America localized Xenoblade Chronicles X
– Nintendo of Europe localizing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, like the original
– Director Genki Yokota, who works for Nintendo’s Japanese division (NCL), says all three companies are communicating about localization decisions that may prove to be controversial

“When we have costumes or clothes that we have a little concern with, we share it with NoE and NoA and they’ll say, ‘No, no, that’s fine’ or ‘You’re right, that’s an issue.’ If it is an issue, we’ll go back and say we’ll say, ‘We adjusted it this way, what do you think?’ There’s a lot of back and forth in that sense. Rather than compromise, it’s like we’re all aiming for the same goal, of being able to provide a good experience for everybody in all regions. And we’re aiming to have a game that has very little difference between the regions.” – Yokota

“The creators are always involved in anything that happens in the localization process. In terms of what gets localized, there’s a simple collection of words that we use to define how we think about this: It’s ‘cultural relevance’ and ‘understanding of the ratings and ratings implications.’

– As an example, that a character’s age might be changed to avoid an M rating in a game
– A more severe rating could make the game harder for Nintendo to sell, “which clearly is not in the best interest of the developers or the business for that to happen”
– Nintendo of America’s Treehouse localizers travel to Japan about “every two months” to work with Japanese developers whose work is being brought to America

“It’s during those meetings that they discuss the localization process, what’s being evaluated. I am extremely comfortable with the process. And again if you look at our executives that are involved, Nate Bihldorff and members of this team, they have deep relationships with the developers and everything is being done with the best intentions of the content showing itself the best way it can.” – Reggie

– Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming out at the same time around the world
– This allows the devs to talk about potential localization issues as they make the game rather than having to deal with them post-release

“We’re really building [the game] as we’re in discussion. Whereas for the past title, the Japanese version had already been pretty much close to completion when this [localization] discussion started.” – Yokota

“For past titles, because the Japanese version was done, our challenge was then to figure out what it is we need to do to make sure this game is made available in overseas, as well as, we’re able to sell this product. In that sense, I was open to making any changes that were necessary to make sure everybody can enjoy this game.” – Yokota

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  • R.Z.

    I’m pretty sure Takahashi must have though the interviewers were crazy when they asked him whether He felt like he was censored.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      Lol, probably. They hired him for a job, he got his money, and what he worked on remained mostly intact. He doesn’t really have much reason to feel censored

    • Connor The Dreamer

      I bet the first thing that popped into his head was “wait what this was my game anyway so that can’t even happen”

    • Funtime Happysnacks

      Because Japanese are extremely polite. They are simply told “This is unacceptable in the West,” and because they have zero frame of reference, they take that as ‘just how it is’.

      • TheGoomba

        Which is absolutely terrible. It’s NOA taking advantage of the Japanese having no knowledge of the west and not caring to learn because it’s all money anyway.

    • Exy

      More importantly, it shows that everyone at Nintendo can very easily brush off the biggest criticisms from these people and trivialize it as confusing rather than anything to take seriously. It makes you wonder why they continue to bother.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    I know Nintendo is a business and that our ratings system is different. But I don’t know how it is so hard for them to understand, we buy Japanese games because we like Japan! I don’t buy JRPGs for some overly-sensitive Treehouse hipster’s interpretation of Japanese content, watered down or sterilized for Western consumption. I just want the same damn game Japan gets to play, translated into English!

    • NeptuniasBeard

      It’s not that they don’t understand, it’s that they can’t feed their families with sentiment. Different markets have different standards. That’s literally business 101. They’re not making games for you or me, they are making it for the Western market

      • Funtime Happysnacks

        Nobody’s decision to buy the game would have hinged on whether the game removed a “problematic” breast slider. That’s Treehouse and NoA speaking on behalf of customers they clearly don’t understand at all, saying these things are an issue.

        If there had been no mention of it as a controversy, the game would’ve come out and everyone would have been perfectly happy. In fact I bet without all the worthless irritating controversy they themselves drummed up by censoring the game, they would have sold MORE copies.

        • NeptuniasBeard

          But aren’t you doing the same thing? The market is more, MUCH more than people you see online. You’re speaking from a purely biased perspective while NoA is made of multiple individuals who actually aren’t personally invested one way or the other, despite how much the internet claims otherwise. Reggie doesn’t care about the breast slider, he cares whether the breast slider will put people off to the game. And whatever decision they came to, they likely used much more resources than either of us can come up with using google.

          And I’m pretty sure the controversy itself actually gave them sales. It gave the game far more exposure online. Basically free advertisements

          • Symbol de Au

            You say it gave them more exposure online, but you also say what you see online doesn’t account for the market. When 90% of people online say they would have preferred the breast slider I doubt it’s a mistake to think people would have preferred the breast slider have remained. It’s been in other games from huge companies. EA, Capcom, etc. and they also have a bunch of resources. I’m not saying Nintendo’s wrong though.(especially since I think they make more money.) What I’m saying is Nintendo has a different image it wants to maintain. What I’m saying is the notion that Nintendo wants to keep a squeaky clean family friendly image is absolutely correct.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            The two aren’t mutually exclusive. You can only get MORE exposure after all

            And there are probably folks that do care enough about the breast slider to have not picked up the game. But in general, people’s reaction to “censorship” is usually sheer indifference. Of course that could theoretically be argued the other way, but we know that’s not the case in practice lol

            But yeah, Nintendo as a whole will likely worry about their image above all else. I’m just making a distinction between the people that work for Nintendo and the people themselves.

            Reggie the COO is that guy everyone loves to hate. He has to be if he wants to keep his job. But people either can’t tell the difference or don’t care. Which I think is pretty messed up

          • Funtime Happysnacks

            Reggie is a Yes Man. He doesn’t know anything or make any big decisions that I can see. He’s just the friendly face of the company in the west.

          • Burning Gravity

            thank goodness someone actually gets it and isn’t trying to be an arm-chair marketing specialist, lol

          • TheGoomba

            The people that complain about the breast slider aren’t the kind of people that would buy the game regardless. I 100% guarantee you, guarantee you that NONE of the people who complained about it bought the game after learning it was edited. I guarantee this.

          • NeptuniasBeard


        • R.Z.

          Having the game at a higher rating because of similar ultimately unimportant details would have definitely hurt the sales though.

          • Funtime Happysnacks

            The rating was not raised or lowered as a result of the changes. And besides the removal and alterations of content, anyone could tell you the actual script of XCX was just butchered. Entire monologues from teammates were ‘localized’ into easily digestible sound bites or quips, basic eloquent lines of dialogue were ‘localized’ into lobotomy tier simplistic phrases. 8-4 and Treehouse think their fanbase are tumblr babies who want everything sanitized and watered down to ‘our level’.

          • Symbol de Au

            I think the Fundoshi(I think that’s what it was called) might have affected the rating if left intact. Everything else probably had no effect, but I wouldn’t know for sure.

