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Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X

Today, Bandai Namco published the first trailer for its Japanese 3DS game Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X. You can view it below.

Bandai Namco has an update on Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X, its new Japanese game for 3DS.

First, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X will have Arcade Mode which is ported from the original Dragon Ball Heroes along with a game-original Ultimate Heroes Mode.

Arcade Mode has 36 missions, covering eight from Dragon Ball Heroes, ten character missions, eight Evil Dragon Missions, and ten God Missions.

Ultimate Heroes Mode takes place between the real world and Dragon Ball Heroes world. In the latter world, there’s an incident where past fighters are losing their sanity, and it’s even affecting the real world too. Players need to fight Dragon Ball characters, restore their sanity, and become partners. You’ll be tasked with creating the strongest party by strengthening partners to save both worlds.

Also included in the game are power-up accessories obtained from battles that can be equipped. There will be more than 240 unique characters and over 3,300 cards, the most in the series. Bandai Namco does note that there will be some differences in game contents compared to the arcade game Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Screenshots covering today’s information are attached below.

Bandai Namco has gone live with a commercial for the recently-announced Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X. In it, we’re able to get a first glimpse of gameplay. View the ad below.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X was recently announced for Japan. Now from an Amazon listing, first details about the game have arrived.

Fans can expect Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X to be the series’ definitive entry. The game lets players make a team using a maximum of five cards from a total of 3,300 cards and enjoy five-versus-five battles in a card battle adventure game with 3DS-original elements. Bandai Namco is packing in all eight Dragon Ball Heroes missions, all 10 “Galaxy Missions,” all eight “Evil Dragon Missions,” and all 10 “God Missions”. Over 240 characters are included, which is the highest in the series. New characters will be featured as well.

First-print copies of Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X come with a set of five cards for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: “Tokusei Hero Avatar Card,” “Son Goku: Xeno”, “Vegeta: Xeno,” “Darkness Majin Towa,” and “Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue).”

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Amazon has posted the boxart for Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X, which is coming to Japan in April. Get a look at the packaging image above plus some screenshots below.


A new Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X, will be arriving in Japan on April 27. The game is being developed by Bandai Namco, and first print copies of the game will include five collectible cards: Tokusei Hero Avatar, Son Goku: Xeno, Vegeta: Xeno, Darkness Majin Towa, and Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue). The title was revealed in the latest issue of V-Jump, and the full scan can be seen after the break: