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Nintendo detailed two of the modes that are included in 1-2-Switch today on its Japanese blog.

First, we have a brief update on Shuffle mode. Mini-games are picked randomly here. Players can also make it so that five mini-games are randomly picked.

1-2-Switch also features Team Match mode, which is recommended if you have a large group of players. The group will be split into two teams and can compete in various mini-games.


1-2-Switch – Zen footage

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Nintendo has released video of another 1-2-Switch minigame, Zen. In the game, one player makes a pose, and the other must mimic and hold that pose. Watch the footage below:

Japanese 1-2-Switch commercials

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Several Japanese commercials are now up for 1-2-Switch. Have a look at the full of adverts set below.

We’ve got some more footage from Nintendo’s private event held at the Nintendo New York store. Specifically, we have a closer look at some mini games that we’ve only heard about previously. You can check out the footage below.

Several important Nintendo figures were spotted at the Nintendo New York store recently, likely attending the private event that has been occurring since yesterday. Among those attending are Yoshiaki Koizumi, Shinya Takahashi and Bill Trinen.  You can view some footage from the event below, along with the various Twitter and Instagram posts that the gang appeared in.


1-2 Switch – Baseball footage

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Nintendo has shared a video of the Baseball minigame from 1-2 Switch, which was not featured in the last round of videos. The game involves one player choosing how to throw the ball, while the other player must time a bat swing for how they think the ball was thrown. Watch it below:

Nintendo’s two Switch games now have download codes on Amazon UK. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1-2-Switch can both be “pre-ordered”.

We should point out that the digital versions cost more than the physical releases on Amazon UK. Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s boxed version is £49.99, but a digital copy is going for £59.99. 1-2-Switch is also higher at £39.99 as opposed to £34.99.

In case you’re wondering, Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Wii U also now has a download code option on Amazon UK.


Nintendo published another video showing off one of 1-2-Switch’s mini games, Dish Spin. Give it a watch:

With 1-2 Switch and the Switch console’s release drawing near, an official website for 1-2 Switch has gone live in Japan. The site confirms that the game will feature 28 different games, and it has demonstration videos for 18 of them. All of these can be viewed after the break:

Hideo Kojima, known for his work on the Metal Gear Solid series, was in attendance at RTX Sydney yesterday and was able to try out 1-2-Switch with Kinda Funny Games. See all of the shenanigans that took place in the video below.

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