          • Funtime Happysnacks

            Possibly? They also censored any revealing outfits like the Fundoshi from Fire Emblem 3DS games if I recall.

          • R.Z.

            Lin’s bikini would have been enough to ban the game in several territories.
            As for the slider I agree it was useless, aside from that I don’t know of any really meaningful changes in dialogs and the name swapping barely affects anything.
            I too wish the writing was better but honestly the “bad” changes are a drop of water in the ocean that is XCX.

          • Kaine Morrison

            The Bikini and Slider could have been free DLC. If you want it, download it.
            If you don’t, don’t!

          • TheGoomba

            This! This here! Make it optional but give it to those who WANT it!

          • MusubiKazesaru

            Look no further than the meaning of of Blade. They literally changed the name of the organization that’s central to the game from Beyond the Logos Artificial Destiny Emancipator to Builders After the Destruction of Earth. Why water something down that much, do they think that the English name that the Japanese got was too complex for us who speak English?

          • Lindsey Stewart

            I thought it was Builders Left After the Destruction of Earth
            Beyond the Logos Artificial Destiny Emancipator sounds like a sort of Metal Gear Titan.
            plus it makes people think that Square Enix made this game because that abrieviation sounds as convoluted as “Fabula Nova Christalis”

          • MusubiKazesaru

            My bad if I’m remembering the English name wrong, but they just mean completely different things and one fits with themes of the Xeno-games and denotes higher level ideas while the English name is pretty generic.

          • Probably because the original acronym makes absolutely no sense except on a meta level. I didn’t particularly like how the localization got rid of most of the Engrish terminology simply because that’s so much part and parcel with the giant robot space opera anime feel the game is clearly going for, but let’s not pretend it’s some big mystery why that was done.

      • Fandangle

        The problem is a majority of the content they change isn’t immediately apparent, barely shows up in promotional material, and would literally only be “controversial” if someone made a stink about it, and for a niche game like this, no one usually ever does.Even if it did come out with an M rating (Which I highly doubt it would, all signs point to NoA just being unnecessarily strict) I’m betting it would help their sales because they’ve barely done anything to support M rated games before, and having a diversity of games on a console is a great things, means more markets you appeal to.

        • I doubt it’s specifically about ratings so much as brand image. Nintendo doesn’t want their products to be associated with creepy otaku (which makes creepy otaku, a highly vocal minority of their consumer base, real mad). Japanese audiences tend to be more desensitized to this stuff, not because it doesn’t carry a negative stigma, but simply because it’s more pervasive in their media already.

          • Fandangle

            No, it’s specifically about ratings. It’s literally the only thing they’ve been pointing to in the last few years.

            Nintendo doesn’t want their products to be associated with creepy otaku (which makes creepy otaku, a highly vocal minority of their consumer base, real mad).


      • darkgamer001

        Yes, but you’re implying that families in mass will boycott Nintendo because of a boob slider or an underdressed fictional 13 year old.

        No offense guys, but get real…
        If anything I’d love to see some market research on this. Because at the moment, what we do know for sure is that quite a few Treehouse staff simply LOVE to get rid of this “problematic” content, judging by their past public comments.

        On the flipside, we’ve had titles like DOA receive quite a boost because of consumers buying it to stick it to the so-called “SJWs”. Makes you think….

    • Burning Gravity

      I dislike Japan but like good Japanese RPGs and good games in general, so speak for yourself, a lot of people like localization changes and don’t want the same game Japan gets to play. If you like Japan so much, you should consider learning Japanese rather than expecting others to change for you and suit your personal tastes.

      • TheGoomba

        You dislike Japan? Like, as a whole? What did the country do to you personally?

      • Funtime Happysnacks

        Are you trying to act like you aren’t selfish for hating Japan but wanting their content modified to your anti-Japanese tastes? Why the hell would you play their games in the first place?

    • ronin4life

      look up the BBCs Stacey Dooley. They don’t just want stuff from Japan steralized, they act this way because they see Japan as wholly morally wrong and want to change *Japan*.

  • Connor The Dreamer

    AKA: “No, the hate groups are insane and overreacted from the beginning, as we didn’t need to be “defended”, we just wanted people to have fun.”

    Depressing that this needed to be said but considering how toxic said hate groups were last year (though mostly for FE Fates but XBX got a bit of it as well) hopefully this shuts them up once and for all. Did people seriously think the JPN dev team was having these changes done without consent?

    • Yggdr5

      This comment is everything that is wrong with gaming culture today. First of all, if people don’t approve of the modifications this doesn’t make them “hate groups”. Not everybody who has a different opinion or point of view is a Nazi, alt-right member, white supremacist or literally Hitler. Surprising, I know!

      And for the JP devs, what else are they going to say? “No, I’m really not ok with the decision my employer made because I think it takes away from my artistic vision”. I’ll wait for that answer to happen and of all things get approved by Nintendo PR who meticulously approve of everything that gets out to the press.

      Also, if changes get made that are obviously not necessary for either cultural or rating reasons why should we as the paying customers not be able to complain? My favorite example is the Fatal Frame game for Wii which had costumes removed in NA and also in the EU, despite being PEGI 18 and USK 18, these ratings allowing the removed content and also because of the ratings was by law only purchasable by adults.

      • Burning Gravity

        They’re called “hate groups” as they throw temper tantrums over things, even going so far as to attack people. Maybe if most people shared their negative opinions on localization changes like civilized, mature human beings then they wouldn’t have all the negative stigmas they do.

        • Connor The Dreamer

          ^^^ 100% This. I spoke with my wallet when some dumb changes were made in games I planned to buy on sale/later on (I didn’t buy XC3D due to no JPN/American English VA, and I didn’t buy that Yu-Gi-Oh 3DS game due to the stupid decision to axe most of the story mode content), but I never ever went anywhere close to the extent that a lot of people did during the whole XCX/FE Fates situations, which consisted of pretty much a ton of comment sections being filled with snarky people directly sending death threats, hatred and etc towards anyone involved with the localization on those games instead of doing things in a more peaceful and organized manner.

          Heck, as someone who knows a bit of Japanese myself, I personally noticed a small situation in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon that was toned down for cultural reasons, (Changing the name of a Dungeon from “Hell Badlands” to the lame “Abyssal Badlands”) which kinda made me bummed at first since the replacement wasn’t as serious as the original, but I didn’t cry censorship at it either, because it was pretty much a “Well DUH they’d have to change that” situation due to the nature of localization. (Hell is a bad word in the west and would raise eyebrows if left in a Pokemon game) All things considered, that game had a very literal translation in most other places, which I enjoyed since it was done in a way that didn’t make things stale or boring, so it didn’t really ruin my enjoyment of the game outside of making me go “Oh darn” at that one point.

