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Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes has started the latest wave of Special Quests. Players will find content featuring Alfonse: Prince of Askr.

Quests will be active until December 10. You can use Alfonse to earn Orbs and other rewards.

The grand hero battle for Michalis has started again along with a list of quests for players to attempt on the map and earn some more orbs. This special map will be up until December 15th.

Another new summoning focus is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes. The summoning focus is called “Heroes with Powerful Specials” and features 5 star versions of Karel, Nephenee, and Sonya. This summoning focus will be available until December 7th.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be undergoing maintenance next week. On November 27 / November 28, the app will be down for several hours.

The maintenance schedule is as follows:

– 3 PM PT (November 27) – 8 PM PT (November 27)
– 6 PM ET (November 27) – 11 PM ET (November 27)
– 11 PM in the UK (November 27) – 4 AM in the UK (November 28)
– 12 AM in Europe (November 28) – 5 AM in Europe (November 28)

Nintendo specifically says that the maintenance period will pave the way for Fire Emblem Heroes’ newest update, version 2.0.0. We’ll let you know when it’s live.


Fire Emblem Heroes started the new Tempest Trials: Less Than Heroic event earlier today. We have some footage below.

The newest tempest trial has begun and will last from now to December 12th. There will also be daily quests for players to grab some extra rewards. Joshua will be the reward character this time around.

Fire Emblem Heroes has kicked off its latest summoning focus. Players can summon special versions of characters that took the top spot in the Choose Your Legends event, featuring Roy, Ike, Lucina, and Lyn.

By using these heroes on your teams in the Tempest Trials: Less Than Heroic event, you can increase your score. Also, EXP and SP you receive will double.

Fire Emblem Heroes is also getting the Tempest Trials: Less Than Heroic event starting November 21. It contains a series of maps you need to fight through from beginning to end.

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes

A new look at all of the upcoming events that will be taking place in Fire Emblem Heroes. Most of these events will trail into the mid-December days. You can check them all in the image above.

Fire Emblem Heroes updated once again last night with new content. Takumi and Hinoka are featured in a summoning focus and Bound Hero Battle. Check out some footage below.

A new summoning focus and Bound Hero Battle are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes. The summoning focus is called “Takumi and Hinoka’s Battle” and it features 5 star versions of Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura.

The new Bound Hero Battle event is also tied in with this new summoning focus and you will be battling against Takumi and Hinoka in 3 difficulty levels (Hard, Lunatic, Infernal). Clearing each map can score you some orbs to collect.

This summoning focus & Bound Hero Battle will only be available until November 24th.

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