          Looking back now, I betcha if I made a big fit about the change in PSMD and shared it in the circles where these hate groups thrived (Because yes, not everyone who hates the changes is a hate group member but that doesn’t mean the hate group that popped up around the time FE Fates launched didn’t exist and harass lots of people who disagreed/worked on the time) I could have had a gigantic legion of followers demanding that the word “Hell” be less sensitive to those in the west and for things to be 100% in Katakana/Japanese for the “original vision.”

          TLDR, Companies/individuals aren’t meant to be your buddy buddy. Nobody needs to fight for their sake if their game gets altered, as chances are they approved of it and it’s the end of story, and if a change was really that bad, we’d see these devs acting like Miyazaki did when Princess Mononoke was going to get toned dow by Disney, since creators rightfully have the right to be defensive and aggressive about their creations. They just don’t need others to do that for them.

          • Fandangle

            You seem to think that video game creators can afford to have as much of a backbone compared to miyazaki who founded and ran his own animation studio and didn’t have to answer to sales obsessed businessmen who don’t care about artistic integrity and would rather you make a generic trash heap that looks nice because that is a guaranteed seller.

            There is a reason you only see developers like Kamiya complain about censorship, it’s because they’re devs who practically run their company, or are high enough in it to not care. It’s usually because they’re just one of many and if they talk ill of a decision their company made then their working conditions could get significantly worse.

    • Symbol de Au

      You know, they obviously consent, but they also don’t usually like it. The guy who made Tokyo Mirage Sessions said on twitter that he was upset about having to change it but still wanted people to play it, and Sakurai did a column in famitsu complaining that the rating board is too strict when he had to censor Palutena in Japan.

      Even Takahashi here didn’t want to censor it, he just didn’t care.

  • Vigilante_blade

    I just don’t see the issue with a breast slider. Americans, stop beng so pruddish, geez.

    • Exy

      It only raises the question of why it was included in the first place. Nobody would have been upset if it was never implemented in any version.

    • Burning Gravity

      Right back at you. Internet people, stop trying to force other people to think how you do.

      • Vigilante_blade

        I do like how your username fits your avatar. Burnign for Roy’s fire, and gravity for how fast he falls in Melee, XD.

        But yeah, I think it’s time we stop viewing the human body as somehow icky.

        • JasonBall

          Ickiness has nothing to do with it. Quite the opposite.

      • Florenceekleiman

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    • Tlink7

      I think there is a fair difference between prudish and creepy. People with ridiculous anime proportions don’t exist
      But I agree the changes are stupid. Let the game be in all its weird glory. That’s NoA for you though 😛

      • Symbol de Au
        • Tlink7

          The saggiest things in the world. Try again 😛

          • Peace Boy

            What’s the problem? You said they don’t exist, and that link proved otherwise.

          • Symbol de Au

            He’s being really vague about what he meant by anime proportions so that he can’t be proven wrong.

          • Tlink7

            Giant, yet still somehow perky boobs. What other kind of giant mammaries exist in animoo? xD

          • Symbol de Au

            In that case search up big perky boobs.*snicker* I just want you to realize what the real world has to offer.

          • Tlink7

            Nobody has boobs like Camilla from FE for example, damnit 😀 and you using the world ”real” there is very very very ironic :3

          • Symbol de Au

            That was intentional.

          • Tlink7

            I’m proud of you *sniff* as your reward, I bestow upon you all the animoo womyn on the internet

          • Peace Boy

            Actually, you can find real big ones like that in those ads online.

          • Tlink7

            I was obviously talking about breasts in games like these. Those are never saggy :3

          • Peace Boy

            You mean the type in Xenoblade and other games? But those are pretty common. I’ve even seen teenagers with those sizes which is ridiculous. I’m not joking.
            The same goes for sizes seen in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Camilla from FE Fates.

            Also, as for an anime that has saggy ones, look up Eiken. 😛

            Edit: Might’ve read your comment wrong, but my first point is still valid.

          • Tlink7

            I’m not sure if I want to look it up ;-;
            Teenagers with glands like Camilla? I’m gonna need proof of that xD ….which can be taken in sooo many ways… BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

            *ahem* either way, I would enjoy it if we had some more realistic-looking ladies in these games.. just… ONCE… pls Gaben

          • Peace Boy

            Proof? You can find them all over the internet.
            Anyway, there are realistic ones in these games.

      • I wonder how many people cool with a breast slider would also be okay with a d*ckslider. Saints Row 3 did that, right? Funny because a lot of people (more guys) got real pissed at that.

        • Tlink7

          Yeah exactly <.< I've always said ''if the fanservice is equal, I don't care'', because it almost never is. All the people who threaten to pour acid down the throats of NoA employees who remove things like breast sliders would not even bat an eyelid if a schlongslider was removed. Hypocricy at its finest… not to mention it showcases that the only reason they care is sexual desire. That has no place in non-erotic video games

          • RoadyMike

            If the breast slider had any affect on the character’s stats or combat ability, then I’d be mad. But that wasn’t the case.

            This is why I never understood the outrage over the removal of the petting game in Fates when the point of it was to improve the relationship between characters, which the effect was left intact.

            I’m more of a practical person. If removing something really doesn’t affect the end result, I could care less about its absence. If it was something more on the “fanservice” side of things, by all means get rid of it. There’s plenty of that on the internet alone for several lifetimes

          • Fore

            Why wouldn’t people get the right to run around with a unrealistically large dong? I think it’s actually quite funny the way Saints Row did it, but it’s moments like these that I wonder if I am actually from a different planet 😛

          • Tlink7

            I dunno, equality dictates sliders for everyone! 😛
            Moments like these? What do you mean exactly?

          • Fore

            Well, I certainly don’t belong to those people who flip their switch because of something like this. It’s a /shrug situation, I suppose. But pay it no mind.

          • Tlink7

            I think equality is extremely important, so this sort of thing makes me mad.
            I also feel insulted when devs throw boobs at me; I’m not a honry 12-year-old, I want a good story and engaging characters

          • Yup. And how extreme they get in their anger and indignation is so ridiculous. It’s really as simple as that. But hey, they feel entitled to it, and enough creators pander enough to convince them that they should be entitled. :/ (Then it bites creators and publishers in the butt later, but hey, on them!)

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Ah, so it is being done entirely in Europe. That would explain the accents.

    Interesting interview, confirmed a lot of the things I’ve been saying whenever people argued that “censorship” was “insulting to the creator’s vision” or whatever such dribble.

    Ignoring the obvious fact that throwing fanservice into a game is about as creatively bankrupt as you can get, at the end of the day these are just men and women doing their jobs. And they understand and accept that the companies they work for can do whatever they please for the products they funded in the pursuit of making a profit.

    • Symbol de Au

      I agree with everything except the part about fanservice.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Not saying it’s wrong to LIKE fanservice. I like fanservice.

        But it’s still pretty much something any hack can pull off and takes literally no creativity. Heck, it almost never even adds anything to the overall product. It’s almost always superfluous. That’s what it means to be creatively bankrupt

        • Symbol de Au

          Nah, you just don’t understand how to rate it. Fanservice by itself isn’t creative, but neither is anything else. The finishers in Senran Kagura are creative. Showing the stripes of panties in the reflection of an eyeball is creative(Yumekui Merry). There’s a line that makes some fanservice creative and others not. It’s also ridiculous to say it’s the least creative thing. It’s often uncreative, but it’s only at the bottom of the barrel when it’s plain white panties being shown without a clever cause.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            “but neither is anything else”

            That’s a rather rash generalization. And I’ll definitely have to disagree on that. While it’s true that there are very few original ideas left, there are infinite ways to play with the tropes that have been given to us.

            Fanservice though… not really. There are better or worst ways to display fanservice sure, but the main issue here is again, how little it actually adds to the product.
            Even the most stereotypical shonen protagonist is still an active influence in their stories.

            There are probably exceptions out there, but even in Senran Kagura, the fanservice is completely divorced from the story and characters, and has little to do with the gameplay. Take away the fanservice and all you’re left with is a poor man’s Dynasty Warriors. But with the fanservice it’s… a poor man’s Dynasty Warriors with fanservice. And yes, I own every Senran Kagura title.

            There is nothing wrong with liking these games, but a true fan can acknowledge it’s flaws. I like the story, some of the characters, and the boobs. The gameplay itself, in its base elements, is serviceable at best.

            And to reiterate; I’ve got nothing against fanservice actually being in games. I’m a human with hormones after all. But they are not necessary in products that are already good, and it’s removal or “censorship” when it takes things too far (like sexualizing children) isn’t really a hill worth dying on (unless you’re an open perv, in which case you know… go for it)

          • Symbol de Au

            Saying it adds nothing is objectively wrong because a lot of people like it. It’s your subjective opinion that some it doesn’t add anything(even though you like it so it’s ridiculous for you to say that) but it’s objective that it adds something for a lot of people. Games are about enjoyment. Pretending like story and gameplay are the only things that affect quality of experience is far worse to me than trying to act like censoring content is about morals.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            You can like something and not have it add anything. I said this like 50 times already. I’m saying that fan service is not relevant to ANYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME. Which is objectively true virtually every time. Whether or not you like it is its own thing. Obviously it literally takes up active space in the game, but that is not what I’m talking about. I’m saying it is superfluous. Do you know what that means? It means You can take it out and it won’t effect anything else. Not the gameplay, the plot, or the characters.

            Again it literally has NOTHING to do with whether or not you like fan service. Your personal feelings could not be less relevant here. You could be best buds with a convicted felon. That doesn’t make their crime disappear. You can dislike a certain food, that doesn’t alter its taste. And you can love fan service. That doesn’t change the fact that is the laziest creative gimmick for anything. Anybody can do fan service, literally anyone. And it’s almost impossible to screw up. It’s not at all difficult. It is a marketing crutch, nothing more. You wouldn’t say that someone that can do basic arithmetic or know that people typically die when killed is some kind of genius. And I wouldn’t call someone who can draw a boob creative.

            And one more time: this has nothing to do with whether or not you like fan service. Just because something takes zero effort, does not mean it can’t be liked

          • Symbol de Au

            “but the main issue here is again, how little it actually adds to the product.”

            To be honest I didn’t read your whole post before responding because I thought your point was nonexistent, and I still do.(Which is why I’m not bothering to write long posts like you are) I was really only responding to the above quote. Also superfluous means unnecessary, not “You can take it out and it won’t affect anything else.” there’s a huge difference in nuance, and it also means you’re wrong. Obviously fanservice is important to the Senran Kagura series, and obviously it’s important to a lot of people. The false argument that it doesn’t affect anything else doesn’t actually matter in the first place. I’ll just leave it at that since what you’re saying and trying to argue is entirely meaningless anyway. Especially when you were talking about businesses trying to make a profit. This is also off-topic. You completely changed the subject from what we were originally talking about. I already made examples of how fanservice can be as creative as anything else. Honestly, the costumes in the games are probably more creative than 90% of the cliched story that Xenoblade 1 had.

      • Tlink7

        Why? Fanservice is putting (usually female) exciting body parts in the spotlight in order to please the player by appealing to sexual desires. It is about as creatively bankrupt as you can get, because it has nothing to do with the story, the characters, the art style or even the game. Fanservice is liked simply because it’s lewd. And that’s why I hate it; it does nothing but distract. Feel free to enjoy it, but don’t pretend it is anything other than stimulating your inner caveman 😛

        • Symbol de Au

          I’m not pretending. I could write an essay. To say it has nothing to do with the story is debatable. To say it has nothing to do with the characters, the art style, or the game is just false. If you’re going to simplify it like that Gameplay is liked because it’s fun. Feel free to enjoy it, but you’re just pretending you’re doing cool stuff you can’t actually do in real life.

          • Tlink7

            Gameplay is liked because a team of people worked together to create something that works. They think of an idea and execute it in the right way. Fanservice is completely different, it is just ”slap some tiddies in there because certain people willl buy and like that” it requires zero thought, requires much less effort and is not very original

        • Fandangle

          I’d say making outright propaganda or maybe “money making projects” like most AAA games is as creatively bankrupt as you can get.

          • Tlink7

            I’d rank those up pretty high as well, yes xD ”morally bankrupt as you can get” was more of a hyperbole, rather than my actual opinion

  • Samma

    Correction: not “what is culturally acceptable”, but “what Nintendo deems culturally acceptable.”

    Apart from that: I am overjoyed that at last someone at Nintendo is allowed to talk about localisation at all, and consumers can finally engage in discussion directly.

    • ronin4life

      Not just that, but also what nintendo deems the ESA deems as acceptable. The ESA being a coopted political lobbying board bigger than the NRA that now wants to effect games for political reasons

  • Symbol de Au

    They’re right to try and make the product more acceptable for the west but I think they failed. There were very few people happy that they removed the breast slider. Censoring Lynn was probably smart, but personally it ended with me being less satisfied so I didn’t buy the game. I don’t care to pretend it was about morals though. I’m just a perv.

    • Samma

      I’ll be honest, I didn’t care for Lyn personally, I did for the breast slider. I did still buy X.

      I also bought TMS#FE, but only in the knowledge a legal hack patch was available, because I personally thought Nintendo went overboard with the prudeness seasoning on that game.

      And because Atlus doesn’t localise a game in the way of TMS#FE, so Nintendo lied when they said “it’s all Atlus.”

    • Kaine Morrison

      Except they aged up Lin.
      So now they have an older character who was only censored because of her age.
      So them censoring her was a non issue. It didn’t need to be done.

      • Symbol de Au

        They didn’t change her age. That was misinformation.

  • KnightWonder

    A misconception about Xenoblade X’s localization, it was 8-4, an independent localization company that ended up doing it.

  • Bart

    Man, she looks good in that, I’m sorry I missed out on that…

    Well it’s good news to hear NOE is handling this, they certainly did a good job with the first one. But then I guess no dual audio is already confirmed so they’re already not doing as good a job…

    Whatever, I guess I’ll just have to try and ignore it and just enjoy the game for what it is when it comes out, worry about maybe buying the japanese version later…

  • Aline Piroutek

    Give us the full game, the world is globalized.
    If people piss on the content, bring on a optional DLC for those.

  • GoldenTriforce

    Global launch is a very very big deal

  • Addy

    Xenoblade X… That game I had issues with a few months prior to release and shortly after, I won’t go into details about this.

    • Burning Gravity

      good, since basically no one cares about people’s petty individual issues over a video game

      • doodbropls

        i like how you have an issue where you can’t play overly japanese games yet still play jrpgs. No one cares about your issues either

        • darkgamer001

          I mean, it’s basically hypocrisy at its best if you ask me.

  • Kenshin0011

    This is amazing news! I’m so glad this game is being treated the way us fans all hoped it would!

  • Petri

    Please, don’t care what some special snowflake’s over here might think about your product, just release it as you want to see it.

  • Kaine Morrison

    I still don’t see the point of censoring Lin.
    You go ANYWHERE in the US and there are kids much younger than her wearing skimpier clothing in the summer!
    Even more so at a beach or public pool!

    • Symbol de Au

      …Are you talking about babies? I mean yeah some of them go around in just a diaper but…

      • Kaine Morrison

        No. Not babies. Young to middle teens

        • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ᔦꙬᔨ

          Lin is 13 so “much younger than her” would be 12 and under.

    • R.Z.

      Really ?
      Where I live that kind of outfit isn’t sold outside of XXX-shops.

  • nekoknight

    Sounds to me like the fans are far more upset about censorship than the actual developers. As for me personally, I like how they take cultural sensitivities into account.

  • chris123sm

    I am tired of NOA censoring games because they think some parts of them are ”too controversial” or whatever for the west. I’m 20 years old, I don’t need Nintendo to decide what’s appropriate and not about the game for me. And it’s up to the parents whether they think a game or any form of entertainment is appropriate for their children, not Nintendo.

  • Tlink7

    NoA should just let games release the way they are. Change some ages and done. People who actually get offended over things like breast sliders aren’t going to buy an animoo a$$ game like this one anyway

    • R.Z.

      Just a personnal opinion but I’d rather have some fanservice removed than ages changed, even though the former is much easier to do.
      Ages are meaningful elements in the story, fanservice is just an incentive for people to try playing single handed.

      • Tlink7

        Well if I had any power over these games, I’d remove all fanservice as well. That is simply not possible, however xD

      • Fandangle

        I’d rather have neither because changing either of them is dumb and unnecessary. Compromising wont make the problem go away.

  • Fandangle

    Sounds like he’s talking from a script to downplay “Censorblade Chronicles 2: Electric Boogaloo”. As long as XC2 is fine I’m fine, but XCX definitely sold worse because the censorship. I don’t know a single person who bought the original who also bought that game. The niche community utterly lambasted it for all the ridiculous stuff they changed, and not only that but the absolutely poor quality translation in general, not just the changes.

    Who cares if the game would’ve gotten an M rating, which It wouldn’t, the ESRB doesn’t prescreen games, at most development companies can hire an ESRB worker to give them an opinion but not an official rating which might not even be accurate because it entirely depends on the person reviewing the info FOR the ESRB. I’ve seen worse things get through with an E10 rating. NoA was just playing moral guardian and this sounds like Nintendo of Japan trying to quell the controversy.

    I hate how companies think they have to baby us. I also hate how ridiculously conservative these companies are. I mean, what excuse can you have that justifies changing content like this besides hurting someone’s feefees?

    • GoldenTriforce

      You and those people are some of the only people who actually cared that much to not get X. Almost every single person who had a Wii U and played XBC bought X, and again, Takahashi isn’t talking from a script. Its his project, he wants it to sell and so these “censorships” (which isn’t actual censorshp by the way) were all by his decision. He is the creator, not you, its his choice, its his project, its his design. It wouldn’t be censorship either way, but the project is the way he intended, so it doesn’t even fit the other definition either. Also if VGchartz is to believe (it likely is not but lets go with it since its the only numbers we have), X barely sold worse than the original at retail, but that was likely due to a much lower install base, and also the fact that the game sold a lot of digital copies since it had much shorter load times when dowloaded, so its very likely that it actually outsold the original.

      • Fandangle

        . Almost every single person who had a Wii U and played XBC bought X, and again

        I was about to say “I didn’t” but I bought and played the japanese version of the game. But the sales don’t reflect that.

        I can’t find solid sales statistics because as usual VGCharts is the only thing google gives me, but according to it XCX actively sold LESS than the original, and that’s not even including the 3DS remake. The region where the sales are significantly less are in the US where it sold 0.03 million less.

        These sales are important because the original had an incredibly limited release and a lesser budget, while XCX was made with a worldwide audience in mind, a high budget, and an upped production The fact of the matter is XCX is a more expensive game and they put more marketing into it, and they didn’t release it with just ONE retailer, and it sold less than the original. I’ve heard of more people who bought it because “MECHS!” than people who bought it because they actually played any Xeno game before.

        Takahashi isn’t talking from a script.

        I’ve read his interviews before. He’s very scattered in this one like he’s trying to get something out but not able to say what he genuinely wants. It also could just be the interview format.

        which isn’t actual censorshp by the way

        It is.Creators can be forced to change things. What makes this censorship is that Nintendo (A higher authority) dictating what Takahashi (a creator) can and cannot put in his game on the basis of avoiding offensive content. That is literally textbook censorship.

        • GoldenTriforce

          Nintendo is the entity producing the project. No external entity is telling them to change it, which is my logic there, though that is up to interpretation, of the definition and who is being censored. VGchartz is the closest we can get to sales. North American sales are nearly one to one RETAIL. The game sold a lot digitally, again, because a lot of people didn’t want to deal with the massive load times from retail, and remember, even though XBC is a niche series, install base still has an effect. XBC sold worse on new 3DS than Wii, it has to be assume that if X was on a platform with Wii level sales, it would have had some form of a sales increase. We have no solid source on the originals sales as NPD will not track retail exclusive games, and since X sold most in December 2015, we only have those sales to go off of, so there is no form of official sales to go off of. Xenoblade, even as a retail exclusive, sold very well because of its initial constraints creating attention, project rainfall, and more recent popularity due to Smash. These all led to increased attention, and in turn many restocks of the game, which is how I got the game. Also as I stated earlier, when you look at the general reaction online, I see very few people who cared enough about the censorship to not purchase X, yes some people cared, but with topics like this, those who care will be very vocal about it, most people really didn’t care, and it has to be assume that with such a smaller install base, even though yes there were newcomers to the franchise (which is a very good thing BTW, we will see that again with XBC 2 due to the Switch’s success), most of the people who bought a Wii U were more likely to be into niche series, and in turn a large potion of those who bought X bought the original.

          • Fandangle

            Nintendo is the entity producing the project. No external entity is telling them to change it, which is my logic there</blockquote
            I'm sorry but your logic is dumb. You're grouping hundreds if not thousands of people together because they all work for nintendo. Nintendo isn't a person. Nintendo is a huge business that employs countless people. Monolithsoft is owned by them, nintendo didn't even start monolithsoft. They originally started as a developer under Bamco by a group of ex square enix devs who were tired of not being able to make the games they want how they wanted and were eventually sold off to nintendo after their games stopped selling because Bamco couldn't stop meddling and censoring their RPGs.

            the massive load times from retail,

            The Data Installs fixed that to the point it is almost irrelevant to bring up.

            XBC sold worse on new 3DS than Wii, it has to be assume that if X was on a platform with Wii level sales

            It sold about 3/5ths less. It was a rerelease, it wasn’t as hyped, it wasn’t restricted to a single retailer, on an updated console that was panned on launch for being one of many needless upgrades to the 3DS hardware.

            Rereleases never sell more than the original.

            Xenoblade, even as a retail exclusive, sold very well because of its
            initial constraints creating attention, project rainfall, and more
            recent popularity due to Smash. These all led to increased attention,
            and in turn many restocks of the game, which is how I got the game

            Here you illustrate my point wonderfully. XC had the fans behind it. Meanwhile Operation Rainfall was openly negative about the censorship in XCX. It illustrates how people want uncensored games and how negative actions like censorship only lead to diminishing returns.

            people really didn’t care,

            A lot of people cared, a lot of people cared enough to not buy it, a lot of people cared, but still wanted to play it and bought it, a lot of people didn’t even know about it and bought it, and a lot of people who never heard of the Xeno franchise before bought it because it had mechs in it.

            You also don’t take into consideration that most Wii RPGs didn’t sell all too well, a lot of game genres didn’t, Opoona definitely didn’t despite it being an incredible game. Console sales numbers don’t really factor into software sales numbers very much.

          • GoldenTriforce

            Even with the data installs the load times were worse, and that information is not always communicated to everyone. Also Project Rainfall, the petition, was for more prevalent than the news site. Not to say that the current form of project rainfall is bad, but it has far less reach than a petition trying to bring wanted games to the west. The original built a fanbase, and the fact that we got X, in the same year as in Japan as well, was a great effect of the success of the original project rainfall, and had a lot of attention because of that. It was also the first JRPG (other than MH3 which is a different style of game) to be release in the west on Wii U, so it in that sense had a lot of attention from fans as well. Console sales do factor into game sales a lot, that should be assumed. The more people that can buy a game, the more will. I’m not saying thats everything, appeal and marketing probably affect sales more, but if X was on a Wii selling system, it would have sold more. I’m not saying that if the Wii U had sold 8 times more, so would X have, but there still would have been an uptik. For such a niche title to sell what it did on a system with an install base of only 13 million units in remarkable, it was due in some ways due to newcomers, but largely due to the pedigree, success, and fan-base of the original. Also again, I, over the general internet, saw most people who had played the original didn’t care much if at all about X being censored, it was mainly a vocal minority, and that is not to say that the opinions of said vocal minority don’t matter, but they do not represent the overall fan base, which did buy X, and really didn’t care about localization changes. I am too believe that Takahashi is speaking the truth in this interview, and in turn had full approval of all changes being made, even if it was for sales reasons. Most fans either were not concerned about the changes made to the game, knew that they were done under the creator’s approval, because it should be assumed that as the director of the game, they have control over what happens to it, that is their job, or bought the original and X because they are outstanding games. Most of those 400k + consumers aren’t concerned over a few costumes in the game, and even if they were, are more concerned about the overall game.

          • GoldenTriforce

            Also I, personally, greatly respect Tetsuya Takahashi as a creator, and want him to be able to produce his own project the way he wants. He has full understanding and control over how it is changed during localization, if they removed major parts of the game, I would be a bit more concerned, but if only minor aspects are removed with his permission, then I see no problem. I am still playing his project they way he approved and envisioned, and he would likely have stated otherwise if he didn’t like the changes.

          • Fandangle

            Even with the data installs the load times were worse, and that information is not always communicated to everyone.

            only barely. I believe it was only about a second or two but that could be wrong, it’s been a while since I checked.

            Also Project Rainfall, the petition, was for more prevalent than the news site. Not to say that the current form of project rainfall is bad, but it has far less reach than a petition trying to bring wanted games to the west.

            What? Are you comparing a petition to an actual news site?

            Console sales do factor into game sales a lot, that should be assumed

            No it shouldn’t and I literally JUST explained why. Why are you making contradictory assertions without explaining anything? You’re stating things as absolutes without offering any explanation as to why you think/feel they’re absolutes. I don’t see the logic here.

            I’m not saying that if the Wii U had sold 8 times more, so would X have, but there still would have been an uptik.

            That’s a huge “If” scenario, especially given that again, there is very little evidence or logic behind the “More consoles==more software sales” when demonstrably, the opposite is true. There is this thing in the software industry and it’s a fairly common phrase called a “Killer App”, it’s a game that actually causes a massive uptake in sales because it’s on the system.

            People don’t buy consoles to own consoles, they buy consoles for the games. You’re trying to say “1% of Wii owners bought xenoblade but 30% of WiiU owners bought Xenoblade X!” When that very comparison proves why the comparison itself is bad. The disparity in console sales and software sales is pretty huge and there is no correlation between how many units sold and how many games have sold. The only situation I can think of that makes this comparison in any way relevant is when comparing multiplats.

    • TheJuiciest

      The niche community did the same thing to Fire Emblem Fates and it’s the fastest selling entry in the series. Of course that community likes to sweep that fact under the rug because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

      X not selling more copies has more to do with it being very experimental and deviating a lot from the first game. Also one was on on two platforms that sold over 160m+ units combined and the other, on one that sold less than 16m.

      • Fandangle

        Fire Emblem Fates still sold less than Awakening. This you can easily attribute to the sweeping success of Awakening bleeding over a bit. I guarantee when Valentia’s sales numbers come out they’ll be even less than Fates however because all the FE fatigue we’ve had lately, between FE heroes, FE warriors, and all this controversy and the fact that the new fanbase Awakening developed could care less about actual gameplay and just want an easy visual novel with war simulator elements.

        It’s just degrading trust. by censoring a game like that you’re slowly chipping away at your fanbase trying to make it appeal to newer people. Like, imagine if they actually changed something you personally found really and utterly ridiculous, you’d be less likely to trust the developer and/or the publisher again after that point, you may even lose interest in the series as a whole if it keeps happening.

        Protip though “Fastest selling” usually means jack. It just means they were able to make an adequate amount of hype around the game to sell really fast at first. For Fates, I like to think that it’s the anticensorship people getting incredibly spiteful and in full force. In my experiences they’re a big group of spiteful jerks who would literally buy preorder a game just because someone else said they wouldn’t. It’s utter fanboyism. Genuinely good games are slow burners and sell a lot over the course of months if not years.

        • TheJuiciest

          Take off the tinfoil hat already. Most of your assumptions are based off weird story lines you formed in your head to fit the narrative. Yeah I’m sure there’s a large group that just ran out with their wallets to piss a couple guys on the internet. Like how would you Fates stopped selling? Even the closest thing we had to Awakening’s numbers are years outdated. And no VGchahrtz is hardly a reliable source and even then I doubt it’d be in your favor considering Awakening had literally years a head start on Fates. And don’t bring up SoV like you’re Nostradamus when the FE community discussed that matter rationally months ago. Or that it’s some sort of beacon of gameplay just because it didn’t have dating sim elements.

          I won’t comment anymore on the matter but it’s laughable how persecuted you sound blaming everything and everyone for the failing narrative.

          • Fandangle

            Most of your assumptions are based off weird story lines you formed in your head to fit the narrative.

            At this point I think you’re projecting.

            Like how would you Fates stopped selling? Even the closest thing we had to Awakening’s numbers are years outdated.

            I think I get what you mean even though the words are all garble here. You meant to say “How can you compare fates to Awakening when all the other entries sold so little?”

            It’s because censorship isn’t the only issue that can make a game not sell. I blame the lack of success on every game after PoR on the fact that NoA failed to properly advertise it. PoR itself was a HUGE marketing opportunity but they completely bypassed it for another dumb limited release.

            And don’t bring up SoV like you’re Nostradamus when the FE community discussed that matter rationally months ago. Or that it’s some sort of beacon of gameplay just because it didn’t have dating sim elements.

            What matter? I was just pointing out that I don’t think Shadows of Valentia will sell becauseit doesn’t have anything of what the new fans want or have come to expect out of the nu-FE games. It doesn’t have a Gary stu avatar character, it doesn’t have the egregious dating sim elements or the children mechanic, it doesn’t even have the same kind of story, where Fates and Awakening were so unlike previous games in the franchise.

            This is my informed guess from someone who has been watching this franchise for a very long time. Nintendo has abused the crap out of this franchise.

    • DeeeFoo

      I’m pretty sure it’s for money reasons. If censoring games actually lost them sales, then they wouldn’t do it anymore. However, the fact that they still censor things suggests that they’re not losing money over it, because if they were, then why continue the censorship?

      • Fandangle

        Censoring things is almost always moral policing. If they say it’s because of sales it’s still moral policing because they think content that they personally think is objectionable wouldn’t allow the game to sell.

        There isn’t a precedent for it because its one of those things that people only cared about in the event of the internet and more people understood more about games. It’s a fairly recent problem and more and more people are starting to care about it. The more people that know about it the more bad publicity the game gets and that means less sales and less trust in the long run.

        They censor things purely because they know they can get away with it, or they used to know they could get away with it.

        I see little to no evidence that censoring actually positively effect sales, in fact I’ve seen more evidence that they negatively effect it. XCX sold less than X, Fates sold less than Awakening, several Nisa games have flopped because censorship. In the modern day and age, people just don’t like people in authority dictating things like this, because it’s just wrong.

        • DeeeFoo

          I understand that. But the big question still remains. If it is negatively affecting their sales like many people claim, then why do they keep doing it?

          Nintendo is a business, and no business will actively do things that lose them sales. It just doesn’t make sense. Why would they do something just because they can “get away with it”, while knowing that they lose money for it? It could be possible that they’re losing sales because of censorship, and they themselves do not know that that is the reason, but I doubt that. With a company as big as Nintendo, they definitely have a huge marketing/PR department that should know this stuff.

          • Fandangle

            Because again, it’s a fairly recent thing. 10 years ago not many people cared all that much that they were getting a watered down product because the industry wasn’t as “world wide” as it is now. I’m pretty sure almost all the people who bought the vita have imported at least one game at some point, I’ve imported several across a bunch of consoles.

            It’s just an ye olden practice from the 90s back when crazy religious people still cared about things like this. Most of the world is moving on from it but there is still those dumb old suits that still think moral policing is just.

      • Fandangle

        The “money” excuse is a popular one, but it’s not true. In almost ALL cases recently of a game being heavily censored or the censorship getting large amounts of publicity, the game has actually sold less. Nintendo has lived in this bubble for such a long time. It’s almost like they’re still in the late 90s in terms of a lot of things and this is both good and bad.

        Basically in the 90s, it became popular to remove controversial aspects because some people felt the need to not offend everyone, this was during the period where crazy religious people were going around screaming KISS stood for Knight’s in Satan’s Service and other such nonsense. Censorship due to social pressure was the norm for media during this time. Most people accept this, but localization companies capitalize on this, and often thrive on it because they’re paid by how much they change and how long it takes them to do a job.

        Why else do you think Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is getting a worldwide launch while Xenoblade X was delayed in the west for a whole year. Though that might be a bad example because as the article states NoA still has say in the game so if it is censored it will be for all regions and not just america, ruining it for literally everyone.

        • DeeeFoo

          If a heavily censored game sold less, then why do they keep doing it? I mean, don’t they have a marketing/PR team that does research on stuff like this? Shouldn’t they be looking into WHY their games are selling less, and make changes accordingly? They’re a business, and businesses are out to make money. If they knew that something was causing them to lose money, then why the heck do they keep doing it?

          • Fandangle

            Again, they keep doing it because they’re dumb people who like to blame things on everything but what the actual problem is. Usually because it goes against their personal beliefs or admitting they were wrong, two things a majority of people hate to do. It’s also relatively new in general, it wasn’t the last generation or so people actually started paying attention to the content they cut, groups like DYKG and TCRF began documenting these things and people are justifiably mad that the suits are essentially telling video game developers that literally everyone in a country doesn’t like this thing about their game and thus dissuading them from putting it in.

            It’ll be a few more years before this kicks off, and the sudden wave of pro-censorship happy lefties will probably slow it down and what’s left of the crazy religious types will also not help, but it’ll definitely happen because censorship is such an archaic and ridiculous tool insecure people use because they think they’re more moral than everyone else and they think that gives them the right to be moral guardians.

          • DeeeFoo

            I see. Thank you for the elaboration! For large and successful businesses like Nintendo, I just always assumed everyone was smart, or at least business-savvy. It just seems illogical for them to act the way you described, on a professional level.

          • Fandangle

            Businesses are made up of people. People aren’t perfect or all knowing and they make dumb mistakes like everyone else. The sooner we stop personifying them the sooner we will all be better off.

  • Issun

    I don’t get the “online backlash” about censorship (TMS, Fire Emblem, XenoX, Fatal Frame…), all I care about is the gameplay content & if it’s less (less levels/weapons etc.) I don’t care about how characters are dressed or their bust size or other frills that add or take anything from the game…and tbh I find it ridiculous that it’s an issue to begin with but everyone is entitled to their opinion I guess.

    Companies care a lot about the international market & what areas are sensitive to them & that is OK because companies want their foreign products to sell worldwide. Hopefully this interview puts the vocal minority to rest 🙂

    • Fandangle

      It’s an integrity problem. Most people who care about censorship are people who are savvy enough to play the game anyway (Through piracy or buying used for cheap). They only want to buy (though I think “support” is a more apt word here. I get the feeling most of them see buying games as a “donation”, a way of telling devs they want more of this.) a product if it is wholly complete and not touched.

      It’s also incredibly infuriating and condescending for a company to dictate what fully adult people can experience in a game. The most common argument I’ve seen is basically “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” but no child will play a T or M rated game, and JRPGs in general don’t appeal but the older male demographic, the 18-40 year olds.

      The second most common complaint is “IT’S DISGUSTING AND PERVERTED!” which is utterly ridiculous and moral outrage to the extreme. I can understand wanting to avoid influencing your children with violent content, but with this complaint you’re actively telling people that your morals are absolute and everyone should follow them regardless of how stupid they are. More often than not fanservice censorship and the like is done because one or more persons on the translation team is a colossal prudish moral policing bully, who aren’t talented enough to make their own games so they decided to become the west’s self appointed moral guardian that no one asked for, seeking out “problematic” content and changing it to conform to their ideals.

      The third most common justification for it is mostly given by publishers “It sells better” which is almost always a load of bull. you can see that reflected in the sales in Xenoblade, with XCX selling less than XC1 despite being a bigger project all around with much more money pumped into it. On top of that this is entirely a marketing issue. For XCX you don’t have to advertise Lin’s outfits, you don’t have to advertise the boob slider, you don’t have to advertise any objectionable content unless it’s an integral part of the game, and in Xenoblade it’s not. The first XC game had boob physics and multitudes of women with different bust sizes, and it had bikini outfits and no one cared.

      The problem is that in this industry, censorship like this is a slippery slope. It’s common for a publisher to go “Well they changed this without a problem so why can’t we?” because bigger publishers like nintendo are very money orientated. This was incredibly pervalent in the NES and SNES days and only really started being a huge issue when the internet happened and we could track changes like this, they don’t care about the actual game, they care about making money and they’ll butcher it as much as possible just because they think they’ll earn a few bucks more.

      tl;dr: There is literally no defense or excuse for it. It’s just dumb moral policing and people hate moral policing more than they hate random suits dictating what content creators can put in their creations.

      • Issun

        I’d hardly if ever call censoring a bikini outfit or a breast slider a butchery!!

        As I said above no one cares about these censorship problems except for the most hardcore people BUT if there was something controversial in a certain game -take few very revealing outfits for an underage girl as an example in XenoX- it’ll greatly harm the image of the company worldwide (more so if said company value their family friendly image) & it could get to the news!

        That being said, I don’t care either way, censorship or not as long as it’s not something substantial.

        XenoX didn’t sell because the install base wasn’t there, Xeno 1 sold better -I think- well… you have 100+ million install base 😀

        • Fandangle

          I’d hardly if ever call censoring a bikini outfit or a breast slider a butchery!!

          I would. Used in this context it means removing large amounts of parts from a whole. According to data miners there is nearly 400 pieces of clothing they edited in Xenoblade, and it wasn’t “just” bikini outfits. I know of one of the male outfits which was based on traditional japanese sumo wear that got censored as well.

          I’d argue that a lot of people care, otherwise you wouldn’t see them in every comment section on every website, and you wouldn’t see news sites like niche gamer or OPRainfall popping up because bigger sites like IGN don’t cover it or sites like Kotaku who actively encourage it.

          XenoX didn’t sell because the install base wasn’t there, Xeno 1 sold
          better -I think- well… you have 100+ million install base 😀

          You can blame install base all you want, but the console sales numbers rarely factor into software sales, in fact it’s usually the other way around, software sales effect console sales numbers more than anything.

          The fact is, Xenoblade X was a bigger game, had more money poured into it, more marketing, more effort, and more time spent on the localization and it sold less than the game that came before it, a game that was made almost purely for the japanese audience, a game that was localized quickly by a small team at NoE, a game that was only released through gamestop in limited amounts.

          People WANTED Xenoblade chronicles, a lot of the sales were word of mouth sales. People wanted it to the point that used copies now go for an upwards of 60-80 bucks and a few years ago a complete copy could sell for nearly 120. Xenoblade X didn’t reach that level of sucess or even that level of praise that the original got. In fact websites that praised the original like OPRainfall were openly negative about XCX.

          • Issun

            Yep, I don’t fully disagree with what you said, but few alterations imo are not a big deal & I know this extremely opinion based but it’s how I see it.

            I don’t agree however with the install base argument as more numbers -naturally- mean more games sales but whatever.

          • Fandangle

            And I agree, some alterations need to be made. EArthbound is a good example of both sides of localization, where they removed some of the things Japan would only get, like the pencil erasers, but they also made the game easier in some ways for no reason other than “western gamers don’t like hard games”.

            I don’t agree however with the install base argument
            People by consoles for the games. They don’t buy games for the consoles, or at least I like to think of it like that. If you’re buying a console because it’s a brand or the hardware then you really shouldn’t be into video games.

  • Nuku Nuku Natsume Mishima

    Wel, so he dont have any respect for the game and in the end for the gamers, so then I will not hae any respect for his work so if you “localice” it then I will “play it in another way”.

    I will give my money to other people then.

    • A Loli de 42 ‘OCs’ do Sonic

      my guess is that, since he doesn’t live in america and don’t have much contact with western gamers, when he hears the localization people saying “That’s not acceptable” he just takes it at face value because he has no other point of reference.

    • Richieeeee

      pretty much. Kinda sad to see someone put effort into something and then let someone else mess with it because money. Because if he doesn’t care about his work much less he’d care about the fans. We are just wallets to him.

  • Pepperkeet

    All you have to do is read the first 2 most liked comments on Kotaku to realize why this is a problem. These SJW cucks want morality over anything and they will talk down to anyone and everyone until they achieve it while claiming they’re victims.

  • thanks god that switch is free region

  • chancetime

    “Nintendo of Europe localizing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, like the original”

    Obviously localisation is not responsible for all of Xenoblade X’s problems, but I’m so glad we got the original (and much better) localisation returning.

  • TheGoomba

    Quit giving a crap about Tumblrwhales and SJWs that don’t buy your bucking games to start with and this whole thing would be a lot easier.